Xfinity Mobile vs. Verizon 2022 Review, Plans, & Comparison

Though Verizon and Xfinity mobile is among the well-known carriers providing reliable internet to the customer, there is some key difference between them. This Xfinity mobile vs. Verizon review will cover all there is to know about these two internet providers and how they differ.

You should know that Xfinity mobile is a network operator that runs on the backbone of the Verizon network. As we are going to compare them, you will notice there will be some similar features; however, there is also some difference. So, let’s begin.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon Features Comparison: Summary

FeaturesVerizonXfinity Mobile
Carrier networkVerizonVerizon
WiFi HotspotYesyes
Unlimited talkyesyes
Unlimited datayesyes
5GB internet connectivityyesyes
eSIM SupportYesNo
Lowest Phone Plan$30$15
Free Mexico/ Canada CallYesNo
Extra add onyesyes
Video streaming supportyesyes

Xfinity Mobile Overview 2022

Xfinity Mobile is a carrier or a provider that deals with cable TV and the internet. Their packages come at Gigs rate, and if you would like to save some dollars on internet packages, this is the right provider for you. Their pricing is very low, and you can get a plan at $15; however, you can also get 1GB of data and unlimited text and talk with this plan.

If you want an even better internet connection with them, you can go for the bigger plans with ultra-high-speed connections. Also, Xfinity mobile has millions of hotspots across the country with a speed that can go up to 28Mbps. They also give free devices to the customer who switches to the prepaid packages. Also, if you want to finance your device, you can pay as low as $10 in 24 months.

Verizon Wireless Overview 2022

Verizon is an internet provider that is ideal for those who like to stream, browse a lot or even travel. With Verizon, you will be able to enjoy the fastest speed internet. They have wide coverage, and probable your location is covered.

As one of the major carrier, Verizon owns and maintain the cell towers, which will give you the advantage of enjoying the browsing speed unlike the other network or virtual network like Xfinity mobile. Note that this carrier has a different subscription, even though you can find a free subscription for some services. Also, in all of these packages, you will get unlimited text and talk, even the international one.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon Wireless: Comparison

xfinity mobile vs verizon

1) Internet Availability

Internet Availability here refers to the availability of the services to the customers. For instance, for Xfinity mobile, these services’ availability will depend on whether the customer has the Xfinity cable or not for them to qualify.

If possible with the cabled services then you will be able to receive the TV and the internet services. Before you can get the services, you have to undergo a credit check, and if you have bad credit, then it would be very tricky for you to get the services or even receive a discount.

With Verizon, the availability of the services to the customer is slightly different. Also, they perform a credit check for the postpaid customer; however, they do not perform the credit check for the prepaid customer. Unlike the Xfinity mobile, Verizon services are available to customers who are not yet subscribers of Fios TV or the internet

2) Network Coverage, Xfinity Mobile & Verizon

If you compare the Xfinity mobile and Verizon wireless in terms of network coverage, you will find that they are the same. Yes, Verizon and Xfinity use the same network.

The two (Xfinity & Verizon) have the same coverage area, because the Xfinity mobile runs as a virtual network on the Verizon network infrastructure. Since they operate from the same Verizon tower, they have the same coverage area.

3) Free Cell Phone Deals – Verizon vs Xfinity

As for free phone deals, Verizon is the best provider with the best deals and gives free phones to the existing and the new customers. For you to stand a chance of getting a new phone or a phone deal with Verizon, you will have to add a new line to the plan you are using.

Verizon also has a trade-in program that you can sell the device you are not using or exchange with the gadget you want, but they must have some worth. You can also buy the devices in bits which can take you from 0 to 36 months based on what you will choose to pay for the device every month. If you bring your device, you will receive a $500 gift card.

Xfinity mobile has the same way of offering customers discounts or deals. For instance, if you bring your device, you will receive a prepaid card for $100. Also, they have a trade-in program that will help you save around $750 for the latest devices that you will buy from them.

With the Xfinity Mobile, you will not have much to worry about if you do not have the cash since they offer these devices with the buy now and pay later strategy. In this case, Verizon wins since they have more free phone deals and trade-in discounts on different types of devices, and also they have a large discount if you bring your device.

4) 5G and Internet Speed, Verizon vs Xfinity

Every provider is moving from the old 3G and 4G LTE; both the Xfinity mobile vs. Verizon has a similar result on the 5G internet technology. They have 5G internet speed on their plans without you paying an extra fee for it.

Therefore, when speaking about the internet speed, there is no difference since both have a peak of 4 0000 + Mbps on the 5G spectrum. Thus both of them offer data speed priority to their customers.

6) Phone Pricing and Plans, Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon

One of the key differences between Xfinity and Verizon is clear when comparing them in terms of their payment or plan structure. For instance, the cheaper Gig plan for Xfinity is a 1GB plan, and you can pay for it at $15 per month.

Now let’s look at a summary of Xfinity Mobile plans and their pricing structures;

1 line cost$15 per month$30 per month$60 per month$45 per month
2 lines cost$7.5 per month(per line)$15 per month(per line)$30 per month(per line)$40 per month(per line)
3 lines cost$5 per month(per line)$10 per month(per line)$20 per month(per line)$33.33 per month(per line)
4 lines cost$3.75 per month(per line)$7.5 per month(per line)$15 per month(per line)$30 per month(per line)
10 lines cost$1.5 per month(per line)$3 per month(per line)$6 per month(per line)$24 per month(per line)
4LTE and 5GYesYesYesYes
TextNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limited
TalkNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limited
Data speed1GB3GB10GBNot limited
Wi-Fi HotspotYesYesYesYes
Video streamingHD quality of 1080pHD quality of 1080pHD quality of 1080pSD quality of 480p
Data priorityN/AN/AN/A20GB

With the Xfinity mobile, you can opt to use the plan of your choice; however, the higher the Gig plan you choose, the higher amount of data you will get. Also, irrespective of the plan you are going to choose, you will get unlimited text and talk. Therefore if you have high data requirements, you would opt to use the high data plans though you should know that they came at a high cost than the lower packages.

Verizon also they have its pricing structure on the plans they have.

Here is a summary of the Verizon Wireless plans;

REGULAR PRICE$40 per month $50 per month$65 per month$75 per month$80 per month$90 per month
Discounted plans$5 to $15$5 to $15$5 to $15$5 to $15$10 to $40$10 to $40
5G internet accessYesYesYesYesYesYes
TalkNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limited
TextNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limited
Data Allotment5GB then 2GB15GB then 2GBNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limited
Data priorityN/AN/AN/AN/A50GBUnlimited
HotspotN/AN/A10GB AT $5 per month10GB then 3GB25GB then slower50GB then slower
International textingNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limitedNot limited
Mexico calls$5 per monthFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Video streaming480 p480 p480 p4k UHD4k UHD4K UHD

Also, in the Verizon plans, you will enjoy the unlimited talk and text on the packages. Also, it covers the talk, data, and text for those who are coming from Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

As you have seen, the Verizon plans have more plans and packages that you can use, and the pricing varies so much if you compare it to Xfinity mobile plans. Regarding who is cheaper, Xfinity is a winner since it has cheaper plans for both the multiple or single lines.

WiFi Hotspot, Xfinity Mobile & Verizon Wireless

Both providers will help you enjoy the hotspot data either via a cable or wirelessly. Suppose you compare Xfinity and Verizon, then you will find that the better option here is Verizon since they have a premiums hotspot with internet data of up to 50GB.

With the Xfinity mobile, you will be able to share the internet data with different devices with a speed of up to 450+ Mbps. Though Xfinity also has millions of secure connections across the country, Verizon is more accessible than the Xfinity mobile hotspots.

Best Internet Provides Between Xfinity Mobile and Verizon

Though these two internet providers have some features that are almost similar, they are slightly different and choosing the best one can be confusing. Some things that will help you choose between the two are commonly the price, data plans, prepaid plans, and some other features.

Price will help you to choose between the two. For instance, the pricing for the Xfinity Mobile for the lower packages is a bit cheaper than that of Verizon. Therefore if you are looking for a cheaper internet provider, you can go for the Xfinity Mobile.

Another thing that can influence your choice is the data plan. Data plan refers to the available data plans and if they meet or go to satisfy your requirements. If you have seen a plan in either of the two that will serve you better, you have to go with it.

Prepaid plans are another thing that can help you to choose between the two. For instance, Verizon is much better than Xfinity since, in the prepaid plans, you will not have to undergo a credit check.


From this comparison of Xfinity mobile vs Verizon, we can deduce that both providers have great services. Even though they have many similarities, they are still different in some ways. Since both of them are using the Verizon towers, they have the same coverage in rural or urban areas with the same download speed.

Verizon has more features or benefits that you can enjoy compared to Xfinity Mobile. Therefore you might consider Verizon one of the best internet providers, but it depends on your needs and preferences; that is why you can also select Xfinity as one of your favorite between the two.

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