What Channel Is NBC On DirecTV

Are you wondering what channel NBC is on DirecTV this month? With so many channels and numbers to remember, it can be confusing to keep track of where to find your favorite networks on satellite or cable TV. This article will explain exactly what channel NBC is on DirecTV.

What Channel Is NBC On DirecTV?

The main NBC channel is located on channel 12 for most DirecTV subscribers. This is the channel that will air NBC’s primetime shows, morning news programs like Today, nightly news shows, and other NBC programming.

Local NBC Affiliates

While the main NBC channel is on 12, DirecTV also offers local NBC affiliates for major cities. This allows you to watch NBC programming and news tailored specifically for your region.

The channel number for your local NBC station varies based on your location. For example, NBC Los Angeles is on channel 4, NBC Chicago is on channel 5, and NBC New York is on channel 28.

To find your local NBC affiliate channel:

  • Check the channel lineup card provided by DirecTV.
  • Look under the “Local Channels” section in the channel guide.
  • Search for your city name in the DirecTV channel lineup search.

Tuning to your local NBC station allows you to watch local news, weather, and NBC shows on a feed targeted for your area. Keep this in mind rather than just watching the national NBC feed on channel 12.

Other NBC Channels on DirecTV

In addition to the main NBC channel on 12 and local affiliates, DirecTV offers some alternate NBC channels:

  • NBC West – Channel 90: This is an alternate NBC feed specifically for Pacific and Mountain time zone viewers, airing shows delayed by 3 hours.
  • NBCLX – Channel 1102: A 24/7 news and lifestyle channel focused on serving the Gen X and millennial audience.
  • Telemundo – Channel 406: NBC’s Spanish language channel for Latino viewers.
  • NBC Sports Network – Channel 220: 24/7 sports channel owned by NBC that shows NHL, Premier League, NASCAR and other sports.
  • Golf Channel – Channel 218: NBC’s channel dedicated to golf tournaments and news year-round.

Verifying Your DirecTV Channel Lineup

To recap, the main NBC channel is typically on 12 for both SD and HD on most modern DirecTV set-top boxes and DVRs.

However, we always recommend verifying your specific channel lineup to confirm channel placements. 

Ways to do this include:

  • Check the channel lineup card sent by DirecTV.
  • Log in to your DirecTV account online and review your package’s channel listing.
  • Use the DirecTV channel lookup tool to search your channel lineup.
  • Check the settings menu on your DirecTV box for channel lists and favorites.

This lets you see exactly where NBC and its affiliated channels appear in your market and package tier. Channel positions can vary, so verifying is the best way to know your exact NBC channel location.

How to Watch NBC on DirecTV

Now that you know what channel NBC is on DirecTV, here are some tips for watching and accessing NBC programming:

  • Add NBC channel 12 to your custom favorites list for quick access.
  • Set recordings for your favorite NBC shows so you don’t miss episodes.
  • Use the DirecTV on-screen guide to see upcoming shows and schedule recordings.
  • Stream NBC shows and live TV through the DirecTV app if you can’t access your TV.
  • Consider adding NBC streaming service Peacock to supplement DirecTV with more NBC shows and movies.

Enjoy the convenience of having NBC available through your DirecTV subscription. With channel 12 committed to NBC, you have an easy one-stop destination for NBC’s highly-rated entertainment, news, sports and more.

When to Check for NBC Channel Changes

While unlikely, it’s a good idea to occasionally verify that the NBC channel has not changed on your DirecTV lineup. Some recommended times to check include:

  • When first setting up DirecTV service. Confirm NBC’s channel as part of activating and setting up devices.
  • If changing DirecTV packages or adding services. New packages could alter channel assignments.
  • Following local TV affiliate contract disputes. Temporary channel blackouts or moves may occur until resolved.
  • If NBC seems unavailable on your regular DirecTV channel. Try scanning channels or check DirecTV’s website/app to confirm NBC’s current channel position.
  • After major DirecTV channel lineup changes. DirecTV will announce if a channel realignment shifts network affiliates.
  • If moving to a new viewing area. Local channel numbers vary by city, so check after an address change.
  • When a favorite NBC show unexpectedly changes time slots. Ensure it’s not due to a last-minute channel move.

Accessing NBC On Demand on DirecTV

In addition to live NBC programming on the main channel, DirecTV subscribers can also access NBC shows on demand via:

  • DirecTV App – Download to mobile devices and streaming players to watch NBC current shows, past episodes, web extras and more. Requires DirecTV subscription login.
  • On Demand menu – Connected DirecTV set top boxes let you browse and play NBC on demand titles through the On Demand menu. Number varies by location.
  • NBC App – Download the free NBC App to supported devices and sign in with DirecTV credentials to unlock extra on demand content.

Ways to Find NBC’s DirecTV Channel

Here are some options to easily check or remember NBC’s channel on DirecTV:

  • Ask DirecTV customer support online, by phone or chat
  • Check DirecTV’s website for your package/location
  • Use the DirecTV app or menu to view channel lineup
  • Bookmark the NBC channel number on your DirecTV remote
  • Note channel number on your DirecTV box with removable tape
  • Say voice commands like “Tune to NBC” on voice remotes
  • Save NBC’s channel to favorites to quickly toggle from the guide
  • Set reminders for NBC shows to prompt tuning to correct channel

Finding NBC Channels if You Have an Old Receiver

If you have an older DirecTV receiver, you may need to check different channel numbers to find NBC:

  • SD channels: NBC may appear on channel 3 rather than 12 for standard definition viewing on older boxes.
  • HD channels: For high definition, look for NBC on channel 103 instead of 212.
  • Transponders: NBC’s signal may have been carried on a different satellite transponder than current boxes default to. You may need to scan for NBC.

NBC Channel Considerations for Bars/Businesses on DirecTV

If you manage a sports bar, restaurant, hospital or other business using DirecTV, be sure to locate NBC’s channel position to provide top sports and entertainment to customers and patients.

Key tips when managing a DirecTV channel lineup for business include:

  • Check what DirecTV packages are compatible for commercial use
  • Have proper licenses for broadcasting sports, movies and other protected content
  • Enable customized channel lists and access rules for different viewing areas
  • Confirm NBC’s channel in bar/restaurant mode rather than home mode
  • Set up OneView or Genie Pro for centralized control over multiple TVs
  • Post channel lists and NBC’s position for easy reference
  • Train staff on finding important channels like NBC in the lineup

Troubleshooting if NBC’s Channel Isn’t Working

  • Check other channels to see if the issue is isolated to NBC or widespread
  • Confirm account is active and monthly bill is paid in full to rule out service disruption
  • Try rebooting the DirecTV box by unplugging and restarting after 1 minute
  • Check for loose connections on coaxial cables, splitters, etc.
  • Reset remote control to sync to box again
  • Consider weather-related interruptions disrupting satellite signal
  • Call DirecTV support for assistance if needed


NBC is a staple broadcast network that DirecTV subscribers expect access to in their channel package. While the main NBC channel is unlikely to frequently change numbers, it’s a good idea to periodically verify it is on the expected channel 12 or 4 in your DirecTV lineup. Features like on demand programming, apps, and saved channels can provide additional ways to access NBC content. Staying informed about your DirecTV subscription details and establishing a quick process to check channels can help you tune into NBC’s programming without hassle or delay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the easiest way to check what channel NBC is on DirecTV?

The quickest way is to visit DirecTV's website, enter your zip code, and view the channel lineup for your package. This will show NBC's channel based on your exact location and subscribed services.

Does NBC's DirecTV channel change often?

No, the main NBC channel usually remains static on channel 4 nationwide and does not frequently change. However, it's good to verify after major DirecTV lineup changes.

Can I watch NBC on demand if I miss a show?

Yes, DirecTV offers an On Demand menu and app allowing you to view current and past episodes of NBC shows on your schedule.

What if I can't find NBC on my regular DirecTV channel?

First check that your account is active and fully paid. Then try rebooting your box and rechecking connections. If the issue persists, contact DirecTV support for troubleshooting.

How do I save NBC's channel for easy access?

You can bookmark or favorite the channel on your DirecTV remote. Or use the remote's number pad to quickly tune to the channel when needed.

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