Suddenlink Internet Outages Area, Learn How To Fix it?

When you experience Suddenlink internet outages, the first thing that comes to mind is contacting their customer support provider.

After all, in a world where almost everything is done online, from work and businesses to learning and entertainment, surviving without an internet connection seems impossible. For the most part, sudden uninformed internet disruption means you have to put your work and other activities on hold, which is not so pleasing.

But before you pick up your phone to complain, let’s find out what the cause of your sudden internet loss is and how to deal with it below.

Why is Suddenlink Internet Down?

Suddenlink is one of the largest internet and network providers in the US, serving more than 1.5 million residents and at least 100, 000 businesses. They offer multiple plans with multiple features, with high-speed internet, phone, home security/ automation, digital television, and wireless home networking.

However, even with the lightning-speed and highly reliable internet connection, technical issues are bound to happen, which disrupts connections. Here are some common causes that lead to Suddenlink internet outages;

1) Weather Conditions

Technically, there is no direct impact of weather on your connection (it is not snowing in your house, right?). However, there are other ways weather can affect your internet connection.

Strong winds, heavy rains, and/ or storms in your area may cause physical damage like trees falling on routers and cables. Extreme weather may also cause slow internet speeds or cut it out completely altogether.

2) Equipment failure

Faults in switches and routers are a common cause of internet failure. Old and unsupported devices may also be the cause of your internet loss. Other mistakes like pulling the wrong plug, not knowing how to connect, and using the wrong procedure are some common outage causes.

Incompatible changes may also cause trouble. This happens when you make a change that doesn’t work properly with your equipment. You want to make sure before you change a connection or network, your equipment is compatible.

3.)Power Failures

If your power goes out, then automatically your internet goes out too. Not unless you have a backed-up power, which is highly recommended, especially if all your daily activities and work are based online.

Also, try using different power circuits to make sure a single circuit failure doesn’t shut down a program and/ or service entirely.

4) Congestion

This happens when there is an overload of people trying to use the internet from the same network. While it is hard for this to happen at home, it mostly occurs in a library or an office where everyone is striving to access the internet.

There is only one solution to this; either upgrade your plan to a better and faster package that can accommodate and meet the demand, or reduce the demand and reliance on a single network.

How to Check If There is a Suddenlink Internet Outage in Your Area?

You can always check your Suddenlink outage by zip code to confirm if there is an internet disruption in your area. If your internet suddenly drops and you are not sure what the cause is, you can;

Suddenlink Internet Outages

1) Sign in to your Suddenlink Account

You will find all information you need from your online account including your payments and transactions as well as the status of your internet. Once you sign in, navigate your way to “my services”, then to “service help”.

If there is ongoing maintenance or any other activities, you will find all information regarding Suddenlink internet outages on this page.

You can also go ahead to turn on notifications so you get alerts when there are pre-planned outages and when the service is restored. This way you keep yourself in the know as well as be prepared ahead of time. 

2) Download the App

Suddenlink has its support App that you can log in anytime as long as you have signed up to the online account. Besides getting information about any upcoming and ongoing outages, you can do a lot on the App to keep yourself updated on your internet service and network.

This includes making payments, checking your Suddenlink internet status, and managing all your account activities. You can easily download the App from the Google App store for Android and iOS users. 

3) Check Social Platforms

Suddenlink has active Facebook and Twitter accounts that they keep updated with all information about their network, all the time. If there is an internet outage, the first places they update are their social platforms. You can also send them a message right on these platforms for further details. 

4) Internet Status Websites and Apps

Another way to find out if you have Suddenlink internet outages is by checking out other third-party apps and websites. There are many of them, just make sure whatever site you are checking is reliable, and provides correct information.

You can also find your Suddenlink outage map here, showcasing different areas and their previous and current Suddenlink internet status.

Suddenlink Report Outage

If there is an outage in your area, you can always get this information by logging in to your Suddenlink account online or via the App. You can then enable notifications to be notified when the service has been restored.

However, if your internet suddenly drops, or is on and off or completely cut out and you can’t seem to find any outages reports on your account, you need to call customer service for more information.

The Suddenlink report outage process is simple; you can call the customer service number right on this page, or visit their main website, find their help center page, and contact them via the most convenient way, for you. 

You can also initiate a live conversation with their agents via the live chat support icon, use the number provided to contact them, and get real-time customer service or message them via their social media platforms, i.e. Facebook or Twitter. 

Set up your Suddenlink Online Account

There are many perks to setting up your Suddenlink account. Being able to manage your account anywhere, anytime ensures you are up to date with all your activities, as well as all Suddenlink updates. Here is how you set it up:

  1. Visit the main website: 
  2. Navigate to find the “registration page”
  3. This will lead you to the Suddenlink welcome page where you will be required to provide the 16-digit account number, and an “access code”. (all this information is printed on your bill)
  4. Enter the details required, including your “username” and “email address”, and create your “password”
  5. Click “Next” and follow the prompts to finish setting up/ registering your Suddenlink account. 

Suddenlink Internet Outages Fixes

Before you get frustrated and start going off on the customer support agent about Suddenlink internet outages, here are a couple of things you can do to get your system back online; 

1) Make sure you have power 

Technically, your systems, electronics, and other equipment will shut off when you experience a blackout. However, sometimes it may not be an issue with the entire service. The outage could have been caused by a circuit.

Check your circuits and plugs to make sure they are working properly and getting enough power. You can try changing your circuits and switches to see if they are working well and ensure that is not where the issue is coming from.

2) Check your Subscription

Okay, this is logical but still; check your subscriptions and confirm your expiry dates. Make sure you are always up to date with your membership payments to prevent your internet from being cut out on you.

3) Check your devices

The next step is to check your equipment, make sure they are well plugged in, and the connection is smooth. If the internet is not working on TV, try connecting with your computer or any other device.

If it is functioning well, then you know the problem is your TV or the device in use” and not the connection. Turn it off, allow some minutes to completely go off, and then turn it on, and see if this fixes the issue.

Troubleshooting or diagnostics has also proven to be a solution in multiple instances such as this. Try this and see if it flags any problems. 

4) Reboot your router

If you haven’t thought about this, try it, it could save the day. Try turning off your router and then back on. Make sure you let it off for a couple of minutes before you turn it on again. More often than not, this quick method has fixed a dropped or failed connection.

Some of the reasons being that your router may have experienced a minor crash, or has overheated and just requires a restart to get running again.

5) Get Close to the Router

Sometimes when the internet drops, all you need to do is get closer to the router. Check the WI-FI icon on your device; if the bars are full then your WI-FI is strong enough. If the strength of your signal has dropped then you may only have one bar.

This means the signal is not strong enough to get you online. Move close to the router to see if that helps. 

6) Replace your Router

An old router may not be as powerful and may have dropped its functionality over time. You might want to get a new one or check out other better, upgraded models in the market. You can get one from your provider or buy it elsewhere.

7) Upgrade your Package

If your connection keeps dropping, it simply could be a sign that you need to upgrade to a faster package. Alternatively, you can contact your service provider about the issue if you are not getting the speed and signal strength you have subscribed for.

Choosing a Suddenlink Internet Package:

There are many factors you should put into consideration before choosing any Suddenlink internet plans;

  • One of the most important factors is your usage and reliance. If you are a gamer, work online, are always using the internet more than anything else, you want to go for a bigger package.
  • Speed is another factor you want to consider when choosing your plans. Whatever your needs are, you can’t afford to have a slow or unreliable internet speed. 
  • If a Suddenlink network connection doesn’t have a good network in your area, there is no cure for this. Before you go ahead and purchase your plan, first find out what areas the provider offers their services, and if yours is eligible. 
  • Cost is another factor. While there are other important factors like speed and availability that you want to put at the forefront, you also want to consider cost before you subscribe. More importantly, you want to make sure you get the value for your money. 

8) Reduce Demand and Reliance

If for whatever reason, you can’t consider an upgrade, you might as well reduce the reliance and demands. Congestion is one of the reasons the internet goes down or completely off. If you have more than one device relying on the same network, you might consider switching off those that are not in use. 

9) Contact your Service Provider

Finally, if nothing seems to fix Suddenlink internet outages issues, it is about time you call your service provider. Visit the main website and find the “help center” page. There are a couple of ways you can use to contact them according to your convenience.

How to Reset or Restart your Suddenlink Router?

Resetting your Router is a common way of fixing Suddenlink internet outages. Here are some simple steps to go about the process;

  1. Go to the Suddenlink router set-up page
  2. Click the “Admin” button
  3. Select “Factory Defaults”
  4. Click “Restore Factory Defaults” and your router should be reset. If not, contact customer service.

To restart your router, follow these steps:

  1. First, switch off or cut the power supply from the main socket and let it off for some time.
  2. Plug the cord back in, and wait for the lights to be stable
  3. Refresh your browser and type in any URL address to test your internet
  4. If you can’t load WebPages, restart your device; Your TV, Computer, etc.