How To Get WiFi Signal From Neighbor

For years, connection on wireless internet has shown advancements hence becoming very common. Almost from all corners of the world, accessibility is easy. Internet availability has made the universe a small community due to globalization enhancement. People’s lifestyle has also been revolutionized greatly.

In various corners of the world, there are several providers of high-speed internet with different specifications and rates for their services. Although for some reasons, you may not be able to get from service providers these services directly. The good news is that you may get a generous neighbor willing to share with you a Wi-Fi internet signal. Although, the signal strength may be weak.

The good news is that you may have a weak signal though to improve it, you optimize several things like drivers and firmware. In order for you to get a strong Wi-Fi connection from your neighbor, below find a guide on some things that you can do. So we get directly into it, right?

How to Get a Batter WiFi Signal from Your Neighbor

In present days, a poor Wi-Fi signal becomes a nightmare while trying to put your patience to the test, from loading a signal that is poor to completely no network. While on a serious task like playing video games or browsing the internet, a poor Wi-Fi signal comes in as a challenge.

Though the challenge may be disturbing, there are ways to improve wireless signals for your office or at home. Upgrading wireless signals help also improves for you the existing connections. The below-mentioned methods are easy and understandable.

wifi signal

Secure Wired Connection

It’s a vital aspect to check your wireless connection. Before taking any main step while making your Wi-Fi signal better, ensure internet flow goes as required.

Ethernet cable and plug your computer into your modem. You need a speed test run for internet speed monitoring. In such cases, the speed test needs to match your internet bill speed, in case it doesn’t, that’s the best time to get in touch with your ISP, and get your modem replaced.

For the modem, try having a wireless run while standing next to the router. Having ok speed close to the router and not anywhere else within the house, your Wi-Fi coverage may be having a problem. When next to a router and your internet still runs slow, then you need to have your hardware upgraded.

Investing in Wireless Repeater

Sometimes, some money is required for the best hack; although it’s worth short. It is in fact worth buying a wireless repeater since it helps in signal boosting. This gets it easier to have fun while gaming or browsing without interruption.

When signals drop, the repeater boosts them thus increasing the speed even when at distance away from your router leading to significant improvement in your connectivity. In return, it plays a big role in improving your Wi-Fi signal as you receive it from your neighbor. The methods are highly useful only when your neighbor’s network is open or you have their password.

Modern Router

With a weak wired connection, then you need to upgrade your router. Before doing anything else, it’s important to try and update or upgrade your router. Having fast-growing modern technology, providers are doing software advancements for internet speed boosting.

For your firmware upgrading, it may depend on the model and manufacturer of your device. Alternatively, you may look for a modern router. There is an in-built update procedure on the administration interface for modern routers. This leads to easy upgrading like tapping the firmware upgrade section.

Having an older router, still it requires to be upgraded, this is because they got no inbuilt update procedure. To do that, you go to their websites, get to the routers support page then download the firmware file ad on the administration interface, and you upload it.

Although it may be a tiresome process it’s worth the effort. Even if you have a good condition for a wireless network, firmware regular update is still important. This helps to improve performance, better features, and security updates.

Best Router Position

Having your primary router placed at the most central position in your apartment or house, is another great way of improving your neighbor’s Wi-Fi reception. Receiving from your neighbor a weak signal could at times be because of your router position Wi-Fi signals are never equally distributed in homes.

Barriers and distance are some of the factors that prevent uniform distribution. The router location can greatly affect wireless coverage. Some people often place their routers in a cabinet or by the window By so doing, you notice that strength of the signal almost become the same throughout the house. However, you are advised to put the receiver at different places in the apartment prior to settling at the bet position.

Also, try putting your receiver or router as possible close to the house of your neighbor. This shortens the distance to be covered by the signal from the neighbor’s house hence a stronger signal. If you got a wireless router, its vital you choose an open space. Have your router far away from walls and obstructions. A clear signal is most likely if open air surrounds it.

Other Devices connectivity Interference

The other aspect to look into is having the router away from heavy appliances and electronics. Wi-Fi uses a specifically designed wireless frequency range. Devices and appliances like Microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and cordless phones share a similar frequency range also.

If your appliances operate near your router, clear signal reception may be hindered. Leading to low and poor internet speed experience. To secure coverage, orient the router’s antenna in a vertical position. Mounting your router high on walls or on top of a shelf may aid to get your desirable signal.

Consider Long-Range Routers

Suppose having several homes sharing the same connectivity for various reasons from playing games, internet surfing, and video streaming same period. With increased strength and bandwidth, long-range routers serve wider arrears and also allow multiple devices to use and share the network.

You may technically connect several devices although, for safety, your operating system was designed to display to you the available wireless connections. Your OPS displays the channels that networks use to communicate. For example, for windows OPS, get the best channel being used by less number of networks. Connect always stay on networks that are on a channel having the least connections number.

Type of Network

Wireless networks are designed to operate on various standards. The 802.11g is the most popular, but with lower speeds compared to other connection modes because of low bandwidth. The 802.11n is a more developed standard where it’s replacing previous standards quickly.

It’s reliable as it provides fast speeds and more developed standards. Considering networks type on 802.11n standards before getting to your neighbor’s network is important. Also, confirm that your device’s operating system supports it.

USB Adaptors

For modern devices, they have inbuilt network adaptors. However, for better performance you may still go for an external adaptor. Noticing any signal strength change may not be visible through increased speed when browsing is noticed.

Wi-Fi settings status

To obtain optimal performance, you need to change your device’s wireless settings. Go to the network administrator interface then ensure the best performance configuration. Wi-Fi uses the common frequency of 2.4GHz.However, that interface may be interfered with by other forms of hindrances including noise.

Those settings may get changed to 5GHz. Since it’s minimally used, this frequency enables you to obtain the best performance. Since 5GHz is not commonly used, it not only offers you the best speed experience but also limits other external network interference.

Same Channel Interface

The other factor that may affect the Wi-Fi signal strength you get from your neighbor may be that if your neighbor is on a similar channel with others that may make the signal strength weak. You may notice that just as in radios, several channels are in the routers. This results in the mixing of these channels with others from different routers hence making signal strength weak.

Therefore, in case you are getting from a similar channel’s Wi-Fi signal from your neighbor, then the strength of the signal may become weak. It is easy to check the wireless network channel which you are using and the best thing is that you may also see the number of other devices using the same channel. If that’s the case you need to change your wireless channel and that may increase the strength of the signal you receive from the neighbor.

Use of Minimum Devices

Although you get the Wi-Fi signal that your neighbor is using, this is not now the moment of having your device connected to the network and opening all those heavy sites which consume heavy bandwidth. By so doing, then you will be assured that you will experience low speeds as well as having the signal also become weakened. While you are playing online games or when streaming HD videos, you will get low-speed internet from this source.

Therefore, in the event you face this challenge, all you will be required to do is to reduce the number of devices that are already connected to that Wi-Fi. In case you have to have high-quality video streaming, you just do it using one of only two devices. It is also possible to have set the router in order to accommodate certain devices number o that they use large bandwidth, when you do so, then you will have the devices number that can consume a large number of bandwidth restricted.

This is easy to do so, especially if your router has got capabilities of Quality of service (QoS). This Service Quality ensures that router bandwidth and connectivity issues are addressed. As a result, although you are receiving a signal from the neighbor, the strength of the signal will be high constantly.

Tips to get an Improved Wi-Fi Signal from your Neighbor

Let’s now look at the tips that may help you receive from your neighbor a good Wi-Fi signal;

  • Never use Wi-Fi drivers that are outdated on your Device: In the event, you are using your mobile device to access a Wi-Fi connection, then the most probable source of your problem could be outdated wireless drivers.
  • Ensure there is a short distance to the router: When the distance between the Wi-Fi router and your connected device is big, the on your device you are going to receive a weak signal. So you should always ensure that there is always a short distance as possible.
  • Always have a good router: if you are using a router having small bandwidth, then over long distances you will not receive a signal that is strong enough. This implies that your neighbor’s signal is poor.


The internet connection has of late become part of everyone’s daily life. As such, everyone is after getting connected. However, due to one reason or the other, you may not be in a position to link up with providers of internet service or even get the required hardware for internet connection. The best part of it is that you might be having a neighbor with a Wi-Fi signal or internet connection who is willing to have you share it with them. Sometimes though, there may be a weak signal being experienced.

Up to this point, we have already given you a comprehensive highlight of the best methods to assist you in improving the signal quality at your workplace or your home. All these tactics will help give you a valuable and significant performance as well as a speed upgrade. You have enough information hence it is now upon you to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it wrong to use Wi-Fi from your Neighbor?

No, With your Neighbor’s permission, it is not bad to use their Wi-Fi. But there might be some problems when you are on the connection with your Neighbor. While using a Wi-Fi connection from your neighbor, you need to be aware of these issues.

Can the network Speed be Improved by Ethernet Connection?

Yes, there is an advantage on better speed from Ethernet. Moreover, it provides the user with a connection that is more reliable and with lower latency.

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