Best Simple Mobile Moxee Hotspot Device Review

Hotspot devices can help you get access to Wi-Fi Internet almost anywhere. The specifications of such a hotspot device can vary from one device to another. Nobody has the time to go through the confusing specifications of every hotspot device.

A much better approach is to go with the best hotspot device available directly. Today, we will review one such hotspot device which is better than others. Our Simple mobile Moxee hotspot review will highlight every aspect of this hotspot device. At the very start, we will help you understand what exactly is this hotspot device.

What is Simple Mobile Moxee Hotspot?

The hotspot device we are speaking about now comes with a 4G sim, which you can recharge with any T-Mobile plan. In addition, the portable device, once powered, provides you with Wi-Fi access. With the help of this Wi-Fi access, you can connect numerous devices to your Wi-Fi network. You can consider it to be a portable Wi-Fi hotspot as long as you activate the right plan.

Best Simple Mobile Moxee Hotspot Device Review

Along with the hotspot device, you will get a Sim card and charging cable. With necessary accessories, you can easily activate the plan and power the device.

Simple Mobile Moxee Hotspot


Before we go further, let us look at the features of this hotspot device. Only once you are aware of the features can you decide whether it is worth buying.

  • Ability to connect 16 devices:

The main advantage of this hotspot device is that it allows you to connect up to 16 devices. In addition, it means that once you activate the plan, you can connect the devices of your entire home with this hotspot device. You will not have to worry about going for another broadband connection. With a bandwidth like that, you won’t have to worry about any lag when using that hotspot device.

  • 7 hours battery time:

When buying such a hotspot device, it is essential to look at the battery capacity of the hotspot device. If the hotspot device lasts for just one or 2 hours, it becomes challenging to use it regularly. The main advantage of this hotspot device is that it can last for 7 hours on a single charge. Even when connecting multiple devices to the hotspot device, it can last for that much time. Therefore, the 7 hours battery time is one of the main reasons you should go with this hotspot device.

  • 4G LTE compatible:

A hotspot device is usually used to provide you with Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, network compatibility is a very important parameter to consider when choosing such a hotspot device. Fortunately, the sim which comes along with this hotspot device has 4G compatibility. With the help of 4G connectivity, you can easily get speeds of about 50 Mbps as well. It means that connecting the device and creating a Wi-Fi network is certainly easy.

  • 2.4″ TFT screen on offer:

Normally, you have quite a few things to consider when buying such a hotspot device. The problem is that you cannot remember all those settings. Also, it is not that easy to change the settings as well. This is where the display screen of the hotspot device comes into the picture. It can make your life easier. This hotspot device comes with a 2.4 inch TFT screen. Due to the same, it becomes easy for you to monitor the settings and the level of connectivity.

When you’re looking to change any settings, it will allow you to do so visually as well as with buttons. That is why configuring the device becomes easy. The full-color screen has excellent visibility and viewing angle. That is why, no matter where you’re using this hotspot device, it will become easier to do so.

  • Easy to setup:

Have you used a mobile hotspot device before? If so, you will know that it can be a real cumbersome task to configure one. With this device, you will not face this issue. The reason is that it comes with a detailed guide. Not only that, the steps that you need to undertake to configure this hotspot device are limited as well. Whether you have used a hotspot device previously or not, you can use this easily because of the easy setup steps.

  • Nationwide coverage available:

The same that you get along with this device is compatible with the mobile network. The advantage of compatibility with the mobile network means that you get nationwide coverage. Moreover, checking the quality and coverage reception in your area is certainly easy. The mobile offers that facility on their website. Once you activate the plan, you can easily browse the Internet without much of a delay.

  • Get access to simple mobile rewards:

The features cannot be availed directly from the website of T-mobile. Instead, you will have to order the plan from simple mobile. The advantage is that you will get access to simple mobile rewards. You will get free stuff, points, as well as, gift cards. It means that every time you continue with your plan, you will get more rewards.

  • Fast charge:

If you think that it will take you hours to charge this device, you’re wrong. The good news is that you can charge this device in under 3 hours. It means that when you’re short on time, you can charge it completely in no time and start using the Internet.

  • No contract stipulation:

When looking at the plans on offer by simply mobile, you will realize no contract stipulation. That is why you can activate this plan and terminate it whenever you want. With so many features, it is really difficult to ignore this hotspot device for any other.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Affordable plans
  • 4G LTE compatible sim on offer
  • Connects up to 16 devices
  • Easy to setup
  • TFT screen on offer
  • Nationwide coverage

  • Limited instructions

What Are The Plans Available?

The hotspot device is only good enough if the plans that come along with it are good enough. That is why; we will shed some light on the available plants.

  1. Simple Mobile Unlimited $25 Plan

In this plan, you get unlimited data for one month. The 1st 3 GB will be at 4G speeds. After that, you will get a 2G speed. You also get unlimited talk and text. It means that once you opt for this plan, you won’t have to worry about paying more.

  1. Simple Mobile $40 Unlimited Plan

In this plan, you will get 15 GB of data at high speed. After that, you will get 2G connectivity. Along with that, you will get unlimited text and talk as well.

  1. Simple Mobile Unlimited $50 Plan

In this plan, you will get unlimited high-speed data, text as well as calls. There is an additional 5 GB mobile hotspot as well.

  1. Simple Mobile $60 Unlimited Plan

In this plan, you will get 15 GB of mobile hotspot data. You will get truly unlimited high-speed data, text as well as calls. Additionally, you get 50 GB of cloud storage as well. You can stream videos at 480p. As you can see, the plans by simple mobile are quite affordable. That is why; you will not have to shell out a lot of money to enjoy the Internet once you opt for this hotspot device. Now is the time to look at the things that come with this hotspot device.

Final Verdict

Simple mobile Moxee hotspot has many features which are missing out on other hotspot devices. Not only that, the affordable plans by simple mobile is another reason why you should go for it. The reliable mobile network in the backend is another advantage. Considering all these features, this is a hotspot device that you can go with.