How to Add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV: Step-by-Step Instructions

How to add HBO Max to Vizio smart TV is actually easier than you think. This is because HBO Max is now added to Vizio Smartcast TV, giving easy access to streaming on the service and removing the previous hustles to access the App.

And, there is more than just one way to add HBO Max to your Vizio Smart TV. This has allowed millions of users in the US on different devices, including Amazon, Roku, and more, to subscribe to HBO Max and get their favorite, most recent shows, videos, cartoon networks, and most sorts of entertainment.

In this article, you will learn the different ways there are to add HBO Max to Vizio smart TV, as well as get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the service. Read on. 

Why your Vizio TV doesn’t have an HBO Max?

Before we get started on how to add HBO Max on your Vizio Smart TV, you are probably wondering why you already don’t have the App installed. The fact is, unlike many other smart devices and TVs, you wouldn’t directly find HBO as an inbuilt app on Vizio.

how to add hbo max to vizio smart tv

However, this does not mean that you can not stream your favorite shows on the TV. There are definitely multiple ways to work around it. Vizio support center recommends that you “Smartcast” the app on your TV.

What is Vizio Smartcast?

To many, this is not the first time hearing the term Smartcast. It is Vizio’s inbuilt operating system solution that allows browser devices such as Apple AirPlay and Chromecast to bring together and help users get access to all the content they are looking for.

Simply put, with Vizio Smartcast, you can find multiple apps, shows, and all kinds of entertainment. 

This article will not only walk you through this process but also explain other ways you can stream on HBO Max via Vizio Smart TV. So if your previous TV had HBO Max installed, and you just found out that your new Vizio TV doesn’t, don’t fret just yet. Read on to choose your best solution.

How to Add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV?

If you are wondering how to add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV, there are a couple of ways to go around it. You can access the app by side-loading or through APK files and run it without even having to use the app store.

You can also install it with the help of a USB drive. But before you get started, there are some changes and settings you may need to make on your TV;

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select “device”
  3. Click “about”
  4. Select “network”
  5. Verify your IP address and note it down
  6. Go to the “developer options” (still on your settings)
  7. Turn on all the “apps from unknown sources” and the ABD debugging on your Vizio TV

Because all TVs are different, you may have to follow a different route from this one for you to adjust your changes and make your settings. Once you’ve made these settings you are now in charge of your devices and can go ahead and get started. 

Add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV Using Chromecast

This is one of the easiest and the shortest processes to go about it. It is also the best recommended by Vizio. Here is how you install HBO Max with Chromecast;

  • Before you start, make sure your mobile device and Vizio Smartcast are connected to the same network
  • Sign in to your HBO Max App on your mobile
  • Play any of your favorite shows or movies on the app and then tap on the cast icon
  • Click on the Smartcast TV you want to stream on 
  • Take your TV remote and press the home button 
  • Navigate to your Smartcast input
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate and find your HBO Max 
  • Select the app and log in

Once you are logged in, you are good to go; easy, right? You can now select any content you want to watch and enjoy!

Add HBO Max to Vizio TV via USB

A USB flash drive is an important component if you work with multiple computerized devices. It especially helps with sharing files and organization, as well as easy access from any of your devices. Here is how to add HBO Max to Vizio smart TV using a flash drive;

  1. Open your Chromecast and find the HBO Max App APK file
  2. Download the APK file from your browser
  3. Copy the file to your USB flash drive
  4. Once you have copied, plug this USB in one of the ports on your Vizio Smart TV
  5. On your TV, go to your “My files app”
  6. Open the USB drive
  7. Search for the HBO Max APK file you copied on the drive
  8. Select it and install 
  9. The installation process should start as soon as you click on the install option

Once it is done;

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select “applications”
  3. Select “manage installed applications”
  4. Find the HBO Max App you just installed using the APK files
  5. Click launch and get started

The process seems long but it is easy. In case you encounter any problems, it could be the USB drive you are using or even the ports. Make sure both are working with no faults.

Add HBO Max to Vizio TV using the Web Browser

The company itself made it clear; Vizio TVs do not come with a readily installed web browser. However, there are definitely ways you can go about browsing the net and getting all the services you want including adding and downloading apps. Here is how to add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV using a browser;

  • Use your computer to browse
  • Find the Google Play Store and open it
  • Search for HBO Max app
  • Open the information page and click install
  • This will redirect you to a Google account page with various device names
  • Select the Vizio Smart TV and make sure to add your IP address and name
  • Click ok on the following pop-up, informing you the app will be installed on your Vizio TV
  • Now turn on your TV to complete the installation process and launch the App

Add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV Using Airplay

Here is another way on how to add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV while this time using Airplay;

  • First things first, make sure that the apple device you are using is connected to the same network as your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Open your HBO Max App and select a video or show
  • Select the airplay icon
  • From the available resources provided next, select Vizio smart TV
  • Allow the Airplay to cast on your Vizio Smart TV by providing the information needed to allow access
  • Find your HBO Max as a Screencast on your TV

HBO Max not Working on your Smart Vizio TV? Here is the fix 

If you have followed all the suggested methods on how to add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV but it still doesn’t seem to work, there are a couple of ways you can resolve the issues, depending on the error you are getting;

Check your Connection

Check to make sure your TV is connected to the same network as your other devices and is getting a download speed. To test your network;

  • On your TV remote, press the menu button
  • Choose “network”
  • Select “network test” or sometimes “test connection” depending on your TV

You should be able to see the download speed. If not or says “not connected” then this could be the reason your app isn’t working. Sort out your network.

The Error Code

Some issues will generate an error code. If you are getting such, and it is stopping your app from working, you can visit the application’s website and search for specific instructions to fix that error code. 

Power Cycle

Another way to resolve applications not working on your Vizio Smart TV is by power cycling your television. Here is how;

  • Unplug the power code. This could be from the back of the TV or from the outlet
  • Hold the TV’s power button (usually found on the side of the TV) down for a couple of seconds (say 3 to 5)
  • Plug the power code back in and turn on the TV

On some TVs you can do this from the menu;

  • Click the menu button on your remote
  • Select system
  • Select “reset and admin”
  • Choose soft power cycle after which the unit will power off and then restart

Factory Reset your TV

This may also save the day;

  • Press the menu button on your remote
  • Choose system
  • Select “reset and admin”
  • Select reset to factory settings

If none of the above-suggested methods fixes the problems, you can always contact Vizio Smart TV’s customer support team for help, from their customer support page on their website.

Can you add other Apps that are not Listed to Vizio Smart TV?

Just like how to add HBO Max to Vizio Smart TV, adding apps that are not listed on your Vizio smart TV is totally possible through casting. This works through Vizio’s Smartcast on both AirPlay on Apple devices and Chromecast. You can also use any other of the methods discussed above to add any apps of your choice on Vizio TV.