OneWeb Satellite Internet (complete details)

Satellite Internet is becoming more and more popular. The reason for the same is because the speed on offer by satellite Internet and the coverage is excellent. Quite a few companies offer such satellite Internet services. One among them is the OneWeb satellite Internet.

Chances are, if you have been scouting for satellite Internet plans, you might have come across this company. However, it is not easy to find a lot of details about this company. That is why today we will cover each and everything about OneWeb satellite Internet. Once you go through this article, you will know how OneWeb operates and what it has on offer.

Before you go with any of its competitors or choose a satellite Internet plan, it is good to find out as much as you can regarding this satellite Internet company.

What Is OneWeb Satellite Constellation

OneWeb satellite Internet is trying to build an internet solution that can provide broadband-type speeds to its users. It is doing so by launching a constellation of satellites that cater to the northern part of the world. This company aims to provide Internet connectivity to all the regions which are above 50° north. Rather than taking a country-by-country approach, it is taking a location-based approach.

It plans to provide full coverage in this region by the end of 2022. Currently, as well, it is launching newer satellites. It has suffered from setbacks in the past, but currently, the company is under operation and planning newer launches. The satellites launched by OneWeb are LEO satellites. LEO stands for low Earth orbit.

What Is LEO Technology

LEO stands for low Earth orbit. Such satellites are in operation since the 1990s. They have been launched by various companies. They often remain in this phase 500 km to 2000 km from the Earth. When you look at the stationary orbit satellites, they are 36,000 km away. Needless to say, they are much closer to Earth.

Due to low distance, the latency is also on the lower side. That is because the time needed to propagate the signal to and from the satellite is lower. The response which you get is excellent. Additionally, LEO satellites travel at speeds of 27,000 km per hour. That is why they can complete an entire revolution around the planet in 120 minutes or less.

The operating principle of OneWeb is a bit different. Rather than providing blanket services to the entire area in which it operates, it aims to provide services in areas where fiber cannot reach. Similarly, it attempts to gain customers who cannot use the normal mobile spectrum to access the Internet. Now that you are aware of how LEO satellites operate, it is time to look at the features of the OneWeb satellite Internet.

OneWeb Satellite Internet Highlights

OneWeb Satellite Internet

There are essentially 3 different reasons why OneWeb satellite Internet is much better than its competitors. These are:

1. Excellent integration capabilities

OneWeb satellite Internet is not only suitable for individuals, but it is also suitable for companies. The Internet plan provides you with API access. It provides an operational support system as well as business support systems. With the help of API access, you can easily create web apps that work pretty well with this Internet.

If the companies want to delegate it to their clients further, they can do so easily. It provides various types of integration in your OneWeb satellite Internet account. With the help of these integrations, it becomes easier for you to manage your account. These integrations include:

  • Device hub features: With the help of the device hub feature, you can easily get support, reboot the device, health check the connection, upgrade the services, and so on.
  • Billing hub features: The billing hub ensures that you can manage your billing, invoice, and so on. If you want to sublet the services to your clients, the billing hub can help you.
  • Service hub features: If you want to track your users’ usage, the service hub can undoubtedly come to your rescue. Also, in case of any issues, you will be able to resolve them through the service hub.
  • Account hub features: With the help of an accounting hub, you will be able to create different accounts; you will be able to client’s accounts, and so on. With all of these features, you can easily use this Internet plan to provide web apps and Internet services to your clients.

2. Versatile connectivity

The versatile connectivity ensures that you will be able to use it for video conferencing needs, business needs, educational needs, and so on. The versatile connectivity means that you will not have to worry about any limitations of the plan.

3. Service demonstration centers available

If you want to become a distribution partner of OneWeb, that opportunity is available as well. Once you become a distribution partner, you will benefit from the number of customers available in that area.

There are service demonstration centers available as well. Through these centers, it will become easier for you to know how these centers operate, what kind of speeds you can get, and how you can handle issues using the centers.

Thus, business opportunities are available as well when you’re going with OneWeb satellite Internet. These are the three essential salient features of the OneWeb satellite Internet that you cannot ignore. Now is the time to look at the ownership of the OneWeb satellite Internet to understand more about it.

Who Is The Owner Of OneWeb Satellite Internet

OneWeb satellite Internet faced bankruptcy right after the Covid-19 pandemic started. However, it was rescued by the government of the United Kingdom and Bharti Global’s Sunil Mittal. When the company was in bankruptcy, each of them invested $500 million. Now each of them owns 42%.

The rest of the shareholding is with Softbank. Also, the United Kingdom government has agreed to invest in it only on the condition that it will control future sales. That is why, currently, these two own the major share of the company. We will now help you understand what kind of industries is OneWeb satellite Internet is suitable for.

Who Is Suitable For OneWeb Satellite Internet

There are essentially 4 types of customers to which OneWeb satellite Internet caters. These are:

1. Enterprise solutions

OneWeb satellite Internet plans to provide enterprise solutions to its customers. It means that if you’re a company offering cloud computing solutions, big data analytics, or services, OneWeb satellite Internet can serve you pretty well.

The seamless connectivity which OneWeb satellite Internet provides ensures that these companies can easily serve their clients well. With simple management and excellent uptime, there is no shortcoming when it comes to enterprise solutions on offer by this company.

2. Government

Internet connectivity is a necessity these days. The government often needs Internet connectivity in every nook and cranny of the country. No matter how inclement the terrain is, the government needs Internet connectivity to keep its forces connected and ensure that the government’s work gets done on time.

OneWeb satellite Internet provides such connectivity to the government as well. Whether the connectivity is needed over land, air, or the seas, OneWeb satellite Internet offers them all of that and more. Not only that, it caters to the space domain as well. That is why OneWeb certainly offers all types of connectivity which a government can need.

3. Maritime

Connectivity over the seas is quite patchy. However, the bulk of the global trade takes place through the sea and ocean routes. That is why; ships need to be connected with the help of the Internet. Such connectivity helps them keep a watch on the weather and plan the travel much better. OneWeb satellite Internet offers connectivity to merchant ships and also provides offshore connectivity for rigs and other such establishments in the sea.

4. Aviation

In-flight connectivity is becoming more and more common. However, airlines are always looking for providers who can provide such Internet connectivity. OneWeb satellite Internet is one such provider. It offers broadband in the sky to aviation companies. It aims to offer affordable as well as fast Internet connectivity to airplanes. The low latency Internet connection means that the passengers in the airplanes can enjoy the Internet quite easily.

Thus, OneWeb satellite Internet is catering to these four types of customers. It is a company that is not trying to provide Internet connectivity to individuals directly. It, however, is attempting to garner corporate clients who, in turn, can manage the Internet resources and, after that provide such plans to individuals.

Needless to say, since OneWeb offers satellite Internet and Starlink as well, there will be a comparison between OneWeb satellite Internet and Elon musk’s Starlink. We will compare both of these below to help you understand more about these companies.

Different Between OneWeb vs Elon Musk Starlink

The main goal of both the companies is to, of course, provide Internet connectivity to people where fiber and cellular services cannot reach. However, the kind of audience they are targeting is entirely different. When it comes to OneWeb, it is trying to provide enterprise-related solutions. Not only that, it is focusing on IoT, that is, the Internet of things. That is why it is providing connectivity at lower frequencies.

On the other hand, Starlink is directly catering to individuals who can use their Internet plans at their homes and commercial establishments. Thus, the goal of both these companies is also different.

We will compare the OneWeb satellite Internet with Elon Musk Starlink on two different parameters.

1. Company details

Starlink is planning to launch thousands of satellites built by SpaceX. Currently, 800 satellites of Starlink are active. It plans to launch more satellites very shortly. On the other hand, when it comes to OneWeb, it plans to launch 648 satellites in total. However, currently, 74 of these satellites are active. Thus, the number of satellites on offer by both these companies are starkly different.

2. Types of satellites

The types of satellites being used by OneWeb as well as Starlink are entirely different. LEO orbit can range from 500 km to 3000 km from the Earth. Space X has launched satellites that are closer to the Earth. However, currently, the altitude is 550 km. However, in the future, they plan to launch satellites that are further away from the Earth. Thus, the altitude at which their satellites operate is also different. Now, we will answer some FAQs regarding OneWeb satellite Internet.


Thus, if you’re looking for satellite Internet, Starlink by Elon musk is not the only option you have. You can also go into the details of the OneWeb satellite Internet. However, it is more geared towards incorporates as well as Fortune 500 companies. If you meet these criteria or if you would like to own a distribution center somewhere, you can certainly look at this opportunity. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative if you’re looking for satellite Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Is OneWeb Based?

After the government of the United Kingdom bought a stake in OneWeb satellite Internet, it is headquartered in London. However, it does have offices in California. It manufactures its satellites in Florida.

How Much Does OneWeb Satellite Cost?

The cost of such a satellite is around $1 million. When you factor in the launch cost as well, that is around $1.5 million.

What Is OneWeb Airtel?

Airtel is owned by Sunil Mittal. He is one of the shareholders of OneWeb. The company aims to launch Internet services under this brand as well.

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