Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android Without Computer?

Every message you receive on your android phone might mean a lot to you. These messages can come to your phone via your carrier SIM card number or through useful message apps that you use on your phone. You can lose data unexpectedly from these sources, and if you do not back up your data, it can be an even worse scenario. Because data loss can happen suddenly, knowing how you can get your data back even without using your computer would be an added advantage to you. Continue reading to acquaint yourself with the process to retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer. Now let’s explore what approach you can use to recover the deleted messages.

Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages Android?

You can recover the deleted message. The article will cover how the whole process can be done with this information. Usually, when you lose data, you go to the phone trash bin if your phone has this feature. If you have the trash bin on your phone, you can see the file in this directory. Since the messages are in this folder, you can recover them back and see them back on your phone messages app. Now that you know it is possible to retrieve deleted messages, you will be able to carry out some processes to retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer after reading this post.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android Without Computer

You should know essential information about recovering deleted messages from your android phone. When you delete your text messages, and getting them back to your phone, you need to know and follow crucial information or assistance to do the recovery process successfully. Some of the tips are required to accomplish the process so ignoring them will make the whole process complicated. Some of the information that you must not forget include:

#Never Overwrite Your Phone Data

You might know that any data from your android phone is not permanently removed from your phone once you delete it. When data is deleted from your device is just freeing your phone disk or memory space. The data can be lost in your phone when you overwrite the deleted messages, which you must not do if you what to recover the message in the future. Once the messages have been deleted, add new things like games, music, or any downloads on your phone.

#Taking a Faster Action

It would be best to take quick action for recovery once your message has been deleted from your phone. You can find an excellent message recovery app on the play store and recover the message immediately.

#Use Only a Trusted Recovery App

Not every app is good to use on your phone. If you use an app with some malicious code, it might even cause damage to your android phone and lose more data. So check the other user review and see if it is a trusted app you can use before installing it on your android phone and use it to retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer.

#Avoid Restarting or Rebooting Your Phone

When you lose messages unexpectedly from your phone, remember that you should not reboot or restart your phone. This is because the message could be in the cache memory space, and the data in this memory can also be deleted when you reboot or restart your phone. Therefore do not restart or even turn off your phone when you delete any text messages and you want to retrieve them back to your phone?

#Remember To Have Regular Backups

Backups can save a lot of stress when a message is deleted unexpectedly. If you have a backup routine, then once something goes wrong, you can get your message quickly by retrieving deleted text messages on android without a computer.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android Without Computer?

After knowing the important information above, it’s time to understand how to recover your text information once you unexpectedly lose it. Below are the ways to recover the deleted messages;

1. Restore From Google Backup

Backing up data is among the best way that helps you retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer. Once you have a backup for your text messages, you will not be stressed because you can retrieve the message in the easiest way possible. You can use several methods to back up your messages and other data through google drive. Now, if you have messages backed up on google drive, follow the steps to retrieve the message.

In your setting screen on your phone, click backup and reset. Next, tap the factory data reset option. Your data will be deleted, and your phone will restart. Below is the screenshot showing you the display screen when you click the backup and factory reset option.

SMS backup and restore

 Then you will have to sign into your google account once the phone reboot is successful. After that, there will be a menu in the screen display that you can use to restore your data, including the deleted messages. Note that you should select the latest backup. Here is an example of the screen showing you what you might see when restoring the backup data.

Through data recovery

2. Through Data Recovery

Data recovery is the other way that you can use to retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer. Losing or deleting text message unexpected is something that everyone face. There are SMS recovery apps that you can use to get your deleted text messages to your phone again.

It is among the best methods that you can use to solve an issue like recovering lost messages. The tools here would help you get your data even if you did not back up your data. In addition, some of these tools are compatible with various versions of android phones, and they can help you recover other data like videos, documents, and many different kinds of data.

Here you will be required to download the app and then follow the procedure to recover your lost text messages. First, you can download and install an app that is called dr.Fone. Below is a screenshot showing this app once you install it on your phone.

SMS backup and restore

The app will help you to retrieve the lost messages from your phone. Once the app menu appears on the screen, you must follow the steps keenly until you get the message recovery menu. Then tap the scan button to get the deleted message, and then you will have to tap the recovery option to retrieve the messages.

3. Through Your Carriers

It is another procedure that you can use to retrieve your lost message to your android phone. Your carrier usually collects your data like a text message, so relying on them will be another way to get your information back to your phone.

4. Messaging Recovery Application

Many apps specifically decide to offer text message recovery messages. With these apps, you will retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer. Here, remember to choose the most trusted apps on the play store for better results. Some of the best message recovery apps include:

#SMS Backup and Restore

It is an app that will help you to recover your lost messages. First, install this app on your android phone. Once it installs successfully, you can open the app and tap the prepare backup option. Then you will be required to select the messages you want to retrieve.

Then select the directory where you want the backup to be saved. You can choose the location from your internal storage or Google Drive. Then tap next and finally click ok. Remember to keep the recovered data to google drive. You will be required to have to log in to your google account. The screenshot below shows you the several options that you will get from the app.

SMS backup and restore

#SMS backup+

It is another trusted app that can help you retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer. You will not have to worry about backup because it automatically backups your messages with this app. Therefore, if you have this app and unexpectedly delete your messages from your phone, you will have to go to the app and recover the lost message.


Most people rely on text messages for conversations with friends or family members and for business purposes. Therefore losing your important text message may affect you in one way or another. But you know the procedure to retrieve deleted text messages on android without a computer. Once it happens, do not panic but follow the above process to retrieve the messages. Remember that prevention is better than cure. Therefore backup your data, including your text messages, so that you will have an easy task in retrieving the lost messages once it happens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you recover lost text messages free of charge on your android phone?

Yes. You can retrieve the lost text messages free of charge using the phone or other free, trusted third-party applications.

Is it true that deleted messages are permanently stored on your SIM card?

No. the SIM card offers temporary storage. For example, removing the SIM card from your android phone will erase the messages. However, the encrypted messages remain on the SIM card, but it usually marked as overwritten.