T-Mobile vs. Verizon: Which Carrier Is Best For You

The most reliable and biggest carriers in the US are T-mobile and Verizon. Although Verizon commands the country’s fastest 4G LTE network, the 5G footprint from the Un-carrier touts widely.

In most places, 5G is delivered by T-Mobile, while Verizon is the best in rural and urban coverage. Generally, we prefer Verizon’s appealing network, but T-Mobile carries the day with perks, customer service, and affordability. Which carrier do you prefer?

To assist you in deciding on significant carrier selection, we compare Verizon and T-Mobile by evaluating prices, coverage, and plans, among other features. T-Mobile advanced well in bringing forth the sprint but did they establish any basis on Big Red?

For years, the Sprint merger solidified T-Mobile’s position as US’s third-largest carrier. We will evaluate the possibility of the UN-Carrier goal to be America’s leading carrier. Let’s pit Verizon Vs T-Mobile and identify the carrier that is prepared for your business.

At first sight, T-Mobile and Verizon are as different as they appear. We’ll evaluate one category at a time to see how they fare on phone selections, prices, coverage, and more. If prepared, use this description as your reference when choosing your next carrier.

T-Mobile Vs Verizon: Internet Pricing

Verizon Vs T-Mobile

Pricing tops the difference between Verizon and T-Mobile. You can access T-Mobile countrywide at a lesser price now, whereas Verizon is among the highly-priced carriers around. See some quick prices in the table below:

PlansT Mobile CostsVerizon Costs

Entry-level unlimited plan
Essentials $60 for one line
$45 per line for two lines
$30 per line for three lines
$26 per line for four lines
Start Unlimited $70 for one line
$60 per line for two lines
$45 per line for three lines
$35 per line for four lines

Mid-level unlimited plan
Magenta $70 for one line
$60 per line for two lines
$40 per line for three lines
$35 per line for four lines
Play/Do More Unlimited$80 for one line
$70 per line for two lines
$55 per line for three lines
$45 per line for four lines

High-end unlimited plan
Magenta Max $85 for one line
$70 per line for two lines
$47 per line for three lines
$43 per line for four lines
Get More Unlimited $90 for one line
$80 per line for two lines
$65 per line for three lines
$55 per line for four lines

Regardless of the plan, you pick, the more affordable carrier is T-Mobile. If you add more lines, you save more. With four lines, you save about $10 for every line. Although T-Mobile entry-level requirements plan may not account for all streaming perks, one can’t finish $26 in every line for unlimited data, talk, and text with 5G access.

The pricing difference gets bigger towards the mid-tier plan as T-Mobile brings in Netflix streaming. As opposed to Verizon’s 15GB, you can get with only 5GB a lot of 4G hotspots. Most importantly, with Verizon, you get the best perks you need.

Sticking with T-Mobile will save you some green. Magenta Max-T-Mobile and 5G constitute amazing offers on the most expensive plans. It offers access to a 4G LTE hotspot for 40GB and is $8 more affordable for every line.

T-Mobile Vs Verizon: Coverage

Verizon led with 71% coverage nationwide, while before merging with Sprint, T-Mobile commanded nationwide coverage of only 62% 4G LTE. Although it may not appear as a big difference, it can affect rural settings.

Although Un-carrier lies behind Verizon on 5G & 4G LTE coverage, its 4G rollout leads the charge. T-Mobile’s high-speed network can be spread over longer distances, courtesy of a low-band setup. Verizon also highlights specificities in the country; its short-distance configuration is limited in mmWave.

T-Mobile Vs Verizon: Perks and Promos

Although network coverage is always your primary concern, perks are also crucial for the all-around best experience. For your streaming options, Verizon is the best choice. Its limitless plans include Disney Plus and Apple Music for a minimum of six months. Even if it’s Magenta Plus and Magenta includes a subscription to Netflix, T-Mobile is not bad. For further streaming specifics, see the table below:

PlanVideo PerksMusic Perks
T-Mobile  EssentialsNoneNone
T-Mobile Magenta &
Magenta Max
1 screen of Netflix Basic
2 screen Netflix Standard
Verizon Start Unlimited6 months of Disney Plus
12 months of Discovery Plus
6 months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade
6 months of Apple Music
Verizon Play More UnlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus included
12 months of Discovery Plus
12 months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade
6 months of Apple Music
Verizon Do More Unlimited6 months of Disney Plus
12 months of Discovery Plus
6 months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade
6 months of Apple Music
Verizon Get More UnlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus included
12 months of Discovery Plus
12 months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade
Apple Music included

As in the table, the Verizon plan gives Disney plus access accompanied by more offers as you play, including ESPN Plus and Hulu.

Away from the realm of video streaming, you’ll pay more and start and execute more plans from Apple Music for six months, while permanent Apple Music is included in getting more plans. To the tune of a free trial of one year, you may also add a Google Play pass or Apple Arcade.

If your interest is in streaming perks, you may need to skip the basic plan from the T-Mobile site. You’ll be sorted out by Netflix on Magenta Max and Magenta, though; it trickles down to the number of screens you need. The Magenta plan only involves access on one screen, while two screens are included in Magenta Max. Apple TV Plus of one year is given for every purchase of the Magenta plan.

T-Mobile may be slow in perks streaming, but its program for Tuesdays is good progress. The program offers discounts and freebies, among others, if you already have the app.

Verizon and T-Mobile believe in good promos, but if you want saving’s full menu, you have to purchase a new device. It’s very easy when switching carriers, just like transacting on your device; you may receive a free phone from the deal, and at T-Mobile, there are several flagship devices when you switch on BOGO deals. Other options are free Galaxy S22 or free iPhone13. There are also trade-in options on Android phones in any condition.

When out to buy a new device, you carefully evaluate the terms on each deal, but the two carriers appear to avail excellent value. Currently, on your bill’s setting, uploading evidence to your account, Un-Carrier is offering rebates up to $800. Although they have the highest costs, it’s only wise to select Apple, Samsung, and Google devices.

T-Mobile Vs Verizon: Best Phone Selections

In the United States, the two carriers offer attractive options as two of the biggest suppliers of new devices. On each list, the majority are similar, though GSM and CDMA divide provides unique choices.

T-Mobile has shifted to the GSM framework while CDMA setup is still relied on by Verizon. This implies that you may bring forth a better comprehensive choice of phones to the Un-carrier, mostly from OnePlus.

Verizon has a good relationship with Motorola, although it doesn’t have a similar OnePlus bond. The best choice is Big Red when you’re looking to buy the latest Moto phones, such as Motorola EdgePlus. Another affordable newest selection from both carriers is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G.

Technically, on T-Mobile, you can get a Motorola device, although they’ll have Un-carrier’s Revvl badge. The free iPhone 13Mini offer by Verizon is among the outside Revvl line differences.

T-Mobile Vs Verizon: Premium Data Caps

Besides T-mobile and Verizon, market cell phone plans are “unlimited” for unlimited text and talk plans. You’re also given unlimited data, although you get a premium cap. Your phone gets down to 3G speed when your data cap premium is depleted; this leads to slow internet data which can barely at least check emails.

Aim at a plan with a great premium data cap if you intend to use the phone for downloading large files, hot-spotting, streaming, or playing games online. Below are premium data caps for Verizon:

PlansData CapPrices
Started UnlimitedNone (during network congestion speeds can slow)$70.00/mo
Play More Unlimited50GB 4G/5G
mmwave 5G unlimited
Do More Unlimited50GB 4G LTE/5G
mmwave 5G unlimited
Get More unlimited50GB 4G LTE/5G
mmwave 5G unlimited
5GB5GB$40.00/00 (during first three months)
15GB15GB$50.00/mo (during first three months)
UnlimitedUnlimited (during network congestion, speed can be slowed)$65.00/mo (during first three months)
Unlimited PlusUnlimited (during network congestion, speed can be slowed)$75.00mo (during first three months)

The unlimited cellular plan gives you enough data. The unlimited plans on Get more when you Do more and play more come with absolutely unlimited 5G millimetre-wave data, allowing you to get with no caps ultrafast cellular speed.

They also appear with a generous amount of 4G LTE data premium on 50GB. Prepaid plans mostly manifest with much fewer data in Verizon. There are no unlimited data caps for prepaid plans on unlimited versions; therefore, anytime your peed may be slowed on congested area networks, which is a big blow when you’re at a sports game or music festival. Below are data caps for T-Mobile.

PlansData CapsPrices
Essentials50GB (when data cap is attained, during data congestion speed can be slowed)$60.00/mo
Magenta100GB (when data cap is attained, during data congestion speed can be slowed)$70.00/mo
Magenta MaxUnlimited (speed will no longer slow)$85.00/mo
T-Mobile Connect 2.5-5.5GB$15.00/mo
Simply Prepaid 10GB10GB$40.00/mo (for one line)
Simply Prepaid UnlmitedUnlimited (during network congestion speed may be slowed)$50.00/mo (for one line)
Simply Prepaid UnlimitedUnlimited (during network congestion speed may be slowed.$60.00/mo (for one line)

Magenta Max plan for T-Mobile is impressive, honest to goodness, and a truly unlimited plan where your speed will always be the same. A ready-to-go premium data supply will always be available for you; hence, you get so much from the plan if you’re a phone person.

The other plans of T-Mobile are also solid. For the Magenta plan, they give 10GB, which is truly a lot. Though not as much as a home internet plan, it’s a lot for cell phones. You can get unlimited options to save some bucks even if a prepaid plan gives you fewer data.

Upon unlimited prepaid plan sign in, remember that on network congestion, and you have no premium data in your package, then your speed may be lowered. This will result in an unsteady internet connection during your event.

The Advantages of Verizon Network

  • Optional devices add-on: Devices can be added to the four unlimited plans with a plan for families.
  • Many Unlimited plans: It is hard to defeat Verizon for built-in entertainment services, cloud storage and unlimited data access for those who are willing.

The Advantages of T-Mobile

  • No data deprioritization: Since it leads in the 5G space when in need of high-speed data, ongoing access to T-Mobile is the best.
  • Fast data speed: with its unlimited data and 5G expansion, T-Mobile still continues to provide to cities all over the country high-speed data.
  • Fees and taxes: are included in its straightforward plans. One can see the phone plan cost where fees and taxes are included in the monthly prices.


Although both internet providers are good, we would prefer T-Mobile. On the fundamentals, it covered all the bases; it has a Magenta Max plan with genuine unlimited data and more 5G speed in General at a lower price than Verizon.

On the other hand, Verizon has its strengths, including a faster 5G speed millimeter-wave and a larger countrywide network. Several Perks from Verizon are also available that are lacking in T-Mobile; this includes free subscriptions to ESPN+, HULU, and Disney+ and discounts for hotspots and tablets. Lastly, this will save you some cash if you have already signed on the platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Is The Best Choice, T-Mobile Or Verizon?

In general, Verizon and T-Mobile are the same. It is quite clear that you can’t go wrong with either choice from both providers. But of course, choosing either has a few reasons.

Is T-Mobile Better?

T-Mobile is an excellent cellular carrier. From the packages on the upper tier, you get a good quantity of data per the price and unlimited text and talk. One of the genuine unlimited phone plans is the Magenta plan; its high-speed data has got no caps or slowdowns. Compared with 4G LTE networks, it gives you lower latency and faster speed since it has the widest 5G network all over the country.