Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes: 8 Reasons And Fixes

Spectrum and other companies alike have given us full control over the content we want to watch on TV and online. All you need to do is find the best package that suits your internet and TV needs and you are set for never-ending entertainment.

However, with all the technology, issues like Spectrum cable box error codes happen. This may only happen on rare occasions but even so, you want to make sure you can deal with them ultimately.

Error codes, primarily, affect the Spectrum apps, causing them to malfunction or completely stop. In this article, we are going to list some of the most common cable box error codes and how to fix them.

Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes: How to Fix Them?

Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes

There are different types of errors all of which require different types of fixing. Some errors are low-level and only require rebooting your app or the router. Others need more serious troubleshooting. Check them out below; 

1) ERO1 – Memory Failure

This mostly happens when you are streaming and simply means your DRAM has failed. It may seem more technical than you can handle but the fix is quite simple. There are a couple of ways you can use to solve this problem;

First, just press down the exit button on your remote for a couple of seconds to restart the program. This should solve the issue but in case it doesn’t, you can reboot the cable box. The last resolution if these two methods don’t work is to contact Spectrum support for further help.


This is an issue in your cable box firmware and requires you to be careful. It is also a tricky one and may need serious troubleshooting. This is because the firmware controls all components of your receiver.

To solve the issue, you can try restarting the whole spectrum receiver and the cable box. Alternatively, you can also disconnect the cable box from power. Make sure not to interrupt it when the software is updating.

3) Spectrum Cable Box Says E-3

Another one of Spectrum cable box error codes is when it says E-3. This error is usually caused by the On-Demand service. The easiest way to solve this issue is by rebooting the receiver.

The issue has also been reported to be caused by the provider’s side so if this fix doesn’t work, you might need to contact spectrum customer support for help.

4) Spectrum RGE-1001

This is another common error, usually affecting streaming. The main problem that causes this error is having too many devices using the same Spectrum account all at one go. The simple way to fix this is by troubleshooting your device and reinstalling the app.

If this doesn’t work, you can log out of the account. Make sure to log out of all the devices being used and only remain with the one you are streaming with. The error should then be fixed.

5) Spectrum Cable Box Says E-8

E-8 error code causes booting issues. It usually pops up when you are in the process of booting up your cable box. If the error keeps showing up, it means that the process was not successful.

The best way to fix this is by getting professional help. Reason being that the root cause of this error is usually a problem with the internal components of the cable box. Call Spectrum customer service.

6) Spectrum Receiver TroubleShooting

Other than Spectrum cable box error codes, there are other common cable box errors that most users experience. They include errors on TV channels, picture problems on your screen, and not seeing the programs that are listed on your main guide. Check out some ways to fix these errors below:

Reset your Receiver

The easiest way to fix these issues is to log in to your online account and refresh your receiver. Simply; 

  1. Sign in (via website) to your Spectrum account.
  2. Go to the “services” option.
  3. Select “TV”
  4. Choose “experiencing issues?”
  5. Select “reset equipment”

The resetting process should then start and only takes a couple of minutes. You can then go back to your TV and see if the problems are solved. If not, check out the following solutions below.

Reset Your Receiver via Spectrum App

Spectrum has an app that you can easily sign up for and start using. It is highly recommendable for every spectrum user as it makes everything easy. Here is how you reset your receiver through the app;

  1. Sign in to the App.
  2. Go to “services”
  3. Select “TV”
  4. Tap on “experiencing issues?”
  5. Follow the simple prompts to finish the process.

7) Manual Rebooting 

Another way to solve Spectrum cable box error codes is by manually rebooting the receiver. Unplug it for a couple of seconds (up to a minute), leave it off for a couple of other seconds, then plug it back in.

Since you are connecting and disconnecting manually, simple human error may also cause trouble. Make sure the cables are well connected to avoid more complicated issues.

8) Receiver Continually Reboots

When the receiver constantly reboots or resets, it could be an indication that it has lost power. The simple fix for this is to make sure your cable box is connected to a steady power source.

Make sure to also avoid accidental errors; connect your receiver to the main power source or an outlet and not an extension or a light switch.

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What to Do If None of The Methods Above Works?

The solutions discussed above for Spectrum cable box error codes always work great most of the time. However, if none of the methods works, you are only left with one option; to contact Spectrum customer support service desk.

The good thing is that they will always be there to render assistance whenever needed. And there are a couple of ways you can reach out to them. This includes via email, phone, or visiting a nearby Spectrum store.

The last two options are always the best. It may take you a while to get a response by sending an email. However, visiting them in any of their stores near you will guarantee almost immediate help.

You can also call them on phone, and talk to a customer service representative who will best advise you on what next measures to take.