Best Sprint Unlimited Hotspot Plans & Comparison in 2022

Sprint has become quite popular due to the unlimited plans of the network. In recent times, they have been acquired by T-Mobile. However, they still do have Sprint hotspot unlimited plans on offer.

Before you choose a plan by Sprint, it is essential to know all you can about such a plan. Only then can you decide whether you want to go with the hotspot unlimited plan or the standard plan. Today, we will shed light on the Sprint hotspot unlimited plan and other equivalent plans on offer by competitors. By the end of this article, you can easily decide whether Sprint hotspot unlimited plans offer you some value or not.

Best Sprint Unlimited Plans for Mobile Hotspot

The sprint hotspot unlimited plan goes by the name of the Sprint Essentials plan. I will highlight every aspect of this plan below. After going through the details of this plan, you can decide if would be the right plan for you not.

#Sprint Essentials Plan

The Sprint essentials plan offers you an unlimited 3G mobile hotspot. It means that if you want to connect various devices to your mobile hotspot plan, you can certainly do so.

Generally speaking, when you’re in your area with proper coverage, you can get upwards of 10 Mbps of speed. It means that streaming from various entertainment sources is not going to be a problem.

Additionally, it offers you unlimited talk, text as well as mobile data as well. On mobile, you will get 5G wherever available. The 5G connection means that the speeds which you get are excellent.

If you’re in an area with 5G coverage, you will get 4G speeds for your mobile. 4G speed is easily over 20 Mbps. It means that the speed you will get on your smartphone is even higher than the mobile hotspot on your smartphone. Only when you switch over to the hotspot you will get 3G speed.

Not only that, whenever you are in Mexico or Canada, you will get unlimited texting and talking as well. You get that 2G data. It means that you will not have to pay anything extra for that as well.

The streaming, however, which you enjoy on your mobile, is HD streaming. You have to keep this factor in mind. You might be thinking, all this is great, but what is the cost of the Sprint essentials plan?

Sprint Essentials Plan Cost;

The cost is $45 per month per line. You will have to opt for two lines according to the Sprint plan. When you look at the advantages of this plan, you will find that in the US, you will get unlimited data and calls. You get 5G speeds wherever possible. For the hotspot, you get 3G speeds. 3G speeds are more than enough for streaming. It means that you will be able to enjoy various sources of entertainment without any issue.

Whenever you’re thinking of getting an unlimited hotspot plan, it is time to look at the company’s offerings in the hotspot plans. We will highlight these below. Once you look at this plan in conjunction with others, it will become easier for you to understand whether it is good enough or not.

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Others Unlimited Hotspot Plan Providers

Two other networks offer a similar plan. The 1st one is T-mobile, and the 2nd one is Visible Wireless. We will highlight the equivalent plans of these networks below. Once you look at these plans, it is easy for you to understand which one offers the best value as per your requirements.

1) T-Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans

In recent times, T-mobile has acquired Sprint. So, when it comes to the unlimited hotspot plans, T-Mobile and Sprint are quite similar. We will highlight the Unlimited hotspot plan of T-mobile below.


T-mobile has an Unlimited hotspot plan which goes by the name of magenta. The price per plan is $70 for a single line. If you get two lines, you will be paying $60 for each.

Firstly, when you look at mobile hotspot data, it offers 3GB of 4G network. You might be thinking, how is that Unlimited? After that, it offers unlimited 3G data. You can easily use this 3G data to connect various devices and stream your favorite sources of entertainment as well.

Not only that, it offers you Netflix basic plan included in this Unlimited hotspot plan. You get one screen viewing for the same. It means that you will not have to pay for the basic Netflix plan separately. It is included in this plan.

If you’re from the military or if you’re 55+, there is an added advantage in this plan as well. You will be able to save more money. Also, if you’re a 1st responder, you can get a discount on this plan as well.

When it comes to talk and text, that is unlimited as well. For your smartphone, you get unlimited 4G data. It means that if you’re not tethering devices and using data on your smartphone, you get 4G connectivity.

Wherever available, you can get 5G connectivity as well. It means that when just using your smartphone, you get an even higher network speed.

#Magenta Plus

Want a better plan than this? You will be happy to know that T-mobile offers you a magenta plus plan as well. The magenta plus plan might cost you more, but it provides you more as well.

Firstly, it offers 20 GB of 4G data in the hotspot mode. After that, you get unlimited 3G data. For streaming, it offers you Netflix standard. Not only that, you get 2 HD screens for streaming. It means that if you are specifically looking for a plan for Netflix, magenta plus is the better alternative for you.

It offers you unlimited texts and calls as well. Also, for mobile data usage, it offers unlimited 4G or 5G data wherever available. It has discounts for 55+, military personnel, as well as 1st responders as well. The plan’s cost is $85 for a single line and $70 each for two lines.

It means that if you’re looking for a mobile hotspot unlimited plan for history streaming, you will have to get magenta plus. These are the two hotspot unlimited plans by T-mobile. These cost higher compared to Sprint. Now, we will look at some of the Unlimited hotspot plans by Visible.

2) Visible Unlimited Hotspot

Visible might not be as well known as T-mobile or Sprint. However, when you’re looking for unlimited hotspot data, it does have a plan which might suit you.

The plan by visible will offer you a 5 Mbps hotspot. It is a genuinely unlimited hotspot. You can use it for streaming, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, and so on. The applications are endless.

You need to keep in mind that visible is a mobile virtual network provider. On the back end, it uses the Verizon network. However, you will be dealing with Visible wireless.

The disadvantage of dealing with a mobile virtual network provider is that if there is one network suffering from congestion, your data speeds will slow down. During the rush hour, you’re not likely to get 5 Mbps speed as well.

On the positive, Verizon has excellent network coverage. It means that in terms of network coverage, you will not have to worry at all.

You need to, however, understand that even when there is no congestion, you will get a maximum of 5 Mbps. When you compare this with other plans, you will realize that they can provide you with a higher speed.

The plan provides you with unlimited texts as well as calls. For mobile data, you get unlimited bandwidth as well. When using mobile data, you have access to higher speeds as well.

If you plan on visiting Canada and Mexico, there too, you can get unlimited calling and text. The plan will generally cost you around $40 per month. However, if you enroll in the part-pay feature of visible wireless, the plan cost can come down to $25 per month. Under the party pay, you will have to opt for at least two lines. Only then, at the cost will come down to $35 per month. If you opt for four lines or more, the cost can come down to $25 per line.

Thus, if you’re looking for unlimited hotspot plans, visible wireless is an option as well. Now that you are aware of the cost of the sprint essentials plan and its competitors, it is time to understand why the offering by Sprint is a good choice.

Why the Sprint Unlimited plan Better Than the Competition?

It might seem like the visible wireless plan is a good choice. However, that is not true. There are two reasons for the same. We will go into both the reasons below.


When it comes to cost, the cost of the T-mobile plan is on the higher side. It means that on a cost basis, you can certainly choose Sprint over T-mobile.

It might seem like visible wireless charges you $5 lower than Sprint on the face of it. However, you have to understand that Sprint has its network. When you’re dealing with visible wireless, it is using Verizon’s network. Since it does not have a network, you might get lower speeds.

Moreover, since Verizon is prioritized over the visible wireless, in times of congestion, it becomes difficult to get respectable connectivity.

Thus, in both cases, Sprint comes out on top as compared to T-mobile and visible wireless.


When you’re opting for a truly unlimited hotspot plan, it is important to look at the speed as well. Sprint offers you 3G speed. Due to the same, you can get speeds upwards of 10 Mbps. Moreover, since the Sprint coverage is excellent, you will hardly get speeds lower than that.

On the other hand, in T-mobile, you get higher speeds, but the cost is also on the higher side. When you compare this plan with visible wireless, it offers you only 5 Mbps speed. That, too, can get reduced if Verizon is suffering from congestion.

When you compare both the plans with that of sprint essentials, you will realize that all things considered, sprint essentials are undoubtedly a better alternative. We will now answer some FAQ about sprint essentials and various plans offered but it. Once you gain information about the same, it is easy to make your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You can subscribe to the sprint essential plan from the website as well. There are numerous ways in which you can switch over from any other existing Sprint plan to sprint essentials plan. So, the sprint essentials plan can provide you with unlimited hotspot data. With excellent coverage, once you opt for this plan, you will not have to worry about connectivity at all. It supports streaming and connecting various devices as well.

In a nutshell, if you want the Sprint Unlimited hotspot plan, this is the one with which you should go with. Our FAQ section will easily let you know how you can switch over from any other Sprint plan to this one.