How To Get Free WiFi Anywhere?

Wifi is a necessity these days. That is why, no matter where you are, you will need Internet access. The problem is that if you try to procure an Internet connection exclusively for a device, you will need multiple connections for multiple devices. A much better approach is to get free Wifi anywhere you go. With the help of Wifi connectivity, it will become easier for you to connect multiple devices and surf the websites you want.

There are numerous effective ways in which you can get free Wifi anywhere. We will today highlight four such ways along with the apps which can help you do the same. You can try out any of these methods or apps to get free Wifi anywhere you go.

12 Best Ways to Get Free WiFi Anywhere

Did you know that there are apps to provide you with access to Wifi networks in your vicinity? They might be completely open Wifi networks or ones with ID and password. If they are with ID and password, they will provide you with the same to connect to the Wifi networks. Instead of manually searching for such networks, it is a good idea to use the apps we will highlight below;

how to get wifi anywhere

1. WifiMapper

WifiMapper provides you with the list of hot spots in your vicinity and the necessary information with them like ID and password. Not only do you get the exact location but also the type of hotspot recommended by other users. That is why; you can get fast feedback regarding these hotspots as well. With hundreds and thousands of different hotspot details available, finding a Wifi network in the vicinity is easy.

2. Wiman

Wiman has the largest database of Wifi hotspots in the world. Using this app, finding free Wifi hotspot near you is certainly possible and easy. With a Wifi connection manager, the work you will have to do to connect to a Wifi hotspot is limited. It allows you to filter-free Wi-Fi hotspots and also sorts them by their quality. That is why; gaining access to excellent speed Wifi hotspots is certainly possible.

When using the app, you can get special rewards as well. For example, you can also compete with your friends to find out who used the freest Wifi hotspots. The largest database of Wifi hotspots offered by this app allows you to connect from anywhere.

3. Avast Wifi Finder

Avast Wifi Finder, as the name itself suggests, is an app by cybersecurity company Avast. That is why it certainly provides you with safe hotspots. Once you open the app, you can easily search for Wifi hotspots near you. With the help of a web-based interface, it is certainly easy for you to find the exact locations of the Wifi hotspots.

The main good news is that this app works without an Internet connection initially. That is why you can head over to the nearest Wifi hotspot and then connect to the Internet and browse the websites which you want. The credible name behind this app is one of the primary reasons why it is on our list.

4. Instabridge

Instabridge is a map-based Wifi hotspot app. It is a crowd-sourced app. It means that these Wifi networks are shared with you by other individuals like you. The app also stores the ID and password. That is why, in a single click, you can connect to secure networks. The secure networks are initiated by individuals who wish to share them.

The database of 10 million passwords ensures that the overall hotspot networks which you can access are numerous. With the help of the auto-connection feature, you can automatically connect to the network if it’s in your vicinity. The app supports various types of encrypted connections as well. It means that you can do so if you want to connect to the Internet in a completely safe way.

Not only that, it offers you access to free public Wifi networks as well. Before connecting to any network, you will get details about its popularity, speed, and usage stats. With so many features on offer, ignoring this app is not a good idea.

5. Wifi Free Spot

Wifi Free Spot is a website that you can access through your mobile browser as well. It works like a directory and lists all the Wifi hotspots which you can access across the USA. It lists them down according to the city, place, as well as State. That is why filtering the hotspot which you are looking for is easy.

You need to have some kind of Internet access to visit this directory, and then you can connect to the network once you are in its vicinity. The website’s design might be a bit outdated, but the information available in this directory allows you to find Wifi networks to connect to.

6. Osmo

Osmo is an android and iOS app that allows you to access over 120 million Wifi hotspots. In addition, the app has a database of Wifi hotspots in more than 150 countries. You can get access to this app without the Internet. It lists not just the ID but also the password of these Wifi networks. That is why, with a single click, you can connect to these Wifi networks when you’re in the vicinity. With over 500,000 reviews of various hotspots, you can research the hotspot network before connecting to one.

Not only that, the app can help you with navigation in 25 countries as well. That is why it is a multipurpose app. The app also allows you to test your hotspot speed connectivity. In a nutshell, it is a full-fledged app that allows you to connect to a hotspot Internet and check reviews of the same and check Internet speed. Thus, if you’re looking for a versatile app that allows you to access free Wifi anywhere you go, this is the one with which you can go.

7. WiFox

If you travel a lot, this app can come to your rescue. The app will list the hotspot networks at various airports as well as lounges. It stores the password as well as the ID of these networks. That is why you can connect to them easily. Thus, if you’re looking for apps that provide you with Wifi access at the airport lounges, this is the one that you can go ahead with.

These are the apps that can provide you with a Wifi network wherever you go. All this for completely free. There are a few other solutions as well, which I will highlight below;

These days, many retail outlets and other institutions provide you with public Wifi networks. You can access these as well if you want to get free Wifi anywhere you go. There are essentially 3 places that offer public Wifi networks.

8. Libraries

Libraries certainly have a public Wifi network. You can connect to these networks directly. The reason for the same is because this information can also be found on the Internet. If you’re in the vicinity of a library, you can access the Internet with the help of these Wifi networks.

9. McDonald’s

Almost every Mcdonald’s outlet has a public Wifi network that you can access. Moreover, you cannot only access this network inside the restaurant but in its vicinity as well. That is why, by locating the nearest McDonalds, you can access such Wifi hotspots easily. If you need more information about McDonald wifi access you can read this article.

10. Starbucks

Similarly, Starbucks is another food chain that offers you public Wifi connectivity. You can enjoy not only your coffee but also surf the Internet as well. With the help of these outlets and institutions, it is easy for you to get free Wifi anywhere you go.

11. Use Hidden WiFi Networks

Many times, you might be in the range of a Wifi hotspot. However, since it is hidden, you might not be able to access it. Once you uncover such a network, you can browse the Internet. The question is, how to find hidden Wifi networks? You can do so easily with the help of an app like NetSpot. It is compatible with windows as well as Mac. Once you scan the vicinity, you will know the type of network and the bands in which they are available.

Consequently, connecting to them is easy. Furthermore, if you choose multiple Wifi networks, you can go with the network, which provides you with seamless connectivity. With the help of this app, gaining Wifi access anywhere you go is easy.

12. Use your smartphone hotspot

As a last resort, if nothing else works, you can use your mobile hotspot. Sure enough, you might have limited mobile data, but as a last resort, you can certainly do so. Android, as well as iOS smartphones, provide you with this feature.

The advantage is that you will not have to shell out any extra money. As long as you have an active mobile plan, you can use this solution to get Wifi anywhere you go. With the help of these four methods, it is easy for you to get free Wifi anywhere you go. You need to keep in mind that while surfing the Internet through any of these methods, it is important to remain safe. We will highlight how to do it below;

How to Use Free Wifi Networks Safely?

With the help of the tips below, it will become easy for you to stay safe while using free or public Wifi as well;

#Use VPN

You have to use a VPN always when you’re accessing such networks. With the help of a VPN, your information will be encrypted. Once your information is encrypted, nobody can intercept it. Not only that, it will mask your exact location as well. That is why, even when someone is monitoring your device with the help of Wifi connectivity, they will not be able to look at you. VPNs are quite affordable. That is why, when using one, you can enhance your safety even when using public Wifi networks.

#Surf only when necessary

You should reduce such public or free Wifi networks for entertainment purposes. That is because not all of them are entirely secure. So even after best efforts, your data might get compromised as well. The most basic tip which you have to follow is to surf only when necessary.

Also, if you want to conduct any financial transaction, it is good to use your smartphone instead of connecting to any of these networks. You never know; these networks might be fake, and they might be set up only to gain access to your financial information. That is why; you have to surf through these networks only when it is very necessary.

#Access only SSL encrypted sites

If at all you want to use these networks, it is a good idea to access only SSL encrypted websites. These websites encrypt all the information which you are submitting to them. Since the information is encrypted, nobody will be able to trace the information. Even if it is traced or intercepted, without the key, nobody will be able to decipher the information as well. In a nutshell, your information will be entirely safe.

#Use separate details

Many times, when you connect to the public Wifi network, you might have to submit your email address or some other detail. Instead of submitting your primary work email, it is a much better idea to use separate throwaway accounts. You can use temporary emails as well. Once you do so, you will not have to worry about any spam or hacking attempts as well. With the help of these four tips, it will become easier for you to browse through these free Wifi hotspots without any risk.


Thus, in today’s world, it is certainly possible to get free Wifi anywhere you go. With the help of the methods in the apps we have highlighted above, you can browse the Internet without any worry. It is necessary to take a few safety precautions as well, which we have highlighted above. Once you take safety precautions, it will become easier for you to enjoy the Internet without compromising any of your information.