How To Get Internet Where There is No Service?

Do you live in an area where you get patchy mobile service or no service at all? If so, then you can access the internet. There are quite a few ways to gain access to the internet no matter where you are.

Even if you live off-grid or in the countryside, you can still access the internet. With the internet becoming a necessity these days, such a connectivity mechanism can certainly help many people.

To help you out, today I will answer the question, how to get internet where there is no service? We will share with you numerous ways to easily enjoy the benefit of the internet without worrying about the coverage area of the service provider.

Best Ways to Get Internet Where There is No Service

There are numerous ways to get internet where there is no service like satellite broadband, fiber technology, DSL Internet, Internet through ham radio, etc. We will go into the details of all of these options below;

How To Get Internet Where There Is No Service

Once you go through this guide, you will gain access to the internet easily irrespective of where you live.

1) Satellite Broadband

The main advantage of satellite Internet is that you get complete coverage. You will not have to worry about availability at all. Moreover, there is no need to install any extra infrastructure around you as well. You have to just mount a dish antenna on your roof. Once you do so, you can access the internet quite easily.

Due to the same, you will find it being used in remote areas on farms, country ranches, and so on. The minimum speed that you can get is around 10 Mbps. However, depending on the provider you choose, you can get speeds up to 100 Mbps. It means that even if you want to enjoy multiplayer gaming video streaming, you can do so easily with satellite Internet.

However, one thing you have to keep in mind is that the limitations on satellite Internet are pretty stringent. Even though a few providers will offer you unlimited plans, you will realize that there are some restrictions when you look at the terms and conditions. Beyond this data, the speed will drop down to around 5 Mbps. It means that the plan is not truly unlimited.

The popular satellite Internet providers include;

  • Viasat
  • HughesNet
  • StarLink

Since there is no problem with coverage when it comes to satellite Internet, these providers provide coverage across the country. It means that you can easily choose between these providers.

The only bit of downside with this connectivity mechanism is that you might have to opt for a longer-term contract. In that case, you will have to commit the same. Apart from that, it is a great way to remain connected if you’re in a remote area.

2) FTTx

Fiber optics are becoming more and more famous all over the world. That is because they provide last-mile connectivity. Not only that, they provide excellent speeds as well.

The good news is that they can be laid almost anywhere. For Internet transmissions, fiber-optic cables are even laid on the ocean bed. It means that they are resistant to weather and can withstand any kind of weather.

When that is the case, companies can easily install fiber optics right up to your home, irrespective of where you live. Once you connect with the fiber-optic, you can experience high-speed internet quite easily.

The good news is that fiber-optic speeds start at 100 Mbps. They can go as high as 1 Gbps as well. It means that you can enjoy some of the fastest Internet speeds almost anywhere.

Also, fiber-optic is pretty reliable as well. It means that you will not have to worry about frequent breakdowns or slowdowns. Most companies that offer fiber-optic internet provide you with unlimited bandwidth as well. Due to the same, you will not have to worry about restrictions at all.

The downside, however, is that fiber-optic is expensive. That is why, if the company is laying miles worth of fiber-optic for you, you will have to shell out quite a bit of money for the same. You have to keep this factor in mind. If you want to get excellent Internet speeds even in areas where there is no service, fiber-optic internet is a pretty good option for you.

3) DSL internet

Looking for a budget Internet option? If so, you should look at DSL connectivity. DSL stands for Digital subscriber line. The advantage of the digital subscriber line is similar to fiber-optic; it can be laid almost anywhere. It just needs a telephone line to provide you with the internet.

Since telephone connectivity all over the country is excellent, you will not have to worry about the installation charge either.

Numerous companies are providing such connectivity all over the country. These are;

  • CenturyLink
  • Frontier
  • Verizon
  • Windstream

Earlier, DSL Internet was associated with slow speed. Not anymore. With the advancement of technology these days, DSL speeds are also excellent. You can easily get speeds between 5 Mbps to 45 Mbps. It means that you will not have to worry about slow speeds at all. The speeds are more than enough for streaming, multiplayer gaming, and so on.

In fact, it is possible to get unlimited packages as well with DSL Internet. The unlimited packages mean that you will not have to worry about the bandwidth which you choose. The router, as well as the DSL line in itself, is quite affordable. Due to the same, it is much more affordable than fiber-optic internet.

While these 3 are the most common ways to get Internet connectivity in remote areas, there are a few unusual methods that you can use as well. Some companies provide Internet connectivity through those unusual methods as well. We will cover these unusual methods below.

4) Ham Radio Internet

Did you know that you can access the internet through ham radio as well? Surprising, isn’t it? We will help you understand how to do so below.

We want to clear right at the start because this method will not provide you with the speed or bandwidth to stream files or download large files. However, if you just want to remain connected to the internet, this method can help you out.

Also, during emergency times, you can easily contact the outer world by sending an email through this method. Ham radio is based on something which is known as packet radio. Packet radio can be considered as an Internet of ham radio owners.

With the help of packet radio, they can easily send files, send text messages and control remote systems as well. In any kind of catastrophic, this packet radio can certainly be used to form an Ad hoc network. Ad Hoc network is nothing but a network of radio waves. With the help of ham radio operators, you can easily send emails, emergency messages, and relay messages. You can easily access the internet as well.

One thing which you need to keep in mind is that this is more of an emergency mechanism. The durability of this method is still up for debate. Similarly, you cannot be sure about the level of security that this method provides as well.

Nevertheless, if you want to connect to the internet from an area where there is no service, this is a method that you certainly cannot ignore. In fact, with the help of the right radio antenna, you will be able to easily connect to the internet.

5) BPL

BPL stands for Broadband over Power Lines. You can, in fact, use conventional power lines to access high-speed broadband internet.

Firstly, you have to use an adapter and plug it into the AC outlet. Only then can you access high Internet speed. However, you need to understand that this is an emerging technology and therefore, the gear needed to access the internet through power lines is not easily available. You will have to 1st work on procuring it.

European countries, however, seem to be relying on this technology to connect their entire population easily. The problem with the US is that there are different electricity providers, and therefore there is no uniform system in the country.

Different electricity providers use different step-down transformers. Due to the same, broadband signals cannot be easily transmitted across the networks. They need to be stepped down in a similar fashion for them to work over every provider’s lines.

Similarly, a repeater might also be needed to increase the amplitude of the signal as well. However, the only hindrance in the US is the different electricity providers in the absence of the national grid.

Nevertheless, it is an emerging technology that you can use with the right gear to connect to the internet where there is no cell phone service.

6) Long Range Wi-Fi Antenna

How far is the nearest city to your location? In most cases, you will have a suburb or an area that has Internet connectivity within a radius of 5-7 miles. The good news is that with the right kind of setup, you can use a long-range Wi-Fi antenna to access a public hotspot within this radius. Consequently, getting high-speed Internet connectivity will not be a problem due to the same.

On the face of it, a longer-range Wi-Fi antenna can have a range of 8 miles. It means that by installing a single long-range Wi-Fi antenna on your roof, you will be able to tap into public hotspot networks.

Want an even larger range? All you need to do is is to install another antenna 5 miles apart. Doing so will make it work as a repeater. Once you do so, it will become easier for you to get Wi-Fi connectivity from a hotspot that is around 15 miles away.

It is one of the easiest ways to get excellent Wi-Fi connectivity even if you do not have any service in your own vicinity. Sure enough, you will have to shell out some money in buying the antennas, but it is a permanent solution. If no other method is conducive for you, you need to think about this one.

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Final Words

Thus, do not be disheartened if you currently live in an area where there is no service. With the help of the techniques which we have highlighted above, you can access the internet irrespective of the areas in which you live.

It does not matter whether you live an off-grid lifestyle or whether you live in the countryside. Internet is accessible to all. You have to merely choose the technique which suits you the most. With our list of 7 distinct techniques, finding one which is convenient and suitable for you is not a big deal. It is not time to enjoy the pleasures of the internet irrespective of where you are.

No longer will you have to rely on cell phone service or any other conventional method to access the internet. It is now time to remain connected throughout the day and night using our guide above.