How to Browse The Internet on Vizio Smart TV

With Vizio smart TV web browser, you are up for endless entertainment; movies, music, videos, games, and more. The fact that Vizio made it clear that this TV version doesn’t come with an internet browser, doesn’t make it any less.

While you can access other internet apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon instant video, without a web browser, you can’t stream on the big screen.

This guide is going to take you through the step-by-step process to install an internet browser on your Vizio Smart TV and enjoy your favorite entertainment from your favorite applications and sites.

How to Connect Internet to Vizio Smart TV

As stated above, you can still enjoy a good number of shows from multiple apps on your Vizio Smart TV even without a web browser. However, you will still need an internet connection to access these inbuilt applications.

There are two main ways you can choose to connect your internet on Vizio Smart TV; via a wired network and using a Wireless Connection.

vizio smart tv web browser

Here is how to set up both of them;

Wireless Connection

Let’s start with a wireless connection. Just like the name suggests, you don’t need any wires and cables for connection;

  1. To access the Vizio Smart TV web browser, first, tap the menu on the remote
  2. Select network
  3. Tap the wireless option
  4. Choose your WI-FI network
  5. In your home WI-FI, input your password and hit the ok button to get connected

Once the connection is accepted, you can now go on and enjoy your Netflix shows.

Wired Connection

With a wired connection, like the name hints, you will need an ethernet cable for connection;

  • You will need a wired link to connect to the web
  • One end of your Ethernet cable should be connected to your TV’s LAN and the other end to the open LAN port of the home WIFI gateway
  • Go back to your remote and tap the menu button
  • Select your network
  • Choose wired network
  • You are good to go and browse anything you want

Easy, right? The methods above to connect your TV to the internet should be fast and simple. If you encounter any issues along the way, you might want to check that you have connected your cables correctly.

Also, make sure that your WI-FI is running smoothly and there aren’t any glitches. Any other issues with connection might need assistance from your ISP Internet Service Provider.

How to Use a Web Browser on your Vizio TV

If you are a Vizio Smart TV user, you already know that it doesn’t come with a ready web browser. Even if you just got yours, you can’t expect the TV to have an internet browser as the company clearly states that their version doesn’t have a browser.

However, getting a Vizio Smart TV web browser is pretty easy. Once you set up your internet, you can easily use Chromecast or Amazon Stick to browse the internet on your TV.

If you haven’t heard about Chromecast and or Amazon Stick, they are browser devices you can use to access the internet on your Smart TV, if the TV doesn’t already have inbuilt browsers such as in the case of Vizio Smart TVs.

Here is how to use it;

Connect the Browser Device

The first thing you want to do is connect your browsing device to the HDMI portal on your TV. The locations of these portals can be different from one TV to the next, depending on what type yours is. Find out where it is on our particular TV.

Turn on the Device

Once you are done, turn it on. Make sure everything is connected right before you turn on the device. Then switch on your TV, switch to HDMI (use the TV remote), sign up to Amazon or Google Account (to access the Google Chromecast), and you are all set.

How to install a Vizio Smart TV On Web Browser

Once you have your wired or wireless connection, as described above, set;

  1. Tap on the home icon on your remote
  2. Open apps
  3. Choose the Google Play Store App
  4. Type Web Browser on the search page to find your desired app

How To Update Apps on Vizio Smart TV

Just like on your phone, computer, and other smart devices, you need to keep your apps up to date and use the latest versions to ensure they are working smoothly. The same goes for Vizio Smart TV apps; 

  1. Press V or VIA on your remote choose the app you want to update and select the yellow-colored icon
  2. Click update

How To Use Google On Vizio Smart TV

  1. Using your remote, select the Vizio icon on your TV screen to open the SmartCast TV Home
  2. Select menu
  3. Select extras
  4. Select Google assistant
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts

Benefits of Having an Internet Browser on your Vizio Smart TV

If you already have an internet connection and have access to the inbuilt apps the TV comes with, you might be thinking that you have no use accessing the Vizio Smart TV web browser.

However, there are many advantages that come with being able to access the internet from your TV.

Check them out below;

Surf the internet

This is probably the number one reason you want a browser on your big screen. If you don’t have a web browser there is no way for you to access the web and browse your favorite streaming sites.

Installing a browser gives you the freedom and pleasure of accessing the web on your TV.

Get more features 

The TV comes with a couple of apps and features you will find enjoyable and entertaining. But if you like variety and hate limitations, then you might as well consider installing a Vizio Smart TV web browser.

This gives you access to all the entertainment platforms and sites you might want to check out.

Access free games for gamers

A lot of people, if not everyone, are gamers, these days. Or at least, loves playing games. If you are looking to enjoy your favorite games on TV and explore unlimited sites, installing a browser becomes a necessity for you. 

Stream online and on websites

You might have access to a handful of apps like Netflix with just an internet connection even without a browser on Smart Vizio TV. But you will not be able to stream your shows, videos, music, and movies online without a browser.

Access more apps than Just YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix

Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix are all great. They come with never-ending options, a plethora of shows, and all sorts of entertainment you can still enjoy. But that is just about all you got. If you want more, consider getting a Vizio Smart TV web browser.

Sports and news apps from all over the world

If you have a particular site or app that you watch or stream live sports and news of all kinds from around the globe, then you might need to install a web browser to watch them on your Vizio Smart TV.

Kid-friendly apps

You know your kids better. So you know what their favorite entertainment is. This, especially, comes in handy when you have some work to do in the house and can’t give your full attention to your kids.

While some Vizio Smart TV inbuilt apps offer a couple of kids’ channels and kids’ shows, you might want to install a Vizio Web Browser to access unlimited kids-friendly apps and sites for unlimited entertainment for your kids.


There are many reasons why your Vizio Smart TV Web Browser may seem stuck, and for a long time. And in most cases, it is your internet.

Make sure to check your internet connection, first, and confirm it is connected to WI-FI for sure. If the WI-FI is connected and you are still having issues, test on other devices to find out where the problem is.

Sometimes you may be experiencing a slow internet speed because you have too many devices running on the same network. Turn off the ones, not in use.

You might also need to change settings in DHCP settings or reset your TV settings altogether. Sometimes the only thing that your devices need to be back up and running is a fresh start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of queries regarding Vizio Smart TV web browser as well as their services in general. Here are some of their most asked questions; 

Does Vizio Smart TV Come With A Web Browser?

The simple answer to this question is NO. Vizio also clearly states that the current version of Vizio Smart TV does not have an Internet browser. However, there are definitely ways to browse the internet using browser devices such as Chromecast on your Smart TV.

Can I Browse The Net On Vizio TV?

While Vizio Smart TV does not have a ready web browser, you most definitely can browse the internet and access the web via other browser devices. So YES, although not directly, you can install Chromecast and surf the net on your TV.

Which Is The Best Vizio Smart TV Web Browser Device?

Google Chromecast and Amazon Firestick are ranked the best. But you can always test a couple to see which one works best for you.

Can I Use Vizio SmartCast Without Internet?

The simple answer to this is NO. You can only get access to this feature once you are connected to the internet. It also allows you to watch other shows from other devices such as tablets and phones.