The Best Tracfone Plans for Seniors in 2022

Tracfone is one of the most important popular wireless phone carriers available in the country. It has become so famous because it uses the network of the four major carriers in the US. Not only that, it offers excellent plans as well.

Today we will speak about very specific plans by Tracfone. We are speaking about Tracfone plans for seniors. Before we discuss the plans, it is essential to understand why Tracfone’s plans are good for seniors.

Why Tracfone Plans is the Best for Seniors?

There are quite a few reasons why Tracfone plans are best for seniors, which include:

  • Tracfone owns many sub-brands like Net 10, Total Wireless, Straight Talk, and so on.
  • In terms of mobile virtual network operators, it is one of the largest operators.
  • It offers nationwide plans.
  • The target customer of the operator is individuals over 55 years old.
  • Tracfone offers you to roll over your unused data, talk, as well as service days if your plan is active.
Tracfone Plans For Seniors

Due to these reasons, the Tracfone unlimited plans for seniors are some of the best on offer. We will speak about these plans across the categories below.

4 Best Tracfone Plans For Seniors

Tracfone offers plenty of pay-as-you-go plans for seniors. They have monthly unlimited plans as well. We will go into the details of all these plans below.

1) Tracfone Pay As You Go Plan for seniors

The advantage of Tracfone pay-as-you-go plans for seniors is that the denomination starts at as low as $10 per month. For $10 per month, you get 30 minutes. For $20 per month, you can get a plan which offers you 90 days of service with talk time. There are yearly pay-as-you-go plans by Tracfone as well. The yearly plans start at $100. For $100, you can get 400 minutes. The validity is throughout the year.

When you make a call, the credits will be deducted from your overall limit. If you opt for auto-refill, you will save 10%. The good news is that if you keep your subscription active, any unused minutes will be credited to the next tenure. We will now highlight talk plans by Tracfone for seniors.

2) Tracfone Talktime Plans for Seniors

Tracfone talk plans for seniors are as follows:

30 minutes30 days$9.99
60 minutes90 days$19.99
120 minutes90 days$29.99
200 minutes90 days$39.99
450 minutes90 days$79.99
400 minutes365 days$99.99
1000 minutes365 days$159.99
1500 minutes365 days$199.99

Do You Prefer a More Versatile Plan? If so, Tracfone smartphone plans for seniors are available as well. We will highlight multiple such plans below.

3) Tracfone Smartphone Plans for seniors

$15 Plan200 minutes500 texts500 MB30 days
$20 Plan300 minutes1000 texts1 GB30 days
$25 Plan500 minutes1000 texts500 MB60 days
$35 Plan750 minutes1000 texts1 GB60 days
$45 Plan750 minutes1000 texts1.5 GB90 days
$50 Plan750 minutes1000 texts2 GB90 days
$125 Plan1500 minutes1500 texts1.5 GB365 days

These plans start at just $15 per month and go all the way up to $125.

  1. $15 Plan: The plan which I am highlighting now provides you with service for 30 days. It offers you 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data. With the help of high-speed data, you can use it for streaming as well. You can use the Internet for a variety of purposes. The cost of the plan is just $15. Due to this reason, it is one of the most affordable plans by Tracfone plans for seniors.
  2. $20 Plan: The plan which we are highlighting now offers you 300 minutes of talk. Along with that, it offers you 1000 texts and 1 GB data as well. You get similar high-speed data. That is why; it is suitable for any streaming. The validity is 30 days. The cost of the plan is $20.
  3. $25 Plan: In case you need fewer resources but higher availability, the plan that we are highlighting now is the perfect one for you. The validity which you get is 60 days. In the plan, you get 500 minutes, 1000 texts, and 500 MB of data. The cost of the plan is just $25 for two months.
  4. $35 Plan: The plan which we are highlighting now will cost you $35. It provides validity for 60 days. The resources you get include 750 minutes, 1 Gb of data, and 1000 texts. The high-speed data means that you can use this plan for a variety of applications. Considering the validity, it provides excellent value for money.
  5. $45 Plan: The $45 plan by Tracfone offers you 750 minutes of talk. It offers 1000 texts as well as 1.5 GB of data. The good news is that it offers 90 days validity. All this for $45. Consequently, it is one of the best Tracfone cell phone plans for seniors.
  6. $50 Plan: The plan which we are highlighting now provides you with service for 90 days. Due to the same, it can last for a long time. Within this plan, you get 750 minutes of talk time, 1000 texts, and 2 GB of data. The cost of this plan is $50.
  7. $125 Plan: Wondering about the most expensive plan by Tracfone for seniors? If so, you should consider this one. The talk time is 1500 minutes. Along with that, you get 1500 texts as well. You get 1.5 GB of data.

The best thing about this last plan is that the validity is 365 days. That is why, once you opt for this plan, you need not worry about recharging it again and again. The cost is $125. Considering the validity, it is undoubtedly a good choice. As you can see, there are quite a few plans available for Tracfone smartphone plans for seniors.

4) Tracfone family plan for seniors

Tracfone does not offer a lot of family plans for seniors. However, there are a few which you can utilize. For example, if you add $5.99 to your existing plan, you can add a line. It will provide you with 30 days of validity. Along with that, it will offer you 40 talking minutes as well.

The advantage of family plans by Tracfone is that the minimum plan is pretty small. That is why; opting for them is quite affordable.


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Tracfone Unlimited Plans for Seniors

Most plans by Tracfone are prepaid. However, there are a few plans which provide you with excellent validity. Today, in this section, we will highlight such plans.

#1GB plan

In this plan, you will get unlimited talk and text. However, besides this, you will get 1 GB of data as well. Once you pay $20, you can avail these plans without any worry. Not only that, if it has data left over, it will roll over to the next billing cycle if your plan remains active.

#2GB plan

Another similar plan which you can opt for is the one which offers you 2 GB of data. Along with that, it offers you unlimited talk and text as well. All this for $25 per month. In case any data is left, it will roll over to the next billing cycle.

#3GB plan

Another plan which you can opt for is the 3 GB plan by Tracfone. Besides 3 GB of data, it offers you unlimited talk and text as well. The cost of the plan is $30 per month. In case the data is leftover, you can easily roll it over to the next billing cycle if you keep the plan active.

Thus, if you’re looking for the prepaid plans by Tracfone, these are the three most affordable plans which you can go with. Tracfone offers you quite a few phone deals for seniors as well. Below, we will highlight the five best Tracfone phones for seniors.

5 Best Tracfone Flip Phones for Seniors

While Tracfone offers you deals on quite a few phones, it is time to look at the deals which provide you with the most value for money and also good phones to use. Once you go through the list below, choosing the Tracfone phones for seniors will be easy.

1) Alcatel MyFlip

Alcatel MyFlip is an easy-to-use phone for seniors. Another advantage of this phone is that the cost of this phone is just $20.

#Overall Best

Alcatel MyFlip


  • In addition to the keypad, it consists of a 2.8-inch display as well.
  • With 32 GB of storage space available with the help of a microSD card slot and 512 MB internal storage, you cannot go wrong with it.
  • It has 4G supported
  • 2-megapixel camera.
  • The 1350 mAh lithium-ion battery does not disappoint either.

The easy-to-use design, as well as affordable cost, makes it a reliable choice.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent storage space
  • 4G compatible
  • Excellent battery life
  • Low-cost

  • Color representation can be better

2) Tracfone LG Classic Flip (L125DL)

The flip phone, which we are speaking about now, has an emergency SOS key that can alert your emergency contacts if pressed three times. This is a feature that makes it perfect for seniors.

#Editor Choice

LG Classic Flip (L125DL)


  • The 2.8-inch display ensures that operating it is easy. There is a 0.9-inch external display as well.
  • The internal storage is 8GB. It supports 4G connectivity.
  • The 2-megapixel camera
  • The 1470 mAh battery, makes it a good choice. The battery life is such that it can last for 6 hours consistently.

The flip design and excellent display are sure to grab your attention.


  • Dual display
  • 8 GB storage
  • 4G compatibility
  • Excellent battery life
  • Emergency key on offer

  • Finishing can be better

3) Alcatel 382G

Do you not want a flip phone? If so, the handset which we are speaking about now will meet your requirements.


Alcatel 382G


  • The 2 inch TFT LCD screen ensures that operating it is easy.
  • The big buttons ensure that you will have no problem at all in using them.
  • It supports features like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and so on.
  • The weight of 4 ounces allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.
  • The battery life is such that it can last for up to 3 hours with continuous use.

Moreover, the FM radio compatibility ensures that there is an additional source of entertainment available as well. Along with the phone, you get an adapter as well to power it easily. Thus, if you’re looking for a feature phone, you should go with this one.


  • Lightweight design
  • 2 inch TFT screen
  • FM radio compatible
  • Adequate battery life

  • Limited instructions

4) Tracfone ZTE Z233

The phone which we are highlighting now will cost you $9.99 along with any plan of Tracfone. It has an external display as well as an internal display. The easy-to-flip design certainly makes it convenient to use.

#Senior Choice

ZTE Z233


  • Moreover, the 64K color display helps it stand out.
  • The internal memory storage is 4 GB.
  • It supports 4G networks.
  • The 1500 mAh battery can last for up to 8 hours on a single charge.
  • The 2-megapixel camera does not disappoint either.

With ample features on offer, you cannot go wrong with this TracFone cell phone.


  • Excellent display
  • 4G compatible
  • Excellent battery life
  • Internal and external display on offer

  • Bit bulky

5) Tracfone Doro 7050

The next phone on our list is once again a flip phone. The cost of this phone is just $49.99 for seniors. It consists of many safety features and has big font buttons as well. That is why operating it is easy.

#We Recommend

doro 7050


  • The 2.8-inch internal display means that it is easy to use. Along with that, it has 4GB of internal storage as well.
  • The 3-megapixel camera ensures that taking photos is easy.
  • Not only that, it offers a 1350 mAh lithium-ion battery. It can last for 11 hours due to the same.
  • There is an emergency call button on the back as well.
  • The external display lets you know who is calling as well.

With a plethora of features, you certainly cannot go wrong with this cell phone.


  • 2.8-inch display
  • 4G LTE compatibility
  • Excellent camera
  • An emergency button on the offer
  • High battery life

  • Available only in one color

Thus, when looking for the best cell phone on offer by Tracfone, these are the five options that you should consider. The good news is that the smartphones are hearing-aid compatible as well. That is why they are perfect for seniors. We will now answer some FAQs pertaining to TracFone cell phones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Verdict

Thus, when you’re looking for the best TracFone cell phone plans for seniors, our guide above can undoubtedly come to your rescue. Not only that, with the help of this guide, it will become easier to choose the best phone as well. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for seniors-specific plans, this article is your ultimate guide.