How to Setup Chromecast Without WiFi or Internet?

This is a common question on the internet; can I use Chromecast without WI-FI? Well, the simple answer is Yes! While you need an internet connection to stream on Chromecast, there will always be a couple of ways around it if you don’t have a WI-FI connection.

Chromecast is a device such as Roku and Amazon Fire Stick that can instantly turn your TV into a Smart TV. It allows you to cast anything from your mobile device to your TV.

What this means is, if your TV doesn’t come with some advanced features and apps such as Netflix, and a web browser, Chromecast has made it possible for you to still access these services.

In this article, you will learn the different ways to use Chromecast and access anything from your TV even if you don’t have a WI-FI connection. Let’s dig in.

How to Use Chromecast Without WIFI?

How to setup Chromecast without wifi

Usually, Chromecast needs a WIFI connection to work. But what about when your WIFI is weak and spotty? This will render it difficult to connect to your Chromecast. So what do you do in this case?

Here are a couple of ways you can connect to your Chromecast without WI-FI connectivity;

1) Connect Chromecast Using Guest Mode

Guest Mode was initially intended to enable visitors in your house to connect to your Chromecast without having to use your private WIFI network. However, it is also a great improvisation if you are finding it difficult to connect your phone to your WI-FI.

If you have a newer version of Chromecast, you notice that they also come with their own in-built WIFI signal. It works through an audio signal, broadcasting a pin (in a frequency we can’t hear) that allows your device to connect to Chromecast. Check if your Chromecast has a Guest Mode through these steps;

  1. Open Google on your mobile
  2. Find and select the name of your mobile
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Scroll down the menu and select “Device settings”

Your Guest Mode should be listed here. If not, then that means you don’t have the feature. If the Guest Mode feature is listed and there is a displayed pin right underneath it, then it means your Guest Mode is enabled and you can use it.

You can now choose the app you want to stream your shows and movies from and cast.

On the other hand, don’t fret if the Guest Mode is listed but you can’t see any pin. Your device still has a Guest Mode feature and you can cast any content. You just need to turn it on and enable it. To do this;

  1. Tap on the Guest Mode icon.
  2. Toggle the switch “find it at the top of your screen” to turn it on.
  3. Cast your content.

2) Mirror Android Device

Another way to connect Chromecast without WIFI is to mirror your Android device. It is as simple as it sounds; if you have the latest Android version, 4.4.2 or later, you can just directly mirror whatever content is on your phone to the Chromecast. Here is how;

  1. On your Android phone, go to the Google Home App.
  2. Click on the menu.
  3. Scroll down and select “cast screen/ audio”
  4. Select the name of your Chromecast.
  5. You can now play or stream whatever you want on your phone and it will show on your TV as well.

3) Use a Wired Connection

Sometimes your WIFI could not be the problem. Rather, it could be the positioning of your TV, say; your TV is set in a WIFI blackspot (for whatever reason). In this case, you don’t have to rearrange the whole room.

All you need is an Ethernet cable to connect your Chromecast to the internet. Of course, you will need a USB cable to connect from your Ethernet adapter to your Chromecast. This creates a link (fast and reliable) for your Chromecast, allowing you to use Ethernet connectivity instead of a WIFI network

4) Use your Mobile Hotspot

You can also launch the hotspot option on your mobile phone to provide the internet your Chromecast needs for connectivity. However, with this method, you will still need another source to operate correctly.

In this case, it means your smartphone serves as the router. The second device or source will serve to join the network between your smartphone and Chromecast.

If your device doesn’t have the broadband feature, you will not be able to use it to connect to your Chromecast. But you can still use any of the options provided above including Guest Mode or Wired Connection.

4) Use a Travel Router

Any device that can give you access to the internet will still enable you to connect to Chromecast without WIFI. You can grab a 4G or 5G portable router and use it as your hotspot. With this, you can connect to Chromecast with a hotspot anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device and Google Home App.

5) Use Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot allows you to connect to your laptop’s WIFI as a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Usually, this App is paid for. However, you can get a free version with primary functionality.

According to the website, the app can only work with windows 7, 8, 8.1, and/ or 10. With the paid hotspot PRO and Max you can use your mobile hotspot as the router to connect to Chromecast. However, you will need another device for using your smartphone as the router.



We all have that show or movie we can’t live without. And thanks to Chromecast, you can get access to all this content and entertainment anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.

Whether you are experiencing a drop in WIFI strength and connectivity at home, or you are on the road traveling or are staying in a hotel for a couple of days, there are multiple ways to work your way around connecting to Chromecast without WIFI.

In a nutshell, yes, you can definitely connect to Chromecast without direct internet, to other devices. And, as seen above, there are a couple of ways to do it as long as it can be used for mirroring. You just need a dedicated internet device to work with Chromecast.

Chromecast Without Wifi