Internet Deals & Plans Best Office Phone Systems Providers for Small Business

Best Office Phone Systems Providers for Small Business

Phone systems no longer operate as tools for receiving and making calls. The best communication systems enable employees to easily communicate by video, phone, and text, thus giving companies the flexibility of connecting with clients and customers in the way they want. To assist you in selecting the ideal solution, we’ve analyzed the cheap phone systems for small businesses taking into consideration factors like ease of use, tools, and price. So, let’s get started now.

Gone are days when the phone systems normally cost so much money in terms of hardware and equipment. Traditionally, most companies relied heavily on private branch exchange systems to manage multiple lines, route calls automatically, and use hold music. These days, everything has changed a lot.

The phone systems for small businesses all rely on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, enabling your entire business phone system to have an internet connection.

(VoIP) systems don’t have special equipment to purchase or the staff who can manage it. However, you must download the desktop or mobile application to access the phone with full features.

Providers of VoIP have considerably advanced the phone systems enabling you to add unified communications features such as team chat, voice mail to mail, and video conference.

Not all good phone systems are ideal for a small company. This guide brings you the cheap phone systems for small businesses, their plans, and the pros and cons of each.

The 4 best Office Phone System Providers for Small Business

phone systems for small business


This is a VoIP provider which focuses on providing affordable phone services. Instead of charging the monthly fee for every user, the firm employs the basic monthly price that comes with three service tiers to select from, thus making it an ideal choice for the solopreneurs.

Grasshopper provides the three plans priced from $29 to $89 every month or $26 $80 every month with yearly billing. The plans come with one to five toll-free or local business numbers and the remaining three to the unlimited number of extensions.

All the plans come with mobile and desktop apps and other basic features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription, texting custom greetings, call transfer, and call reports.

The Grasshopper does not integrate with other third-party apps or provide video conferencing, but you may use Google Voice and Skype.

Monthly cost$29.00
Trial period7 days
Annual Cost$26.00 each month for every user
  • It meets the communication requirements of micro businesses
  • Its charge is a flat fee instead of a monthly rate for every user
  • You can add the unlimited extensions without an extra charge
  • It lacks the capabilities of video and emails conferencing
  • It comes with a short free trial of seven days
  • Not for large or medium businesses


Ooma providers business phone service with many features for an affordable price. Even though you might be charged a fee when using Ooma, the prices are low than other providers.

The cost of the Office plan for Ooma is $19.95 monthly for every user, and it comes with unlimited calls in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US with a free toll phone number. You will also get a virtual receptionist, a mobile app. Extension dialing, call blocking, SMS, virtual fax, and call flip.

The Office Pro plan comes at $24.95 every month and adds the desktop app, improved call blocking, call recording, video conferencing, and voice transcription. The enterprise plans for Ooma usually integrate with the third-party CRM software. Thus, its base plans are ideal for small firms searching for affordable and robust phone services.

Monthly cost$19.95
Trial period30 days
Annual CostN/A
  • Good customer support
  • Works with non-digital phones
  • Entry plans come with internet fax and SMS features
  • Costly toll-free numbers
  • Video conferencing is on high-tier plans
  • CRM integration


8×8 phone service combines messaging, video conferencing, and calling in a one, low-priced platform. It’s based on the plans that cost $12 every month for each user. It provides impressive business phone features that come with video and calling.

The Express plan for 8×8 comes with unlimited calling in Canada and US, visual voicemail, auto-attendant, content sharing, and many more. Furthermore, it has video conferencing, which is unlimited for a maximum of 100 people. It also has a free trial of one month.

The 8×8 provides an X2 plan that is $24 each month for every user, and the X4 plan is a $44 each month plan for every user that works for small businesses.

When you upgrade to the X4 plan, you may have international calls to 47 countries and high-quality call reporting.

Monthly cost$12.00
Trial period30 days
Annual Cost$22.00
  • Inexpensive base-level Express plan
  • Compliant with privacy standards
  • Unlimited international calling
  • Only 100 participants on videoconferencing
  • Limited customer support to high plan tiers


Vonage provides tiered pricing plans that come with features you want. Normally, the monthly pricing is affected by the number of users. Small firms which require many lines will get higher discounts on the monthly fees of every user.

It comes with unlimited texting and calling through desktop and mobile apps instead of IP or traditional desk phones. Also, it has a domestic SMS and calling, integration with many third-party platforms, and unlimited messaging. Those small firms with few employees (less than 50) will pay $14.99 to $19.99 per user each month, depending on the required number of lines.

If you upgrade to the Premium Plan of Vonage, you will get a video conferencing of 100 participants, compatibility with your IP phones, auto-attendant, and many more.

Monthly cost$14.99
Trial period14 days
Annual Cost$19.99
  • Unlimited SMS, team messaging, and calls
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Call recording and visual voicemail are available on high-tiers
  • Toll-free numbers come with an extra cost

Final Words

Updating your phone system isn’t about updating an actual phone. Your today’s needs and those in the future two to three years must be considered. Ensure you’ve got a high-performance connection. All of the above phone systems are the best for small businesses and are pocket-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is VoIP Phone Service Cheap Than The Landline Phone?

Yes. VoIP systems are cheap since it uses an existing connection rather than a separate system.

Can One Switch From The Landline Phone To A Business VoIP Service?

You may easily change your landline phone system to an online VoIP solution.

Is It Possible To Use A Cordless Phone With The Business VoIP?

Yes. You may use the existing cordless softphones, desk phones, and phones with VoIP providers.