Free TV Channels Without Antenna

In this day and age, the availability of numerous movies and TV shows on a wide variety of platforms proves beyond question that we are living in what has been coined as the golden era of entertainment.

However, it may be that you do not want the hassle of having to install an over-the-air TV antenna, not to mention, the frustration of connecting the coax cable from your aerial to your TV that comes along with it.

Before we get started, it would probably be wise to get a good understanding of just what exactly a TV antenna is.

What is a TV Antenna

An antenna, also known as an aerial, is a dish or metal rod that is used to catch radio waves, convert these waves into electrical signals and feed them into your TV, radio, or phone. These kinds of antennas are called receivers. To simplify it even more, imagine that you could stretch out your arms and catch information, pictures, and words that were passing by. This is the work of an antenna.

Now with that in mind, a TV antenna is designed specifically to receive television signals that have been broadcast from a television station and transmit these signals to your TV.

Why Without Antenna

The trouble with antennas is that they tend to be directional. This means, that if you are using an antenna, you have to be sure to point it towards the direction of the transmitter of the television station whose signals you are trying to catch.

In some instances, your TV antenna may not be able to pick up the signals transmitted by your local TV channels. This could happen in the event you live too far from the broadcast tower or if there could be an obstacle, such as a high-rise building, in the path of the signals.

Unlike with the old analog TVs, your digital TV antenna will need to have perfect signal reception or nothing will display on your screen. It is either your antenna can capture a digital signal or nothing; there is no room for middle ground.

As antenna manufacturers continue to advance their products, you can now get a strong antenna that can pick up signals from very far. However, with a strong antenna comes the increased possibility of getting bonus TV channels from independent channels that may be broadcasting within your region. Some of these channels may feature old TV shows and movies or religious productions.

Therefore, if you are like me, you could opt to cut the cord and explore ways how to get free local TV channels without the antenna.

How To Get Free TV Channels Without Antenna

How To Get Free Local TV Channels Without Antenna

Free Live TV Apps

One of the easiest ways to cut the cord and watch free local TV channels for free is by installing one of the several kinds of free TV apps on your devices. Some of the TV apps include:

1. Kodi

With Kodi, it is now possible for you to watch live TV on any of your smart devices such as your smart TV, computer, or phone. You can watch all your favorite channels and TV shows for free, just as long as you have the right Kodi add-ons.

This TV app has a vast range of community-made plugins that do not cost you anything to use. And in addition to granting you free access to both international and local TV channels, users are given access to various internet-streaming channels such as SyFy and Vine.

2. Plex

Plex is a TV app that is almost similar to Kodi. It is designed to give users free and direct access to a wide array of TV channels. Currently, the app provides free access to almost 50 TV channels, and as if that is not more than enough, you also have the option to watch live TV from your internet browser at the Plex TV website.

You are also provided with the option to purchase a Plex Pass for $4.99 per month, to access other advanced features such as recording, time-shift controls, and ad-free TV channels.

3. Live Channels

Live Channels is another free TV option that is designed specifically for Android users. This means that if you are using a computer or Apple device, you probably will not be able to download it. However, Android users have a host of options available to them such as installing it on their smartphone, Android box, or Android TV.

Live Channels has an easy-to-use interface that anyone should be able to navigate, view its program guides and flip through its TV channels without any trouble. Additionally, Live Channels make it possible for you to DVR any program of your choosing.

Free Video Website And Apps

There is also a host of video websites and apps that are free of charge to use. For instance:

1. YouTube 

YouTube has been widely acclaimed as the internet site with some of the highest number of viewers. This is with good reason, as the platform has everything from your favorite TV shows to news. The apps are compatible with any type of device as long as it has a screen and it is also very easy to maneuver. It takes only a matter of seconds to find or share any kind of content that you may want to view, as well as subscribe to any of the channels on the site.

Almost every major local TV station network has a dedicated YouTube channel with its latest shows and videos. All you need to do is to type in your local TV channel’s name in the search bar, followed by the words YouTube Channel.

YouTube For kids, YouTube has its sister app, YouTube Kids where you can find numerous of your children’s favorite TV shows, in addition to educational videos. With this app, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the kind of content your child has access to. Besides, the app offers parental control features so that you can hand-pick your kids’ entertainment choices.

2. Haystack TV

If you are mainly interested in keeping up to date with the latest in local and world events, Haystack TV is the way to go. It keeps its viewers updated with up-to-the-minute news clips from both international and local sources. It also offers an assortment of late-night show clips free of charge.

The app is designed for both iOS and Android devices. However, you can freely access their website to watch their feed.

3. Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is one of the easiest ways to watch free movies and live TV. Users are not even required to sign up; all you need to do is download the app or watch from the Pluto TV website. However, you will have to sit through a few commercial breaks.

Pluto TV offers its viewers a whopping 250+ TV channels. You are bound to find some of your favorite local channels on the platform. Pluto TV also offers several live streaming news channels for you to keep updated on breaking news, as well as Nickelodeon classics for your kids.

Pluto TV supports Android and iOS devices, also Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV devices.

Media Streaming Boxes

Another option to getting free local TV channels without antenna is to get yourself a media streaming box. Simply put, this device connects to a variety of streaming services on the web, using channels or apps, and then streams this content straight to your TV.

It is ridiculously simple to set up, not to mention cost-effective and convenient, for you to get started watching popular local TV networks such as ABC, AMC, HBO, Showtime, CBS, and even Comedy Central. Some common choices of media streaming boxes include Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

What Are Some Benefits Of Getting Free TV Channels

One benefit that goes without saying is that you get to watch your favorite TV channels free of charge. More and more viewers are disgusted by the high costs incurred just to watch TV. In most cases, some of the more standard cable packages go for at the very least $40 per month and if you are looking to get some of the best channels, then be prepared to part with around $150 per month in subscription fees.

You can also access free TV channels from anywhere, even while on the road or traveling. You don’t have to get stuck with anything to watch except for foreign-language cable TV. You can simply turn on your favorite local TV channels as you would from your own home.


Getting free access to local TV channels without antenna is now much easier than you would have thought. You can comfortably bid farewell to your cable provider or the need for an antenna and welcome free local TV in a way that works just for you.

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