Xfinity Box Says Boot Error: How To Fix

What is Xfinity Box? Xfinity box is a set-top box with a built-in DVR for streaming and recording your desired live shows.

The beauty with the Xfinity Box is that you can watch a different show or broadcast while still recording another to watch later during your free time. You can also schedule or set a reminder to watch or record TV shows that are programmed for a later time or day.

Xfinity Box is a plus one as it comes with your Xfinity home plan subscription and all your TV requirements are sorted, these are not only limited to recording, but you can also pause and rewind a show at your own convenience without any interruptions.

Like any other device in the technology world, the Xfinity Xbox can cause you a little trouble, but this can be fixed pronto. Most users will tend to get stuck when their Xfinity box says boot.

First, we need to establish the reason, why your Xfinity Box may need to Boot, and then we will look at the steps to take when the Boot prompt occurs.

Xfinity Box says Boot, What Does It Mean

  • When the Boot message comes up, it means the Box is ready to restart in readiness for operation.
  • The timelines to when the Xfinity Box needs to boot should be between a minute or more, in case it takes longer than 5 minutes and your cable is completely out then it is time to troubleshoot.

How to Address Xfinity Box Boot Error And Fix It

This is a guided approach to identifying the cause of an issue and finding a lasting solution to have the problem fixed. The troubleshooting approach is mostly done on machines, and computers and is not limited to software systems.

You know it is time for troubleshooting when your Xfinity Box system takes longer than usual to Boot, you are out of cable and you might find yourself staring at a blank screen for so long.

If you are having the challenges mentioned above, you need not worry as there are a number of things you can do to have the problem fixed.

  • Loose connection of cables: Identify if the Xfinity Box connectors are properly connected. You might figure out that the main reason as to why the Xfinity Box is telling you to Boot is because some connectors might be loosely connected and that’s why the cable is not being transmitted clearly. Make sure to have all your input and output cables secured tightly to the Xfinity Box and restart it for a better transmission on your television.
  • Consider Restarting the Xfinity Box: Restarting your Xfinity Box would be what most people would do as this is what would cross your mind first. How do you restart your Xfinity Box when it says Boot? Restarting your Xfinity Box may require you to unplug the cable connected directly to it and plug it back. Ensure that when you are plugging it back, the connector is tightly placed. Another way you can restart your Xfinity Box is to press and hold down the power button located on the front of the TV Box for about 15 seconds. The TV Box should automatically restart after doing this.

If your Xfinity Box does not have a power button, you can restart using the power cord. Unplug the TV cord for about 10 to 15 seconds then plug it back in.

Note, that you can also restart the Box from the Help Menu on your remote control;

  1. To access the Help Menu, press the A button on your remote control, pressing OK will bring you to the Restart tile.
  2. Press OK again to select Restart, it might take a few seconds for the Xfinity Box to restart.

You have to be mindful of the effects of restarting your Xfinity TV Box when it says, Boot. If you were in the middle of recording your favorite TV show and you choose to restart your Xfinity Box, the recording will be interrupted and will resume when the TV Box powers back up.

The good thing with the Xfinity Box is that scheduled programs and already saved recorded shows will not be lost. You will also not need to wait for your guide information to reload as this is not lost during the Boot process.

Your user information including your preferences, lock PIN, and purchase PIN will still be intact after the Xfinity Box is done Booting;

  1. Another way to restart is by the device settings on your Xfinity remote control.
  2. Press the Xfinity button on your remote control. You can press either the right or left arrow buttons to display the settings then press OK.

If you have exhaustively applied the above methods when your Xfinity Box says Boot and you are still out of cable, then you will need to contact the Xfinity team directly. Chances are that your Xfinity Box might need a replacement. You can opt to drop the Box to any Infinity store or any of their authorized outlets to have it diagnosed by the tech team and your Box will be just as new.

Why does your Xfinity Box need to Boot

Your Xfinity Box might need to Boot because of several reasons and you need not to worry as everything that has a hitch has a solution.

It may need to Boot because of:

  1. Poor ventilation issues: This might need the Xfinity Box to need Booting due to overheating so as to regulate its temperatures. Overheating is always not a good signal as it might result to permanent damage to your Xfinity Box.
  2. Signal transmitting issues: In the event that a signal becomes weak, the cable boxes will tend to restart automatically without the manual intervention of the user.

This will be an attempt to obtain stronger signals for better transmission after maybe a series of displaying distorted images or having multiple screen freezes while streaming your favorite TV shows. It might be time to Boot when you attempt to change a channel but the features refuse to cooperate.


Modern technology devices are not equipped to be 100% accurate. The Xfinity Xbox is no exception as from time to time it might prompt you to Boot it. This will enable your device to work seamlessly and enable you to enjoy your shows with minimal interruptions.