How to Change Verizon Phone Number

Whether you’re looking to get a fresh start with a new number or transferring an existing one from a different carrier, Verizon offers user-friendly options to make the transition smooth. This guide provides step-by-step methods, ensuring you can make the change with confidence. From utilizing the My Verizon app, Through the Verizon website and contacting Verizon’s customer service you’ll find the tools and tips necessary to update your number seamlessly.

3 Best Methods to Change Your Verizon Phone Number

Method 1: Utilizing the My Verizon App

  1. Begin by downloading and installing the My Verizon app from your device’s app store.Open the My Verizon app.
  2. Tap the Account tab at the bottom.
  3. If prompted, authenticate using password, fingerprint, or Face ID.
  4. Tap “Manage device” below the relevant mobile number.
  5. If needed, tap “Manage all devices” and then “Manage Device” next to the right mobile number.
  6. In the ‘Preferences’ section, tap “Change mobile number”.
  7. Enter the 5-digit Zip code for your new mobile number.
  8. Choose the first 6 digits of your new number and tap “Next”.
  9. Select the last 4 digits of your new number and tap “Done” followed by “Next”.
  10. On the ‘When should we switch it?’ screen, pick a date and tap “Next”.
  11. Review the information on the ‘Make sure everything looks good’ screen and tap “Next”.
  12. Choose where the authorization code should be sent and tap “Send code”.
  13. Enter the received authorization code and tap “Next”.
  14. Review the ‘Confirm number change’ message and tap “Confirm”.
  15. Restart your device and wait about 2 minutes for the update.
  16. A confirmation email with further instructions will be sent to your registered My Verizon email address.

Method 2: Through The Verizon Website

  1. Visit and sign into My Verizon account.
  2. Navigate using My Verizon Mobile.
  3. Click “Change number” for desired device.
  4. Choose to get a new number or transfer an existing one.
  5. Complete the online authorization for security.
  6. For a new number, input zip code or select City and State.
  7. Choose the first six digits for the new number.
  8. Select the last 4 digits of the new number.
  9. Confirm the new number selection.
  10. Review and click “Submit”.
  11. Confirm and check the instructions on the confirmation page to activate the new number.

Method 3: Contacting Verizon Customer Service (1-800-837-4966)

  1. Call 1-800-837-4966 Verizon customer service.
  2. Provide necessary identification details for verification.
  3. Request to change your phone number.
  4. Follow the instructions given by the customer service representative.
  5. If opting to transfer an existing number, provide the required details.
  6. Wait for the confirmation of the number change.
  7. Restart your phone if instructed.
  8. Check for any confirmation messages or emails.

If you opt to change your number through customer service, there’s a $15 fee. This fee is presumably to cover call center operations and personnel.

Troubleshooting and Common Issue

Number Not Changing

  • Restart your device.
  • Ensure you received a confirmation from Verizon about the change.

Service Disruptions

  • Check for any ongoing network outages on Verizon’s official site.
  • Turn on Airplane mode for a minute, then turn it off.

Unable to Log In to My Verizon

  • Reset your password.
  • Clear browser or app cache and try again.

New Number Not Recognized by Contacts

  • Inform contacts about the change manually.
  • Check if the number change has fully taken effect.

Charges for Changing Number

  • Review your selected method; using customer service might incur fees.
  • Contact Verizon for clarification on any unexpected charges.

Error Messages During Process

  • Note down the specific error message.
  • Search for the error on Verizon’s help forum or contact support.

Delay in Number Activation

  • Wait for a few hours; sometimes it takes time for the change to propagate.
  • If the delay persists, reach out to Verizon support.


Changing a Verizon phone number, whether for personal preferences or due to a switch from another carrier, is a process made accessible by Verizon’s comprehensive services. Through the My Verizon website, the mobile app, or by reaching out to their dedicated customer service, users have multiple avenues to ensure a smooth transition. While the steps might vary slightly across methods, the end goal remains consistent: providing customers with a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I request a number change with Verizon?

Use the My Verizon app, the Verizon website, or contact their customer service.

Can I change my phone number online?

Yes, you can change your phone number online by logging into your account on the Verizon website. Once logged in, navigate to the "Manage device" section and select "Change mobile number." Follow the prompts to choose and confirm your new number.

How do I change my number?

Depending on your carrier, use their app, website, or customer service. For Verizon, any of these methods work.

What to do before changing phone numbers?

Inform key contacts, backup data, and check for potential fees.

Can I change my phone number without changing my SIM card?

Yes, the new number is usually assigned to your existing SIM.

Does your mobile number change when abroad?

No, unless you use a local SIM card in the visiting country.

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