Best Dedicated Internet Access for 2022

Technology and internet connectivity have become the backbone of many businesses in today’s world. It is seen as a helpful tool that can carry out or manage the business operation or daily work more effectively than it could have been in previous years. The good thing with network connectivity is that it can increase the productivity of a given work while improving security and preventing any risk that might occur.

However, though there has been growth in network connectivity, many people and businesses still have the problem with unreliable internet access. Many telecommunication companies have invested in fiber internet to curb the problem to solve some of these issues. Since most business deals with critical mission application or data, the solution for those struggling with network issues would be dedicated internet access. Read up to the end of this post to find out why you need dedicated internet access for business and personal use.

Dedicated Internet Review

It is a package of services that offers you a direct link to connect with the telecommunication company network. Since you will be connected directly to the internet service provider, you will receive the same internet package as you purchased.

Dedicated internet access is different from shared internet access. Both the business and residential customers share the network resource. The network bandwidth you get depends on the number of users connected or using the internet at a given time. Only businesses or organizations will connect to the internet service provider with a dedicated connection.

dedicated internet access pricing

With the dedicated connection, you will have solid remote connectivity between different locations, connecting various services, applications, and many others. There are different reliable connections available that you can use, ranging from fiber cables to the ones with a dedicated connection through a wireless approach.

Types of Dedicated Internet Access

There are different types of dedicated internet connection access. The difference between these types is based on distance and speed. The types include;

  1. T1/DS1 – T1: It is a copper base fiber that transmits data to a speed of 1.5 megabits per second. T1 stands for the transmission rate of the data. For example, two T1’s will stand for 3 Mbps.
  2. T3/DS3 – A T3: It is another type of connection that transmits the data up to a speed of 45 Mbps.
  3. Ethernet: It is a type of connection, a copper base that can transmit the data to 100 Mbps.
  4. Fiber: Here data are transmitted through an optic fiber that can be able to carry data of up to 100Mbps.

Advantages of dedicated internet access

Most providers use service level agreement that outlines the technical availability, uptime speed, repair time, and many others, so they will be committed to making sure that everything works as per the agreement. If an unexpected error happens against the agreement, some providers will offer you some credits or discounts for compensation.

#Guaranteed bandwidth;

With a dedicated internet connection, you will get a legit internet connection. This connection guarantees the bandwidth that you pay for. It does not matter if you will use a lot or less, the dedicated internet access will be the same, and the bandwidth you will get is the one you buy. There will be no slow speed or having a lot of downtimes. With this internet access, you can manage your application on your server or host your apps and websites seamlessly without any internet outage in terms of speed or uptime.

#Power and speed;

In business, even a tiny mistake can cost you a lot leading to loss. You will need to connect to your customer, partners, employees, and many others in the business. Though dedicated internet access pricing is higher than other internet packages, the money you invest will be worth it. Fiber connectivity that can go up to a speed of 1Gbps based on your subscription will give your business the ability to connect to the internet seamlessly at the highest rate. Therefore this is an opportunity for your organization to grow to another level.

#Dedicated customer service

Almost all the internet providers with dedicated internet packages have invested much in delivering services to their customers. You will find that they offer service monitoring and full-time support to their customers. If there is a technical issue, sometimes even the client might not realize it. Also, when something goes wrong on your side, once you raise the issue, their team of experts will respond to you immediately and make sure that everything is running as expected.

#Increased productivity;

It is another benefit that you can get from dedicated internet support. First, your IT staff will have more time to focus on your organization’s project than on providing network management support.

#Enhanced security;

Dedicated internet access offers you secure and private network connectivity. Therefore, handling the critical company data on your network would be safe. Though the dedicated internet access pricing is high, it guarantees security for your business data, services, and application that could cost you.

Dedicated Internet Approximated Price for Different Packages

Dedicated internet access offers you a private connection between your business and the Internet service provider. Therefore dedicated internet access pricing will be high because you get the advertised speed per the agreement. Here are some approximations from different internet service providers;

Data RateMonthly FeeSet up or Installation Fee
From 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps$7,500 per 10 Gbps$3,000
10 Gbps$7,500$3,000
5 Gbps$4,000$3,000
2 Gbps$1,600$1,500 – $3,000
1 Gbps$850$1,500 – $3,000
100 Mbps$500$1,500

Dedicated Internet Connection Providers for the U.S

Many dedicated internet connection providers offer different business plans at different dedicated internet access pricing. If you are ready, you can even reach them and get their exact prices. Some of these providers include:

Provide brandMax speedReliability
Comcast1,000 Mbps99.998%
CenturyLink1,000 Mbps99.90%
AT&T1,000 Mbps99.90%
Verizon1,000 Mbps99.90%
Frontier1,000 Mbps99.90%

How to Know if Your Business Requires Dedicated Internet Access?

Small or medium-sized organizations can run on shared internet access. A shared connection will be an option if you do not handle sensitive data, you do not deal with large files over the internet, and if you do not host your website yourself.

However, if the slow internet becomes a problem, you can shift to a high-speed one. Dedication will be an ideal option if you are an enterprise that requires high spending and guaranteed bandwidth. If you have a lot of file transfers like streaming, sharing information on website operations, hosting applications, and many others, then a private connection would be ideal for you. Also, if you are using the internet and have 20 or more employees, it’s better to shift to a dedicated internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bottom Line

Remember those shared and dedicated connections are not equal, that is why you see the dedicated internet access pricing is much higher than the shared one. A dedicated connection is the number one option for big businesses and small businesses. With a dedicated internet connection, you will have more efficient, resilient, faster internet to help you achieve your business needs.