Best AT&T Cell Phone Plans, Review, And FAQs 2022

AT&T is among the largest mobile phone firms in the USA. In fact, it is among the largest mobile phone firms in the whole world. So most probably you have heard about AT&T deals. Now you might be wondering if at&t has good cell phone plans.

The answer to your question is: yes. AT&T has several unlimited data offers with reasonable data caps, great coverage, and high speeds. Plus, AT&T has rolled out a 5G network. The main downsides are throttled quality of streaming and high prices.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about AT&T’s cell phone plans, including customer service, bundling deals, performance, data plans, and more. First, you will begin by knowing the basics below.

AT&T Family Phone Plans

First of all, as shown in the table of four-line data plans below, AT&T family phone plans give you more value for your money than single plans.

For instance, if you have four different lines on Unlimited Extra Plans, it will cost you three hundred dollars! But if those lines are bundled together in one family plan, you will part with only one hundred and sixty dollars. Yes, the family plan will cut your bill by almost half!

Note that the family plans give you all the benefits of single plans—they are just less costly.

AT&T Shared a plan with 4 lines;

Unlimited Elite$200/mo4 lines unlimited Data
AT&T Prepaid Multi-Line Monthly Plan$1604 lines unlimited Data
Unlimited Extra$160/mo4 lines unlimited Data
Unlimited Your Way$140/mo4 lines Unlimited Data
Unlimited Starter$140/mo4 lines unlimited Data

AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

AT&T Prepaid 8GB 12-Month Plan$300Per one Year Refill8GB High Speed DataDeal: Enjoy this plan at $25/month for twelve months when you pay 300 dollars in advance.
AT&T Prepaid $65 Monthly Plan$50Per thirty Day RefillUnlimited Data
AT&T Prepaid $40 Monthly Plan$40Per thirty Day Refill15GB High-Speed Data
AT&T Prepaid 8GB 3-Month Plan$33Per thirty-Day Refill 8GB High-Speed Data Deal: Enjoy this plan at $33/month for three months when you pay 99 dollars in advance.
AT&T Prepaid $30 Monthly Plan$30Per thirty Day Refill 5GB High-Speed Data

AT&T Prepaid plans give you more flexibility than the standard, post-paid data plans. However, the difference is not much since most cell phone companies no longer give contracts.

The only major advantage of AT&T prepaid data deals is that they offer you a wide variety of prices and plans for you to choose from, especially when it comes to standard unlimited plans. If some of the plans above look interesting to you, go for them!

That said, AT&T probably is not the best company if you are looking for a prepaid plan.

AT&T Cell Phones and Devices

AT&T is a company you can count on to get the latest mobile phone devices. It is advisable to go for a big company like AT&T because you can buy the newest phones at any time. Also, they allow you to enjoy their new 5G networks.

AT&T has what you want; whether you are looking for the seamless models of the iPhone, or the no-nonsense Google Pixel 5, you are all-around covered. Below are some popular cell phones that AT&T is offering currently.

iPhone SE

The 2022 iPhone SE phone features an A15 Bionic chip that is very powerful, a home button that has a Touch Id, 4k video recorder, 12 Megapixel rear camera, 4.7inch Retina High Definition Multi-Touch display and 5G connectivity.

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel features a Google Tensor processor and Titan M2™ security coprocessor, not to forget the increased battery capacity and the FHD+ 6.4″ display.

AT&T Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Plan Price Inclusions
Unlimited Starter for Teachers$48.75/monthNo Contract Unlimited Data Deal: Get 250 dollars bill credit with a brand new number and line port-in plus Waived Activation Fees and a FREE SIM.
Unlimited Starter for Nurses & Physicians$48.75/monthNo Contract Unlimited DataDeal: Get 250 dollars bill credit with a brand new number and line port-in plus Waived Activation Fees and a FREE SIM.
Unlimited Starter for Military$48.75/monthNo Contract Unlimited DataDeal: Get 250 dollars bill credit with a brand new number and line port-in plus Waived Activation Fees and a FREE SIM.
Unlimited Starter for First Responders$48.75/monthNo Contract Unlimited DataDeal: Get 250 dollars bill credit with a brand new number and line port-in plus Waived Activation Fees and a FREE SIM.

This Starter Unlimited Plan usually costs sixty dollars a month, giving you a solid discount of $16.25. Also, eligible clients can save on Unlimited Elite and Unlimited Extra plans.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans Review 2022

Although some complaints are raised about AT&T’s services, this article will discuss their pros first. There are actually several advantages of this wireless provider that enable it to compete with others in the market. The following are some of the things AT&T does well:

High data caps

If you expect your unlimited plans to give you high-speed unlimited data, you are wrong. That is not going to happen, even if you use other carriers. Every mobile phone data plan has a feature known as data deprioritization or data cap, regardless of your carrier.

Basically, this tells you that your speed will reduce significantly after you exhaust a given amount of high-speed data, especially when your network becomes congested.

If you use your cell phone to work, stream, post, or game, you need a data plan with relatively higher data caps. You can go for AT&T’s Unlimited Elite and Unlimited Extra plans. These plans have 100GB and 50GB data caps, respectively, making them the most preferred.

Solid 4G download speeds

AT&T offers you an average download speed of around 28.9 Mbps, which is a bit lower than that of Verizon and T-mobile, but it’s pretty close. To put 28.9 megabytes per second in context, let us say a video clip is around 16MB—this means the clip will be downloaded in half a second.

Likewise, downloading a whole movie like Apple Arcade or Oceanhorn 2 (around 2.4GB) will take you around sixty seconds.

Powerful 5G Network infrastructure

AT&T has another special version of the 5G network, which uses mm-wave technology. This network is around 100+ Mbps, making it faster than the basic home internet connections. AT&T has named it 5G Plus, and it is available to residents of only a few cities.

Strong Coverage

On average, AT&T’s 5G covers around 15.9% of the USA, while its 4G network covers around sixty-eight per cent. The remaining thirty-two per cent is found in dead rural zones of Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and California.

Decent perks and AT&T discounts

You can enjoy the best services from AT&T when you take advantage of its discounts and perks, such as:

  • Access to some big events, free tickets to watch movies, and other bonuses.
  • Timely phone upgrades by AT&T Up Next.
  • Free bonus subscription to HBO Max with Elite plan.
  • Free 6 months Stadia Pro Pass subscription with any of their plans.


In conclusion, AT&T’s good coverage, fast speeds, and high data cap make it one of the best choices for people who stream, work, or game all day. Also, it is good for those who want family plans with a lot of data to send and receive.

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