How To Avoid Paying Xfinity Broadcast TV Fee

The Xfinity broadcast TV fee can add an extra $20-80 to your monthly bill, but there are ways to avoid paying it. Downgrading your TV package, cutting cable entirely, canceling unnecessary services, using an antenna, or bundling internet only will eliminate this fee. You can also try negotiating with Xfinity customer service to remove the fee. This article we’ll discuss some different strategies to stop paying the broadcast TV fee and keep more money in your pocket. 

Tips to Get Avoid Paying Xfinity Broadcast TV Fee

One of the simplest ways to avoid paying the Broadcast TV fee is to downgrade your Xfinity TV package to a streaming-only option. For example, you could switch to Xfinity’s Internet-only service or its Internet + Basic TV package. Since these exclude local broadcast channels, the Broadcast TV fee disappears from your monthly bill. Just be aware that you lose access to live network and local programming.

Cut The Cord Completely

Cutting the cord completely by cancelling your Xfinity TV service is another surefire way to avoid paying the broadcast TV fee every month. Once you cancel TV service, the broadcast TV fee will no longer appear on your bill.

Of course, cancelling cable means you won’t have access to any cable channels. But you can replace Xfinity TV with lower-cost streaming alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Most streaming services do not charge extra fees like the broadcast TV fee.

Just be aware that some streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu Live include local channels, which could incur a broadcast station fee. Read the fine print before signing up.

Use a HD Antenna

Here’s a creative way to avoid paying the Xfinity broadcast TV fee but still get access to local channels – use an HD antenna!

An over-the-air (OTA) antenna can pick up signals from broadcast stations like ABC, NBC, and FOX for free. All you need is an antenna and a TV with a tuner built-in.

You’ll plug the antenna into your TV, scan for channels, and voila – free access to local broadcasts without paying a broadcast TV fee. Just be sure to cancel the local broadcast channels from your Xfinity package first.

HD antennas can be purchased for under $100 and provide excellent HD picture quality. It’s a handy solution for avoiding fees while still watching local TV.

Explore Internet TV Options

Alternatives to traditional cable like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV stream many popular channels and local broadcasts over the internet. Their base packages tend to be cheaper than Xfinity, and some don’t charge a broadcast TV fee.

Just note that availability of local channels varies by location for internet TV providers. Make sure your desired local channels are available before switching to avoid losing access. An antenna may still be required for missing local stations.

Key Services to Consider

Some top internet TV services include:

  • YouTube TV ($73/month) – Offers local channels in most areas and unlimited DVR storage. No broadcast TV fee.
  • Hulu + Live TV ($7.99/month) – Includes over 85+ live channels plus full Hulu streaming library. Local channel availability varies.
  • FuboTV ($74.99-94.99/month) – Offers plans from Pro ($74.99/month, 150+ channels) to Elite ($84.99/month, 210+ channels) to Premier ($94.99/month, 220+ channels). Good for sports fans with tons of sports channels. Spotty local channel availability.
  • Sling TV ($20/month) – More limited channel selection but low base price. Locals only with AirTV addon.

Switch Providers

If Xfinity refuses to negotiate on the broadcast TV fee, voting with your wallet may be the best option. Research competitors in your area and switch to a provider that does not charge the fee.

Major carriers like DIRECTV and DISH Network do not currently charge a broadcast TV fee. Just remember there are usually fees for equipment, DVR service, and more. Do your homework to calculate the total savings when switching.

Negotiate With Customer Service

This last option requires some effort, but you may be able to avoid broadcast TV fees by negotiating with Xfinity customer service. Give customer service a call and politely ask if they can remove the fee from your bill.

Mention that you don’t watch local channels and don’t feel the fee is justified. Oftentimes companies will offer a “one time courtesy credit” or limited-time promotional discount if you ask. You may need to call back every few months to keep getting the fee waived.

If you plan to cancel service altogether, you can also negotiate by threatening to switch providers. Companies like Xfinity will sometimes offer discounts or remove fees to retain your business.

Being a cordial yet assertive negotiator can pay off when trying to eliminate annoying fees like the broadcast TV fee. Keep calling back until you find a representative willing to work with you.


The Xfinity broadcast TV fee is avoidable with the right strategy and a little preparation. For light TV viewers, downgrading to a skinny bundle or cutting the cord completely can wipe out the fee. Heavy viewers can call Xfinity and negotiate removal of the fee, switch providers, or use an antenna to maintain access to broadcast TV.

Any route you choose requires double checking channel availability, bundle discounts, and costs of replacement services. With some diligence, you can maintain access to desired channels while keeping more money in your pocket. Trim the fat from your bill and avoid paying for services you don’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Comcast charging me a broadcast TV fee?

The broadcast TV fee pays for the retransmission of local broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX on your Xfinity cable package. It covers the fees Comcast pays to these local affiliate stations.

How do I avoid broadcast fees on TV?

To avoid incurring broadcast TV fees, start by canceling unnecessary services in your TV package. The primary cause of these fees is accessing local channels via your cable provider.

How can I get Xfinity to lower my bill?

Call Xfinity customer service and politely ask for discounts, threaten to cancel, or say you'll switch providers if they can't lower your overall bill. You can also downgrade packages or remove extra services to lower your monthly costs.

Why is my Xfinity bill so high?

Xfinity bills can increase after 12 months when new customer promotional pricing expires. Programming fees, taxes, sports network fees, and government fees also get passed onto the customer and increase costs. Price hikes from regional sports networks especially drive bills up each year.

What happens if you don't pay the Xfinity bill?

If you miss paying your Xfinity bill by the due date, you'll receive a late payment notification and be charged a late fee on your next bill. With continued non-payment over an extended period, Xfinity will interrupt or disconnect your services entirely. Outstanding balances can also get sent to collections agencies which damages your credit score.

What is the monthly charge for Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Internet packages range from:

  • Fast - $35 to $55 per month
  • Superfast - $60 to $65 per month
  • Gigabit - $60 to $70 per month
  • Gigabit Extra - $70 to $80 per month

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