Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Review

Mobile hotspot devices can certainly make your life easier. They provide you with Internet connectivity no matter where you are. However, that is only possible when you go with mobile hotspot devices compatible with large carriers.

The device below is backed by T-mobile. Since T-mobile has covered almost all over the country, getting Internet connectivity is easy. The question which arises is, is the mobile hotspot device really good enough? Today, we will highlight our Franklin t9 mobile hotspot review.

What is Franklin T9?

Franklin t9 is a hotspot device that allows you to connect to the LTE network of T-mobile. Once it connects to the network, it creates a Wi-Fi network. After that, you can easily connect multiple devices to this Wi-Fi network. It can help you create a portable Wi-Fi network in an instant. Now that you are aware of what exactly it is, it is time to look at the features of this hotspot device.

T-Mobile Franklin T9 4G Mobile Hotspot

Without taking a look at the cost of the mobile hotspot device, choosing one is a mistake. If you’re willing to pay in full for this device, you will have to shell out $90. In case you are looking to get a financing option, you can undoubtedly get 24-month financing. You will have to pay $3.75 monthly. With the help of this low payment, you can buy the hotspot device. Such affordability is unparalleled.

Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Review

Franklin T9 Features

Only after looking at the features can you decide whether this hotspot device is suitable for you or not.

  • Ability to Connect 15 Devices: The Wi-Fi network which this device creates allows you to connect 15 different devices. Connecting a laptop, smartphone, or another device is easy. The seamless connectivity saves you a lot of time. The hotspot device can easily handle such simultaneous connections.
  • Easy Management: The device provides you with a control panel. Using this control panel, you can limit the devices or monitor the connected devices. You can easily configure the password as well as the security. Whether you want to change the password or expel a device or change the security setting, the control panel of the mobile hotspot device allows you to do all that. Easy management is undoubtedly an advantage.
  • Compatible with LTE Internet: The type of connectivity that this hotspot device provides will decide the speed of Internet access. The advantage of this hotspot device is that it offers you 4G LTE access. The 4G LTE access ensures that you get high-speed Internet. Don’t worry about low Internet speeds as long as you get excellent reception. Since T-mobile offers you nationwide coverage, you won’t have to worry about a slowdown in speeds.
  • OLED Display: The OLED display allows you to easily verify the status of connectivity and the settings you have configured. With the help of easy-to-understand icons, you can certainly use them without any worry. Not only that, it lets you know about the quality of reception.
  • Rugged Design: When you’re using a portable hotspot device, you will, of course, carry it with you wherever you go. The problem is that if the casing is not strong enough, it can get damaged. In that case, you might have to buy a new hotspot device. This one has a rugged design. Consequently, it will last for years together. The rugged design is undoubtedly an advantage.
  • Portable: The device is lightweight. It is pretty compact. You can carry it in your pocket. The portable device means that even if you travel a lot, you can get high-speed Internet access. You can use it for streaming, entertainment, business, and educational needs.
  • Multi-band support: The multi-band support means that you can connect different devices in the V band. With the help of V band connectivity, you can be sure that devices with multi-band support get excellent speeds. The multi-band connectivity means that there will be no crowding devices on a single band. Consequently, it will become easier for you to enjoy high-speed Internet.
  • Adequate RAM: One of the main advantages of this hotspot device is that it offers you 256 MB of RAM. Due to this RAM, it is very easy to use this device. The device doesn’t lag. Once you start this device and power it, you can enjoy the Internet right away.
  • Excellent battery: The battery is 2450 mAh. With the help of such a high battery, you can use this device for an extended period. It has an excellent standby time due to the same. Very few other hotspot devices have such high battery power. With features like that, it does not a surprise that this hotspot device is better than many others. Before you decide on this hotspot device, it is crucial to understand what you get.

In a nutshell, once you look at the display of this hotspot device, it is easy to know whether you’re getting proper connectivity or not. The display quality is such that it is hard to miss any icon or setting. That is why it becomes easier for you to know the status of the connection and the leftover battery using the display.


  • Allows you to connect multiple devices
  • Easy to manage
  • Multi-band support
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Extremely portable
  • Includes accessories


  • Packaging can be better

What comes with Franklin T9 mobile hotspot?

Franklin t9 mobile hotspot device comes with various accessories like:

  • Battery
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Guide

With the help of these accessories, it is certainly easy for you to use this mobile hotspot device.

Final Verdict

Thus, when looking for a reliable hotspot device with excellent connectivity options, you can go with the Franklin T9 mobile hotspot. Our franklin t9 mobile hotspot review highlights the various features of this hotspot device. Keeping these features in mind, it is undoubtedly a good choice for excellent and reliable connectivity.