Verizon Family Plans: Postpaid & Prepaid

Since Bell Atlantic changed its name to Verizon, it became one of the largest wireless communications services that provide broadband, as well as wireless and cable services. The telecommunication company is divided into four units, wireless residential and small services, enterprise, and partner programs. It had 142.8 million subscribers.

It operates a public 4G LTE network covering close to 100% of the U.S. population in the second half. Verizon Wireless offers cell phone services through an assortment of devices. Its LTE in Rural America Program, with 21 country remote carriers taking an interest, covers 2.7 million expected clients in 169 rural counties. Verizon Wireless declared in 2015 that it was developing the 5G network.

As a communications carrier, Verizon is considered to offer the best cross country signal coverage on its communications service, and, while you’ll observe its plans may be on the expensive side, the company truly does offer a few incredible streaming-centered features. 

Going postpaid is certainly expensive, but frequently worth the money – not because the options for Verizon telephones are especially great assuming you go for an unlimited plan. While subscribed on a postpaid plan, most of the current deals from Verizon are exclusively available on this plan.

Verizon Family Plans: Postpaid

Verizon checks out for a family plan because of its solid wireless 4G LTE inclusion (and steadily expanding 5G inclusion), free streaming advantages, and the capacity to blend and match family telephone plans. However, the primary disadvantage with Verizon is that its data plans fall in the more expensive range. Fortunately, deciding on getting a family plan from Verizon decreases your expenses.

If you have been using the single plan and opt to change it to the family plan, it will only require you to sign in to your online account. It can also be done through the My Verizon App. You will have the option to browse plans before picking the one that is appropriate for your needs.

Using the mix-and-match option, you could have two plans under the basic plan, one on the premium plan, and an additional child-friendly plan which is a unique addition when you are subscribed to at least one unlimited plan.

verizon family plans

Mixing and Matching Verizon Plans

You can blend and match any of Verizon’s plans to meet the communication needs of the family members. As such, you don’t need to pick a similar Verizon plan for every family member, you can choose them any way you like.

For instance, if you need the top level 5G Get More Plan with 30GB of data which also includes subscriptions to Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and Apple Music memberships, you can pick it and have the whole family use the basic unlimited plan. Only paying for one top-tier plan lowers the overall cost of the subscriptions since all features can be used by the whole family.

You can change your family plan with specific plans depending on the needs of each family member. If you can persuade every other person to pick more affordable mobile phone plans, you can cut down your monthly rate decisively.

5G Start Plan

Considered Verizon’s least expensive unlimited family plan, it can accommodate up to four lines at $140 each, which breaks down to $35 for every family member. Paying $35 per family member is as inexpensive as getting a cheap unlimited prepaid plan.

Below is the cost for the 5G Start Plan;

CostData AllocationNumber of LinesUpfront Amount
$150 per monthUnlimited5$175
$140 per monthUnlimited4$140
$135 per monthUnlimited3$105
$120 per monthUnlimited2$70

The 5G Start also includes subscriptions to each member with Disney+ and Apple Music.

Getting calls to Mexico and Canada is also available on 5G Start since this feature is a staple on every unlimited plan from Verizon. This plan is the most recommended one to enjoy less expensive unlimited data on Verizon.

However, the plan does not offer other features of high-tier unlimited plans such as streaming. Data speed can also be slowed down when Verizon’s networks are busy, which can be a downside when there is a need to browse the web. On a congested network, Verizon prioritizes data to clients who are subscribed to better plans.

There are also disadvantages to subscribing to the 5G Start Plan. A wifi signal cannot be used from the phone since this plan has no hotspot data. If you are planning to use the hotspot signal, a higher tier of the postpaid plan should be availed.

Verizon 5G Do More and 5G Play More Plan 

Costing $180 per month which can accommodate 4 lines, Verizon’s 5G Do More and 5G Play More family data plans have the same cost. In any case, there are a couple of key differences between these 2 mobile plans. Below are the key comparisons for each plan:

Features5G Play More Plan5G Do More Plan
ProductivityLess than 25GBLess than 50GB
Mobile Hotspot25GB data25GB data
EntertainmentHD video qualityDVD video quality
Verizon Cloud StorageNone500Gb

The 5G Do More has more high-speed data which can be useful for productivity. While the 5G Play More Plan has entertainment perks that offer high-quality streaming and subscriptions to ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+.

More data can also be saved if all family members are connected to wifi most of the time. If this is the case, the 5G Play More Plan can be chosen rather than the 5G Do More Plan.

For both of the plans, below is the cost for each number of lines:

CostData AllocationNumber of LinesUpfront Amount
$200 per monthUnlimited5$175
$180 per monthUnlimited4$140
$165 per monthUnlimited3$105
$140 per monthUnlimited2$70

Verizon Get More Family Plan

For the Do More and Play More plan, perks are chosen separately. By getting the Verizon Get Mote Family Plan, both the productivity and entertainment perks can be availed in one package. Streaming with a free subscription on Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and Apple Music is combined with the high-speed 50GB data cap.

Aside from the productivity and streaming perks, subscribers are also entitled to unlimited call and text to Mexico and Canada and Verizon Cloud Storage of 500GB.

Since the plan has a lot of perks to offer, it costs more at $220 per month for 4 lines, which is $55 per line. However, these costs are lesser than paying $80 per month on the Get More individual plan while also on a paid subscription to Disney+, Apple Music, and Hulu.

Current subscriptions from these streaming sites can be canceled since the plan comes with a free subscription. This will make the top-tier plan more affordable but packed with perks.

To get more plans for more family members, below are the applicable fees:

CostData AllocationNumber of LinesUpfront Amount
$250 per monthUnlimited5$175
$220 per monthUnlimited4$140
$195 per monthUnlimited3$105
$160 per monthUnlimited2$70

Verizon Family Plans: Prepaid

The prepaid family plans from Verizon offer a pairing of unlimited calls and texts plus data allotment that depends on your needs. It also offers a 5G network nationwide, mobile hotspot access, and unlimited texting to more than 200 international locations without any fees, contracts, and monthly dues.

The unlimited tier costs about $70 per line. If there is a need to add for an additional line, a discount of $20 per line can be availed up to 10 lines. The cost may be higher, but the more lines added, the more discounts can be availed.

Aside from the services, Verizon Prepaid also offers mobile phones. However, these deals are rare and there is a requirement to pay the full price upfront.

For each family member, they may choose their data allocations. Below is a table of costs per data allocation:

$60Unlimited Data$55

The unlimited data prepaid plan can stream videos up to 480p

When adding another line to the prepaid plan, a prorated monthly fee shall be charged at the time of activation. This amount is based on how many days are left in the prepaid family plan before the next billing cycle. The prorated amount is applied since all the lines included in the prepaid family plan have the same renewal date.

In the instance of reconnecting a suspended line, the prorated amount is charged for the days left in the current bill date by the time it is reconnected.

Managing the Prepaid Family Account

Account owners can manage the plans of the family members on both the My Verizon App and My Verizon online. The account owner is responsible for paying the prepaid charges of all the accounts. They can transfer funds, change the plan, and monitor the usage of each family member. 

If the account owner was not able to pay the charges on the renewal date, all the lines, including the ones used by the account members will be inactive, and will only be reactivated once the account owner has funded the account.

The account owner may also leave the account and change the ownership to a member. Once the account owner did not assign any new owner, the second member on the list will automatically be designated as the new account owner. These changes will be notified on the lines of the other members through a text message.

Prepaid Plan Discounts

A discount of $5 can be availed on the first month of service when enrolled on Autopay which requires a debit or credit card.

Loyalty discounts are offered at $5 per month after 3 months of service and an additional $5 per month after 9 months of service.

Other Features of The Prepaid Plan

Smartphone prepaid plans include unlimited texts and calls to the US, and the 15GB and unlimited plan, also includes unlimited talk to Canada and Mexico. Aside from the calls and texts, the user will also be able to continue using the data once the high-speed data allocation has been used up. It can be used at 2G speed without extra charge.

The capable smartphone can also use the Mobile Hotspot feature for the 5GB and 15GB plans. However, once the high-speed data has been used, it may slow up to 600kbps.

Other features on prepaid plans include voicemail, data alerts, call forwarding and waiting, caller ID blocking, and wifi calling.

The transferring of funds can also be done on the prepaid family account. However, only the account owner can transfer funds to the members using their debit or credit card or using their available balance. If the account member wishes to transfer funds to the account owner, they can only use their available balance.

Verizon Postpaid Vs Prepaid Family Plans

To compare whether to choose postpaid or prepaid plans, the monthly budget should be considered. Also, the perks that each plan offers. Some prepaid plans can be chosen depending on the data needs. But choosing the postpaid plan offers more perks, especially with streaming subscriptions and mobile hotspot.

Despite costing higher than the prepaid plan, the postpaid plan offers more value when it comes to features.


The family plans from Verizon have a lot of options to choose from. The carrier may not offer the cheapest plans, but it makes up with its best signal coverage. Since it has streaming perks, most family members may enjoy watching videos with a free subscription. The plans are also customizable depending on the needs and number of family members which makes it more versatile for the account owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are There Discounts On Postpaid Family Plans?

Most total prices from the family plans offer discounts when enrolled in Auto-pay.

Does Verizon Cost More Than Its Competitors?

“By providing the largest and best coverage in the US, Verizon may cost about $5-$10 compared to the competitors. However, it offers better perks like a free subscription to streaming sites.

What Should I Consider In Choosing Which Family Plan To Subscribe To?

If you are unsure which plan to use, you may choose first which plan your family can use maximized. Since these plans offer a different number of lines, you have the option of how many lines should you apply the plan.