Best Viasat Internet Plans & Prices

Although satellite-based internet isn’t really everyone’s first choice, it is still an ideal internet that can help you surf through social media. Viasat might save you cash while providing the highest speed when you reside in a remote and isolated area.

To satisfy clients’ needs, Viasat provides a variety of plans with varied speed possibilities. It also offers options to ensure that you can surf the web and stream Netflix without anxiety, even if you are many people on the same internet.

What Is Viasat

Viasat Internet Plans, Deals, & Review in 2022

Viasat, previously known as Exede, is a fast satellite internet connection provider that offers its services to a wider area. This sort of wireless service, specifically fiber or wire internet, is not quite as speedy or dependable as others due to the enormous distances from which data must travel.

However, satellite-based internet has the distinct advantage of being broadly available, notably beyond the urban regions. Viasat networking service is available in all fifty states and reaches 98 percent of the united states population.

Viasat, which has been in business for more than three decades, provides internet services to customers and government institutions. It also offers phone line service and television services through a collaboration with DirecTV.

Viasat Internet Plans and Prices

PackageIntro price/monthlyPrice after 3 monthDownload speeds up toData cap
Unlimited Bronze 12$64.99$84.9912 Mbps80 GB
Unlimited Silver 25$84.99$119.9925 Mbps120 GB
Unlimited Gold 50$119.99$169.9950 Mbps200 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100$169.99$249.99100 Mbps300 GB

The packages above are ranked from lowest to finest. So, aim for the fastest and most data-rich package you can afford. Viasat packages and internet costs vary by location. Checking your location on Viasat official site seems to be the only method to learn about your individual plan options. You’ll certainly notice different speeds, data limitations, and costs than those listed in the table.

Whilst Viasat Limitless plans provide faster speeds and more data, all of its internet costs increase after three months. Viasat less expensive plans lack the good performance and data that most customers require. If you do have the opportunity, spend the extra money to avoid the frustrations of slow internet.

Also, consider the fact that Viasat only provides internet connection; you’ll hunt for TV subscriptions elsewhere. For satellite-based TV, choose between DISH as well as DIRECTV, which you can contrast in comparison.

Viasat Internet Plans And Promotions

Price promotion is available from Viasat; however, these incentives are only valid for the first three months for one two-year commitment. Thereafter, based on your package, your monthly cost could increase by $20 to $80. Gross.

After using Viasat for a month, you can upgrade to the $9.99 monthly Hibernation Plan for 2 to 6 months. If users only dwell at one Viasat property for several months per year, the above leave is a terrific way to cut costs.

Deals for Viasat internet;

  • Save $20–$80 monthly with three-month promotional pricing.
  • Dormant state plans for just $99 / month whilst away from residence.

Viasat Modem

Without DSL and cables, Satellite internet does not use standardized modem architecture. That implies users won’t be capable of utilizing a third-party connection and will have to stick with Viasat’s.

Your equipment must be leased from Viasat at a cost of $12.99 for each month or purchased entirely for $299.99. Wireless connectivity will be provided through Viasat’s combined modem/Wi-Fi connection, or you could just take your personal wireless router.

Viasat Internet Discounts Packages

Viasat Internet Plans, Deals, & Review in 2022
PackageIntro price/monthlyDownload speeds up toData cap
Best for speed and data unlimited Platinum 100$149.99100 Mbps300 GB
Best alternative to HughesNet
Unlimited Silver 25
$69.9925 Mbps120 GB

Data limitations are among Viasat’s main issues. Even Viasat Unlimited packages, which promise “unlimited data,” severely reduce your data rates once you reach the data cap.

Choosing a package with a large volume of data is indeed the best approach to avoid internet slowdown. While Viasat’s Limitless Platinum 100 is also not accessible in every location, its data capacity and lightning-fast download speeds are among the finest we’ve ever seen.

If you’ve been considering transferring from HughesNet, Viasat’s Limitless Silver 25 plan might be worth considering. It’s a tight contest for HughesNet’s finest plans performance, but much more data for a lesser price across many places.

Viasat Internet For Low-Income Families

Viasat has partnered well with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to give a $30 monthly discount upon Viasat internet access to qualifying poor households ($75 for Native land occupants). This service is only available in certain places, and individuals must first fill in a form proving their qualifications.

Allowances For Viasat Internet Use

Viasat packages are no exception. Even limitless Viasat subscriptions have a limitation on comprehensive data. If you use up all of your data over the period, you’ll also have limitless plans, but your speeds will now be reduced to 1–3 Megabytes per second for the rest of the 30 days.

Most online streaming companies won’t work with these speeds, though you’ll remain able to verify your mails and search the website (albeit slowly). You still can stream songs at lesser quality settings on occasion.

We don’t generally promote plans including Viasat Liberty 12 because few people will utilize this much data.

Viasat Liberty packages also feature a concrete data cap, which implies that if you go over your cellular connection, your services will be suspended for the remainder of the paying month unless users pay for extra data. Extra data costs $10 per GB, $48 per 5 GB, $67 per 7 GB, and $95 per 10 GB.

Just in holiday homes that you travel on a regular basis and just require basic online connectivity could this minimal data cap be appropriate?

Data Allowance For Viasat

Choose Viasat Net package with the highest data allowance you can spend if you enjoy live streams or tunes. Based on the quality of the video, internet streaming can consume 1–7 Gigabytes of data each hr. (Yikes!) This is why experts advocate using a satellite TV subscription like DIRECTV and perhaps viewing free local channels using a Television antenna for the majority of your enjoyment.

Viasat Internet Availability

Viasat is available practically everywhere in the United States, including parts of Alaska and Hawaii. Because of internet-based capacity limits, Viasat’s accessible packages change by region; however, most parts of this country usually get at least 2 or 3 Viasat packages to select amongst. Because the space-based plate will be pointing south, your residence must have an unobstructed panoramic view looking south.

In terms of getting a domestic Viasat data package, your house must also be stationary. As a result, if you travel in quite an Rvs, you won’t be able to access Viasat home service. Mobile internet may be available with the deployment of a ViaSat-3 star system next year. To see what Viasat packages are accessible in your region, click here, and fill out the form below with your information.

Viasat Equipment And Installation

Viasat setup takes several hours. Your installer will calibrate your satellite-based dish to obtain the Viasat internet after being installed in the proper location on your property. After that, you’ll need to devote extra effort to configuring the Viasat wireless router and then setting up one satellite-based Wi-Fi connection.

It’s a hassle, but you have to accomplish what you need to stay connected in rural places. Because self-installation also isn’t suggested with satellite-based internet, Viasat provides free installation. The installation expert will configure a small satellite-based plate on your house plus run cabling from the plate to a modem plus router pairing device within your home, so you won’t require mobile wiring to obtain Viasat satellite-based internet.

Internet Fees

To link your household to the internet, Viasat, like all other network operators, requires particular equipment. You can hire a plate on just a monthly basis and otherwise sign a long-term lease (Users can retain the devices as long as you possess Viasat internet; however, you should return them if you change providers.

Lifetime Lease for Viasat DishMonthly prices for Viasat Dish
$299$12.99 each month

If you anticipate continuing with this internet provider, its lifetime lease might be worthwhile, as it saves you roughly $156 every year after the first two years. The antenna is frequently installed for free; nevertheless, certain clients may be obligated to spend Viasat’s $99 expert activation fee. Please remember that the setup may be more expensive when you choose an alternative mounting alternative to the conventional pole bracket.

Every plan also includes two contracts with greater early discontinuation penalties than most other plans. Users will be billed an untimely terminate fee when you discontinue service before the expiration of your deal (ETF). This price equates to $15 every month outstanding on your deal, so canceling early can rapidly increase.

Compatibility of The Viasat Wi-Fi Modem

A Viasat Area network Modem is also required. A regular modem will not connect to Viasat internet signal; you’ll need a Viasat Wi-Fi Adapter. A wireless router will transmit a Wi-Fi signal over your house, but users can personalize their network with their routers if they like.

You may acquire Viasat Wi-Fi Connection for $299 instead of renting it. We recommend leasing if you aren’t sure how much longer you’ll be with Viasat. Additionally, leasing is less expensive than purchasing at the expiration of a two-year contract (the duration of a Viasat deal).

Benefits of Viasat Internet

  • High-speed- Viasat is known to offer internet that is of higher speed. So, if you are mainly an online person, then this internet provider is your option.
  • High-quality internet to many places- People who didn’t have a network before can now have the advantage of using Viasat internet.
  • Consistent customer service.


Because the internet is necessary, you ought to at least have a network provider you can rely on. Viasat is the network provider to opt for. However, Viasat has substantial (financial) fees and data constraints that cause a slowdown once you reach your limits. But, it is still the best internet provider to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Cost Of Viasat Internet?

Viasat internet plans range from $49.99 – to $149.99 monthly, based on the package you select.

How Much Would It Cost To Install Viasat?

Viasat charges a one-time price of about $99.99 for professional implementation.

Is HughesNet Nicer Than Viasat?

Viasat provides great packages with high speeds, though they are more expensive.