How To Get WiFi At Home Without Cable or Phone Line?

Many cable TV providers do offer you wifi connectivity at home as well. Since the cable is installed right up to your home, they can easily provide you with broadband connectivity over those cables. The set-top box can work as a wifi router, or many providers install a separate wifi router as well.

What if you need wifi at home without cable? Is it possible? Yes, it is! Today, we will share a few ways in which you can get wifi at home without cable. Once you go through the article below, you will know about numerous ways to do so.

How to Get Internet Without Cable or Phone Line?

How To Get Wifi At Home Without Cable

When you want to get wifi at home without cable, some of the options you have are mobile hotspot, opting for satellite Internet, opting for DSL Internet, using public wifi networks, etc. We will go into the details of all these 5 methods below to understand how you can avail of wifi connectivity at home without cable.

1) Mobile Hotspot

We all use smartphones these days, day in and day out. You can use it to your advantage when you need wifi connectivity at home. Almost every provider offers unlimited plans for your cell phone. You can easily take advantage of this unlimited plan to get wifi at home.

You have to turn on your personal hotspot through your smartphone. Both iOS and Android smartphones provide the same. After turning on the mobile hotspot, you can connect numerous devices. Not only that, you can easily secure your network with the help of an ID and password. That is why security is not going to be a problem.

With 4G and 5G mobile connectivity becoming common, you can get excellent speeds. The mobile coverage all across the country is excellent. It means that you will not have to worry about reliability and connectivity as well.

The main advantage of using a mobile hotspot is that you will not have to spend anything extra since everyone has a smartphone. You have to upgrade your plan to unlimited data. Thus, the number 1 way to get wifi connectivity at home without cable is to use your mobile hotspot.

Easy to use
Excellent connectivity
High-speed internet
Easy to connect various devices
Affordable cost
The smartphone needs to be at your home consistently

2) Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is another excellent way to get wifi connectivity at home. There are numerous satellite Internet providers. These allow you to use the uplink and downlink directly to the satellite. That is why you will not have to worry about coverage area or reliability.

Since satellites can cover a larger area, you can easily get connectivity in rural areas. With satellite internet, installing cables or a patchy mobile network aren’t problems you have to worry about. You have to install a dish antenna at your home. Once you do so, you can connect the router directly to that to get wifi connectivity.

There are many satellite Internet providers which have unlimited plans as well. The unlimited plans mean you won’t have to worry about bandwidth. The 3 most famous satellite Internet providers include:


HughesNet has a 20 GB Internet plan. It offers a download speed of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps. The plan will cost you $69.98 per month.


Viasat offers a package with data of 120 GB. Not only that, it offers a download speed of 25 Mbps. The package will cost you $70 per month.


StarLink is an offering by SpaceX. The satellite Internet package which it offers will cost $99 per month. However, it is still under testing. A complete nationwide rollout is a while away.

With the number of subscribers using satellite Internet increasing day by day, the packages are becoming more affordable. The USP of satellite networks is that they can provide Internet almost everywhere. That is why this is an option that you should not ignore.

Excellent coverage
Easy to use
Minimal installation
Unlimited plans available
Can go down in inclement weather

3) DSL Internet

DSL Internet is another option which you have to get wifi at home without cable. You will not need to opt for cable TV to use the same. The number of DSL providers is quite a few. Finding one which serves your area isn’t going to be a problem. Even if you live in the countryside or a rural area, getting DSL connectivity will not be an issue.

The general perception among individuals is that the DSL Internet is slow. This is not entirely true. These days DSL lines can also offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The DSL line is similar to a telephone line. Therefore, you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort installing it. Most DSL Internet providers offer free installation as well. It means that you will not have to worry about the installation cost either.

When you compare DSL line charges with that of broadband, you will realize that DSL is more affordable. We will share with you a few examples below, which will provide you with a good idea. The 3 best DSL internet providers:

#AT&T Internet

AT&T provides DSL lines as well. The maximum speed that they have on offer is 100 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads. The data is 1000 GB. All this at only $34 per month.


CenturyLink is another Internet service provider which offers you DSL packages. The download speed is 100 Mbps, and the upload speed is 30 Mbps. The data is once again 1000 GB. The cost, however, is $49.99 per month.


Windstream provides you with a 100 MBPS download speed. The advantage is that it offers unlimited data. All this at $37 per month. When you try to get packages with similar limits from a broadband service provider, you will realize that it is much more expensive.

Once you connect the router to a DSL line, you can easily get wifi connectivity at home. Thus, DSL lines are more affordable and easy to install as well, that is why they are on our list.

Excellent bandwidth and speed on offer
Easy to install
More prone to weather

4) Fiber Optic Internet

These days, many ISPs are providing you with direct fiber-optic connectivity. Fiber optic uses light to transmit signals. The speed of light is higher than any electrical signal. That is why the speed that fiber optic internet provides is far superior to other options.

Fibre-optic is much thinner compared to the cable which television providers use. Due to the same, installation is easy. The only bit of downside to fiber-optic is that it is expensive. That is because of fiber-optic consists of glass. A glass sleeve/cable is more costly than a coaxial cable. The 5 best Fiber-Optic internet providers:

#AT&T Fiber

AT&T fiber offers you download speeds of 940 Mbps and upload speeds of 880 Mbps. There is no data cap, and the cost is just $60 per month.


CenturyLink offers you fiber Internet as well, with a download speed of 940 Mbps and a similar upload speed. There is no data cap. The cost is $65 per month.


Frontier also offers a fiber-optic plan which does not have any data cap. The upload speed is 1000 Mbps, and the download speed is the same. You will have to shell out $74.9 per month for this plan.


Verizon also offers an unlimited fiber-optic plan. The download speed is 940 Mbps, and the upload speed is 880 Mbps. The cost is $79.99 per month.

The reliability of Verizon is much higher than many other providers. Not only that, the excellent customer support of Verizon means that in case of any problem, it will be resolved relatively quickly as well.


Windstream is another affordable fiber-optic Internet provider. The download speed it offers is 1000 MBPS. It does not have any data cap. Due to the same, you can use this plan for gaming as well as streaming. The monthly cost of this plan is $67 per month. It means that it costs similar to AT&T fiber and CenturyLink.

The number of ISPs offering fiber-optic connectivity is increasing day by day. That is because it is a technology that is not only reliable but which can provide higher speeds than other alternatives as well.

Such high speeds make streaming and playing games easy. Moreover, it is incredibly reliable. Fiber-optic cables are used underneath the sea as well. They require little to no maintenance. A fiber optic cable without any tampering can last for decades. Thus, if you do not mind spending a bit extra, fiber-optic connectivity is the best option for you.

Excellent speed
Reliable connectivity
Thinner cable
Bit expensive

5) Public Wifi Networks

If you live in a small or large town, gaining access to public wifi networks will undoubtedly help you get wifi at home. No need to install cable TV or any other cable for that matter. Most public wifi networks and hotspots have an id and password for basic security. Without knowing these credentials, you can’t connect to them.

There are quite a few software and apps available for the same. Using these apps, you can gain access to the ID and password of millions of hotspots and wifi networks. We will share some of this software and apps with you so that you can take advantage of the same and get wifi connectivity at home. The 3 best public wifi networks providers:

#Wifi Map

Wifi Map for PC provides you with a list of wifi networks in the vicinity. The software also stores the ID and password of these wifi networks. Using a single click, you can easily connect to these wifi networks.

Another advantage is that the software has a built-in VPN as well. Due to the same, you can connect to these wifi networks anonymously. Consequently, you can easily bypass any restrictions as well. With millions of hotspots and wifi networks available, there is no shortage of options when you’re using this software to get wifi connectivity.


Instabridge Lite is the PC version of Instabridge. It offers you access to over 3 million secure wifi hotspots. Once you open the software, you can easily find the hotspots which have the highest signal strength. Consequently, connecting to them and surfing the Internet isn’t a problem.

With the ID and password saved securely, connecting to the wifi hotspot is not a problem. If you want to share your wifi network as well, you can do so easily. It is another software that helps you get wifi connectivity without spending anything.

#WifiMapper for PC

WifiMapper is an android app. However, using the Bluestacks emulator, you can easily install it on your PC. Once you do so, it will provide you with a list of wifi hotspots in your vicinity to which you can connect. With the help of a web-based interface, finding a wifi hotspot nearby is quite easy. With thousands of wifi hotspots available, you can undoubtedly find the wifi network near you to which you can connect to.

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These are some of the apps which provide you access to public wifi networks. Cumulatively, these apps and software can provide you with access to millions of wifi hotspots. The navigation of these apps is self-explanatory. Using these apps and software is extremely easy. The secure connection mechanism and the ever-increasing list of networks in these apps provide you with numerous options to get wifi connectivity.

So, it is not always necessary to install cable TV to get wifi connectivity. With our guide above, you can easily gain wifi connectivity without opting for any elaborate cable TV packages. Not only that, these methods to gain access to wifi connectivity are incredibly reliable and provide a good speed. All in all, you can use any of these methods to get wifi connectivity at your home.