How Do I Track an iPhone by Number Online Free

If you want to track an iPhone by its serial number, you should use the Serial Finder tool. This software allows you to locate the serial number of your device. The program also provides the model name, firmware version, and IMEI number.

You can use the Serial Finder tool to get the serial number of your iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is enter the IMEI number into the search box. Then click on the Find button. The program will display the serial number and other details.

To use the Serial Finder tool, you have to download it from their website. It is available for both iOS devices and Android phones. You can also use this App with your PC to view the serial numbers of your mobile devices.

You can get the IMEI number of your iPhone by pressing *#06# on your phone’s keypad. You can also obtain it by connecting your phone to a computer via USB cable. Once connected, open up iTunes and select “iPhone” in the menu bar. Select Info under Summary, scroll down until you see the IMEI number, and copy it.

You can also find out more about tracking your iPhone or iPad by visiting sites like,, and They provide detailed tutorials that show how to retrieve the IMEI number so you can track your phone for free online.

What is an IMEI Number

The IMEI is a unique identifier used in GSM networks worldwide. It is assigned to every cellular telephone when it is sold. It contains 15 numeric digits and is usually printed on a label under the battery compartment cover, although some phones have it on the back of the phone itself. It is also known as ESN/MEID.

The IMEI helps identify individual handsets, and manufacturers register each handset with a country code displayed on the IMEI. Each handset is registered to a specific network operator. Therefore, all phones issued by one manufacturer will have the same IMEI number regardless of whether they were purchased in France or Brazil.

track an iphone by number online free

Every SIM card contains the IMEI number encoded in memory during manufacture. When a user inserts a new SIM card, the phone automatically checks its IMEI against the SIM database and connects to the nearest available cell tower. The IMEI identification remains unchanged even after changing carriers.

IMEIs must be unique within the global pool of valid numbers. They cannot be reused or blocked until the end of the contract period. After the handset has been returned to the original carrier or destroyed, the IMEI becomes reused. Some manufacturers sell re-programmed devices without informing customers of this practice. In these cases, the IMEI will still be present but no longer active on the telephone because the phone is now programmed to operate on another provider’s system.

IMEIs help prevents fraud as different operators often issue similar numbers to legitimate subscribers. An operator who finds his subscriber’s phone roaming outside his area will not necessarily cancel the account; instead, he will block the subscriber’s access to the network.

How to Check iPhone’s IMEI Number

This article shows you how to check your iPhone’s IMEI Number. Once you know what it is, you can go to a site like http:/ to see where that Number came from. If someone has stolen your phone, you may be able to find out who they are by looking up their location through a service like Google Maps. You could also report them to the police if you think it is not safe for you to keep having personal details about yourself so others can steal your identity.

A web page will appear with several results showing the approximate location of your mobile phone.

To find out more about your mobile phone, you can use a third-party website to give you detailed information about your phone. It also includes warranty information.

9 Best Ways to Track an iPhone by Number Online Free

1) Find My Phone

This App lets you locate your Lost/Stolen iPhone. It can provide accurate real-time location of the device and pictures taken from the device camera. The location tracker uses GPS technology to locate the widget anywhere on earth at any time.

2) iMyFone

Use iMyFone to trace your lost or stolen iPhone. You will be notified when your lost iPhone enters or leaves a predetermined geographic location with this software.

3) iPhone Tracker

You can use this application to track your iPhone all over the world. Just enter the IMEI number of your iPhone, and you’ll be provided with the exact location of your lost iPhone.

4) Where Is My iPhone

Where is my iPhone? You can quickly locate your missing iPhone. Type the IMEI of your iPhone into the search bar. All locations that match your device’s IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) will be displayed.

5) Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy helps you monitor your child’s cell phone usage. With Mobile Spy, parents can view their children’s phone activity, even if the kids have turned off parental controls. And Mobile Spy works on both Android and iOS devices!

6) Mobile Spy Pro

Mobile Spy Pro is the latest version of our award-winning tool designed to protect children from predators on social networks and cell phones. It’s the perfect solution for families looking for tools to monitor and control teens’ cell phone habits.

7) Phone Finder

Search by Number with Phone Finder. Find numbers for any US carrier and more than 20 countries worldwide. Use the advanced features to narrow down your search and get the best signal strength possible.

8) Smart Locators

Smart Locators are a series of small self-contained devices that can be attached to an individual’s personal belongings such as wallets, purses, backpacks, briefcases, keys, etc., providing convenient remote monitoring capabilities. These devices allow users to remotely monitor and lock their items via email notifications, text message alerts, and voice mail messages.

9) Spyera

The most powerful spy app in the market. Using the power of its unique cloud computing engine, Spyera enables you to capture everything going on on your target’s smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, smartwatch, and more. You can also record Skype calls, WhatsApp chats, Facebook Messenger conversations, Google Hangouts, audio notes, picture files, and much more.

How to Track an iPhone Using iCloud

  1. Open your mobile settings.
  2. Tap on iCloud.
  3. Choose the Find My Device option.
  4. Enter the Apple ID password.
  5. Then, click on Connect to find out the location of your iPhone.

If your iPhone has been misplaced and you want to track it, then here we are giving you some easy steps to follow to know about the iPhone’s tracking process.

First, you need to turn on your iPhone, tap on the “Settings,” and go to “iCloud.” Now choose the “Find My iPhone” option and click on the “Connect” button present at the top right corner of the screen. Once connected, you will see a list along with the options like “Lost Mode,” “Remote Wipe,” “Erase Data,” “Locate On Map,” & “Restrictions.” Select one among them according to what you wish to do.

Now move ahead and select any other option available to help you locate your lost or stolen device. You can also use your device to send a message to someone else who may be holding your iDevice. For this, go back to the “Find my iPhone” menu and choose the “Send Message” option. Here, enter the person’s contact details whose contact information you would like to share. After sending it, wait for a while until the message reaches them.