Internet Deals & Plans Dedicated vs Shared Internet: Which is better

Dedicated vs Shared Internet: Which is better

Gone are the days when people could survive without an internet connection. Having an internet connection today will enable you to shop, work, and get in touch with people. Many rely on the internet to accomplish and simplify many tasks for convenience.

You should know that nowadays, technology and internet connection have become the backbone of every business to run its operation smoothly. Either using dedicated vs shared internet will boost the performance and continuity of your business. It also helps you have a vast network where you can do business. This post will help you know which one is best for business, between the dedicated internet connection and shared internet.

Types of Internet Connections

An internet connection can simplify someone’s life in handling their operations. However, it is difficult to determine what type suits you to meet your personal or business needs. Unless you are a tech-savvy individual, you might not know the main types of internet connections that you can use today.

The main two types of internet connection are the dedicated and shared internet connection. There are many differences between these two types; however, location or distance and other factors will guide you in determining which one you can use. Before coming to a conclusion on which plan to use between dedicated vs shared internet, it is better to understand what they entail. Knowing their pros and cons will give you a clear picture of which will work best for you.

What is Shared Internet Access

Shared internet access is the internet connection service where more than one customer or organization uses the same internet connection. Here the available bandwidth is shared among all the subscribers to a given bandwidth level. Depending on your usage and needs, it is economical and reliable.

It is essential to know whether the network you are using is shared rather than not be aware of what is happening. With the shared internet connection, when many subscribers are using the internet, the bandwidth you will get will be less unless fewer subscribers are connecting to the internet. It is time now you can enjoy the internet speed.

For example, in the 100 Mbps package, you might get around 80% of the bandwidth. Still, a time also you can receive less than this if there are a lot of users using the internet connection, and these are the reasons as to why other businesses choose the dedicated one.

What is Dedicated Internet Access

It is an internet connection that provides you with a direct link to the internet provider’s private network, and it guarantees you the same bandwidth at all times. For example, if you purchase a bandwidth of 100 Mbps, you will receive the same bandwidth on your side.

With a dedicated internet connection, you are assured of more availability and a secure connection. It is an ideal option for your critical data or IT needs like web hosting, VoIP, connecting offices, and many other applications. You can use the concept of a highway to give the difference between the dedicated vs shared internet. Now take the internet connection to be the highway, then the shared network can be the road shared by the various cars. The more car uses the road simultaneously, the less speed a car will drive on the road because there is heavy traffic.

Dedicated vs Shared Internet Comparison

dedicated vs shared internet

Which one will you choose between the dedicated vs shared internet for your business? The answer is that both two options can fit your business needs; therefore, before you select one, evaluate if it will meet your network demands, budgets, or business needs. If your business is small with less than 20 employees, limited network infrastructure, or funds, you can go for a shared internet connection. It will meet your demands at a meager cost.

However, use the dedicated one if your organization uses high internet bandwidth for critical services or applications. Some of the essential mission applications of services include VoIP, Video conferencing, cloud application, dealing with sensitive data, and other high upstream dedicated connection services. This option will provide you with more secure, stable, and reliable requirements. Advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated and Shares Internet Access;

Advantages of Dedicated Internet Access

  • Exclusive: With a dedicated internet connection, you will get an internet connection specific to your business. Here you will have the peace of having a network connection that no other person can access unless your business.
  • Bandwidth Usage Freedom: The dedicated internet connection is a private one, and even working on a program that consumes a lot of bandwidth will not be an issue for you anymore. You will allocate the bandwidth to various departments or locations you like in your organization. You can also assign the bandwidth you want to your application the way you like. This freedom will enable you to run your business smoothly as expected because there is no internet connectivity interruption.
  • Better Security: Security is an essential component that everyone could want to have over the internet. With a dedicated connection, you will not have direct access to the public internet, which is why this is another way of not exposing your network to the public that can expose your security threats. Thus with a dedicated internet connection, your business or home network will not be disclosed to malicious activities, making you more secure.
  • Amazing Customer Support: It is a unique package provided by most internet services providers. The providers are usually committed to providing you with the best services and support as expected. They have dedicated customer support, so there is nothing to worry about when unexpected issues happen.
  • Consumption Independence: Dedicated internet access is offered at a given package. When you decide to use a plan to meet your needs, it does not matter what network you use. You can use the bandwidth as much as you require because once you have settled your monthly or yearly payment, there will be no extra cost that you will incur again.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Internet Access

Also though this package is best between the dedicated internet vs. shared internet access, there is one disadvantage that comes with the package; this disadvantage includes: 

  • Expensive Option: Though you will enjoy many of the benefits, which come with a dedicated internet connection, the cost of the packages is very high. Therefore before you choose this option, it will be good to evaluate if it is within your budget. Though the cost of a dedicated internet connection is very high, you will also realize it is worth what you will spend, so make a reliable decision.

Advantages of Shared Internet Access

  • Established Infrastructure: It is a popular package used by most users in a given region or area; therefore, it has an established infrastructure. Because of this, you can have a new connection quickly and without any problems or delays. With this in mind, you will see other providers not charging you even the installation fees because everything is already in place in that area. What they will do is tap the internet to your home or business location. However, this may vary from one place to the other, but if you want the internet connection with this package goes to the providers that have an established infrastructure in the area.
  • Cost-Effective: The shared one is cost-effective between the dedicated internet vs. shared internet accesses. You get internet services at a lower cost. Even if you have a small budget, you can find a plan to suit your business needs. For small enterprises or startups, using this package would be helpful to you because it offers you a lower initial cost that you can operate without any problem.
  • Set Packages: With the shared connection, you will get different plans available to choose from for your business. You can choose luxury packages that come at a lower cost than the dedicated ones and enjoy the services as you meet your personal or business demands.

Disadvantages of Shared Internet Access

Also, this package comes with disadvantages that you must know before deciding that this is the option that will be better for your business. This package comes with drawbacks like:

  • Speed is not guaranteed: If you are after internet speed, this is not the ideal option. Here the speed of the connection is influenced by a lot of factors. Therefore, there is no guaranteed speed that you can get with this type of connection. The shared internet services are not reliable because their rate depends on the number of users using the internet at a given time. Also, weather can affect the speed since most provide satellite options to transmit the internet connection.
  • Tech Support: If you compare the dedicated internet vs. shared internet access, you will find that the shared one has the worst tech support to their customer in terms of the tech support. Since the package is very cheap, the provider will not contribute much to it, and it may take longer to resolve a given issue.
  • Expensive: The package seems to be expensive given the circumstances. For example, if there is no established infrastructure in your area, it depends on the distance they will cover to provide the internet services in your area. It may lead to you being charged an extra fee for installation. Since this connection is not secure, if your business network gets hacked, you will have to incur the cost of retrieving your business to work again.

What Are the Differences Between Dedicated And Shared Internet

By now, it is clear that there is a lot of difference that you will get if you try to compare dedicated vs shared internet. Remember, as you have seen, your choice will depend on the nature of your network usage or business.

The significant difference between these connections is their download and upload speed. With the dedicated one, you will get a reliable and secure one. However, the shared internet connection is unreliable because of the crowded users. You already know the pros and cons of the two types, and by now, you can make a sound decision.

Remember, you do not want a poor internet connection. If your business requires a convenient option, look for your favorite provider in your area and switch to the dedicated connection option. Depending on the distance, they can do the installation for you within 3 to 5 working days. Also, if you have a lousy internet services provider, do not feel stuck there. Some other better are out there in the market that can even do the installation free of charge, so you can make up your mind and switch to a better one.

Bottom line

By now, you know which one is a better option for your business, between dedicated vs shared internet. Note that having a reliable connection will benefit your business in many ways, as you have seen above. Therefore it’s time to take action since you have decided which one can work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Dedicated Internet Faster?

Yes, a dedicated internet is faster. It offers you a private connection from your business to your provider. Since you will get the bandwidth you purchase, the download or the upload speed will be much faster.

Is Dedicated Internet More Secure?

Yes, dedicated internet access is more secure. Remember this is a safe prevent connection to the internet provider. You will not be more vulnerable to the public link where you can be hacked or experience other malicious activities.

Is AT&T Fiber Shared Or Dedicated?

Like other internet providers, AT&T provides both the fiber shared and the dedicated connection to their customers. However, they have high-speed shared among the local area reasonably.