How To Use Mobile Hotspot Without Using Data

There are so many ways in which internet connectivity has evolved. In the past, people were required to connect to a network through a cable. Presently. You can access the internet through mobile hotspots and wireless connections, mostly known as (WIFI). Are you wondering what a mobile hotspot is? How does it work? And is it possible to use a mobile hotspot without using cellular data on your phone? This article will help you in answering the above questions.

What is a Mobile Hotspot

The days that internet connectivity required guided connection are long gone. Today you can easily use your smartphone as an access point for any network connection and share cellular data with other users. This is called a portable hotspot or mobile network. When your phone’s tethering or hotspot is turned on, other devices can connect to your phone’s access point cellular data and surf the internet. The below screenshot demonstrates to you the meaning of the mobile hotspot.

how to use mobile hotspot without using data

In fact, sharing your data through a hotspot will increase your data charges rate, and this might be one of the reasons why some people end up getting exaggerated bills.

How Does Mobile Hotspot Work

A mobile hotspot is just like a portable Wi-Fi, meaning that it works in different places at any time. Mobile hotspots make use of the 4G or 3G cellular network that focuses on data connections to enable them to share their cellular data with nearby devices through Wi-Fi. Its working concept is just like that of a small portable router or broadband data source, and it makes use of 802.11ax or 802.11ac protocol. While using a mobile hotspot, you will not require to have a Wi-Fi card. All you will require is just a signal or a data plan.

how to use mobile hotspot without using data

Any device with a Wi-Fi feature will be able to connect to the hotspot while accessing the internet. As such, a mobile hotspot can be used by devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, you cannot use a smartphone where there is no cellular network since a smartphone relies on this connection.

However, you can utilize your mobile and cellular data when you are out of your country, although there is no guarantee that it will work as perfectly as you would wish.

Mobile Hotspot Data Usage

There is no specific amount of data that a mobile hotspot uses. The amount that a mobile hotspot uses will usually depend on the nature and frequency of the data usage. Streaming on YouTube will use more data bundles compared to browsing through the web. As such, you can conclude that the amount of data usage on a mobile hotspot depends on the activities involved.

In addition, the number of devices connected to your hotspot also determines how your mobile hotspot will consume the data. You can also check to see the amount of data that your applications are consuming. The table below demonstrates how your applications consume your mobile hotspot data;

ActivityData Per Hour
Web BrowsingAbout 60 MB
EmailLess than 1 MB
FacebookAbout 80 MB
InstagramAbout 720 MB
YouTubeAbout 300 MB
Spotify and other music streaming appsUp to 150 MB
NetflixFrom 200 MB
Zoom, Skype, and other high-quality video callings
About 810 MB

There are various types of mobile data plans that you can subscribe to depending on the plans that are available on your service provider. Most services such as Verizon includes mobile hotspot on their packages. You can easily upgrade your data plan if you find out that your data does not finish the whole month.

How to Setup Mobile Hotspot

The process of setting up a mobile hotspot is very easy and straightforward. It consists of a few steps that you can be able to complete in less period of time. Some smartphone models even make the process easier by allowing you to create a shortcut on your notification panel for you to be able to turn it off and on. You can follow the below straightforward step-by-step guide on how to create a mobile hotspot on your phone.

how to use mobile hotspot without using data

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up mobile WiFi:

  1. Open the settings menu on your device.
  2. Tap on the connection option listed as “Network & Internet.
  3. Look for tethering and mobile hotspot and tap on it.
  4. Toggle your mobile hotspot switch.

This is the position where you can be able to change your mobile hotspot setting in the design that you would like. To achieve that, you will be required to tap on the Mobile Hotspot button and then change your hotspot’s password and hotspot name.

How to Use Mobile Hotspot Without Using Your Phone Data

The main problem that smartphone users undergo is having their data being eaten up by mobile hotspots. Your data is highly consumed when your mobile hotspot or tethering is turned on. This is not a big problem because there is a way that you can use your mobile hotspot and not use your mobile phone’s data. This feature is called WiFi tethering, and it is not different from a mobile hotspot in terms of data consumption. The only difference is that mobile tethering converts the smartphone into a small internet router.

The most interesting thing is that tethering is achievable even through the use of your old smartphone. This means that you will not waste either your battery power or your data. Below is a guide on how you will be able to use a mobile hotspot without using your phone data:

  1. Open on your device’s Settings app.
  2. Select the option named Wireless & Networks.
  3. Look for an option named Portable WiFi Hotspot.
  4. Turn it on.
  5. While using another device, check for a WiFi access point.
  6. Click on the name of the wireless connection device and fill in the password.
how to use mobile hotspot without using data

You can change your mobile hotspot password through the use of your WiFi hotspot. Changing the password will limit the number of users connected to the network.

Bottom Line

The invention of the mobile hotspot has created a way for the modern internet connection. You can be able to share mobile data with your friends via WiFi technology. You can use the tips shared above to minimize your mobile data usage since you now know how to use mobile hotspots without using your phone data.

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