What Does The Apple Watch Do Why It The Best

There’s no reason to go for anything other than an Apple Watch. Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market right now, and it is not even close to any other smartwatch due to its cutting-edge technology.

It’s the best way to stay up with notifications, get directions, use apps and track fitness without having to take out your phone all of the time. It is far superior to other smartwatches in the market.

Apple Watch Unknown Facts

what does the apple watch do

The Apple Watch was initially launched in 2015 and immediately became the most popular smartwatch on the market, with over 4.3 million units sold in Q2 of that year.

Although the Apple Watch was first launched in 2015, the product name was not used until later that year, when the firm dubbed it “Series 0.” In 2016, after introducing the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple referred to its first edition as “Series 0,” with an improved chip and a new “Series 1” and “Series 2” watches.

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017, it revolutionized practically everything. The company began viewing the watch as more of a fitness instrument than a fashion item, although it was available in ceramic, aluminum, and steel versions. This watch had a faster chip (70 percent), more RAM (50%), and the LTE cellular variant was introduced.

Smartwatches are often meant to serve as a companion device that connects with a smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Because the line between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker is becoming increasingly blurred, it is being argued that it is the finest fitness band. As a result, it aids in monitoring the health of the user by tracking heart rate.

How Does Apple Smart Watch Work

what does the apple watch do

Apple Watch uses Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with the paired iPhone. The watch will stay connected via a cellular network, and it switches between the networks to select a better connection.

The Apple Watch uses Bluetooth if it detects an iPhone near. When Bluetooth is not available, the Apple Watch will use WiFi. And if the Bluetooth and WiFi aren’t available, it will try connecting to cellular networks.

To enjoy each feature on the Apple Watch, you should turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth on the paired iPhone. Then you will have to open the Control Center on the iPhone. Make sure both Bluetooth and WiFi are on.

Apple Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 3

5ATM waterproof11.4mm thick OLED Retina display S3 processorW2 wireless chip

Apple Watch SE

5ATM waterproof10.7mm thick, CompassLTPO OLED Retina display 5 processorW2 wireless chip

Apple Watch Series 6

5ATM waterproof10.7mm, CompassElectrical heart rate sensorBlood oxygen sensorLTPO OLED Retina display S6 processorW3 wireless chip

Apple Watch Series 7

10.7mm5ATM waterproofIPX6 dust resistantCompassBlood oxygen sensor electrical heart rate sensorLTPO OLED Retina display S7 processorW3 wireless chip

What Is The Specialty of The Apple Watch

When you wear an Apple Watch, you get that fitness partner you’ve been yearning for. It helps measure all your moves, and health insights and connects you to people. And it is just a glance away.

what does the apple watch do

Apple Watch is a great work out, and fitness tracker

From HIIT to yoga, the Apple Watch helps track all of your favorite ways to work out. Since the Apple watch can resist water for 50 meters, it is perfect for surfing or swimming.

It looks out for you

The Sleep app isn’t simply for keeping track of your sleep. It collaborates with your iPhone to help you create a schedule and bedtime routine, allowing you to achieve your sleep objectives.

You get assistance when you need it

If you fall hard, the Apple Watch can detect it and connect you with emergency services if you’re unable to move. You may also get immediate assistance in an emergency by rapidly pressing and holding the side button even if you’re traveling across borders.

The Apple Watch has apps that assist you in maintaining your general health and well-being by allowing you to track your menstrual cycle, prevent hearing loss from loud noises, and receive reminders to wash your hands.

Keeps you connected to people you love

You can make calls, text, and listen to music easily. With Wi-Fi, you can do it all without your phone. You can access your entire music collection from anywhere using Apple Music. With Apple Podcasts and Audiobooks, you’ll never be bored again.

What Does The Apple Watch Do

what does the apple watch do

Apple Watch’s unique abilities, such as wireless connectivity and motion sensors, have made it popular among techies, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, commuters, executives, and practically everyone else.

Below is what the apple watch does that other smartwatches cannot do;


Apple watch has an in-built intelligent personal assistant feature called Siri. Users may interact with Apple’s personal assistant by saying “Hey, Siri” or pressing down on the crown (the winder on a regular watch) on the side of the device. Users can communicate with friends and get turn-by-turn directions via Siri.

Fitness Tracking

Apple claims that the smartwatch can help you live a healthier life by allowing you to create goals inside apps or monitor your physical activity using a built-in sensor. There’s an accelerometer and a heart-rate sensor with infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes.

The Activity application on the watch will graph data such as calories burned. The Workout app is a more detailed tool for activities such as cycling and running. The companion Health application on the iPhone allows users to share their information with third-party fitness and health applications.


The watch supports Apple Pay, a new payment system that attempts to replace credit and debit card methods of making contactless payments. MasterCard and Visa will be able to maintain their card data with Apple, and each stored credit card will get an electronic account number generated by the company.

Customers will be in a position to buy items by just double-clicking on the button located under the crown or waving their wrist through special store readers, according to Apple. The company claims that it is working with Macy’s, McDonald’s, and many other business holders to carry out the readers’ installation process.


The new interface for the Apple Watch shows apps as tiny, circular icons. The watch has a “taptic engine” that produces vibrations or “wakes you up on the wrist” when notifications or alerts come in.

The Apple Watch comes with several onboard applications, including calendars, photos, maps, and music. The watch can be used to play music from an iPhone watch.

Durable than Other Smart Watches

The Apple Watch’s new front crystal is more than 50 percent thicker than the other smartwatches, making it more crack-resistant while maintaining optical clarity. The Apple Watch rating of IP6X makes it more resistant to dust in environments like the beach or the desert while retaining excellent swimming performance with WR50 water resistance.

Alert Irregular Heart Rhythms

Apple teamed up with the Stanford University School of Medicine on the Apple Heart Study, a scientific study aiming to advance heart science knowledge. An application on the Apple Watch is used to notify users if their heart rhythm is abnormal. Many people claim that this functionality has saved their lives severally.

Apple Watch is Carbon Neutral

Apple Watch is the first Apple product to feature completely biodegradable housing and other advancements in environmental responsibility. In line with Apple’s promise to protect the environment, it includes more recycled content than any previous smartwatch.

Its magnets are made of 100% rare earth elements, such as the Taptic Engine. Apple today is carbon neutral for global corporate activities. By 2030, the company wants to have zero climate impact across the whole business, including manufacturing supply chains and product life cycles.

Cycling, Workout, and Fall Detection Updates

Anyone who rides a bike will benefit from the Apple Watch’s enhanced capabilities. The Apple Watch uses complex algorithms to evaluate GPS, accelerometer, heart rate, and gyroscope information to determine when riders begin a journey and offer them the option to start an Outdoor Cycle session if it hasn’t been initiated.

When cyclists go for a ride, their activity metrics will be similar to those that they had when they first started their routine. Furthermore, cycling exercises have automatic pausing and resuming, so time spent moving rather than stopping is more accurately reflected.

The Apple Watch can now more accurately track active calories during an e-bike ride, thanks to new cycling workout software that measures GPS and heart rate to determine when people are pedaling with a pedal assist versus just leg power. The built-in speaker of the Apple Watch may also be used to give immediate feedback on the Activity ring. This will assist users in staying focused while they exercise, such as running or high-intensity interval training.

Since its launch in 2018, Apple Watch’s fall detection feature has shown to be a useful safety gadget, alerting users if a hard fall is detected and immediately calling emergency services on their wrist. The new fall detection functionality in apple watches has been updated and refined to detect falls during exercise, such as cycling, and has been designed to identify the distinct motion and force of bicycle falls.

Apple Watch Can Detect a Fall

Apple Watch can detect any fall and automatically call the emergency services and any designated emergency contacts if you do not move after falling. The fall detection feature is usually turned on by default for people aged 65 years or more. Any other person can enable it manually.

The Digital Crown has always been a favorite feature on the Apple Watch, and this is a big plus to the Apple Watch over the other smartwatches. For one thing, the crown rotates more smoothly, but the most significant improvement is the haptic feedback.

When you’re scrolling through your watch, there’s a clicking sensation as if you were turning the crown against a gear. It isn’t a good reason to buy the Apple Watch, but it is something you’ll like if you do.

Other smartwatches do nearly everything the Apple Watch does, but they lack an always-on mode feature, the blood oxygen monitoring feature, the ECG is not supported, have slow charging speeds, and the glass isn’t hard.

Apple Watch vs Samsung Watch

Features and software

The Apple Watch has several more unique functions when compared to the Samsung Watch. It includes many new features: body composition analysis via BIA, improved sleep tracking with more frequent overnight blood oxygen readings and even gesture control.

Battery life

With the always-on display and frequent activity monitoring, the Samsung Watch can last for up to a day. The Apple Watch has a faster-charging capacity, and battery life is two days, but it will last up to more days if you avoid using popular apps.

Specs and Software

Both devices come with top-of-the-line processors, but the Apple Watch has a greater performance advantage owing to better operating system optimization. Furthermore, the Apple Watch has a big internal storage.


This article has provided a detailed explanation of what does the apple watch do that other smartwatch cannot. The smart watch’s popularity is rising as individuals learn to value its usefulness and significance. It’s also improving with time, thanks to the technological advancements that are making it a more useful gadget to have.

When searching for a low-cost Apple gadget, look in both physical and online shops because this allows you to get a more comprehensive picture of the available goods so you can make an informed decision about what you want to acquire. Buy an apple smart watch today and enjoy its cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will the Apple Watch battery last?

An Apple Watch’s battery can last about 24 hours on full charge.

What are the apps that Apple Watch run?

Some of the apps that are available on Apple watch are Music, Maps, Workout, Calendar, Passbook, Stocks, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Siri, Weather etc.

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