Xfinity Mobile vs. AT&T: Which is The Best

If you have been wondering who offers the best and most reliable services between Xfinity Mobile and AT&T, no more worrying. Both AT&T and Xfinity Mobile are the major carriers. This Xfinity mobile vs. AT&T comparison will put light on these two internet providers, their pricing plans, coverage, and many more.

Even though they are almost similar, there is a significant distinction between the two. So, let’s get started.

Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: Summary

FeaturesXfinity MobileAT&T
Network carrierVerizonAT&T
eSIM supportNOYES
5G capabilityYesYes
Lowest plan$15 with up to 10 lines$25
Data speed4000 + Mbps1400 + Mbps
Unlimited talk and text YesYes
Unlimited DataYesYes
Discounted plansYesYes
Free Canada or Mexico$10 per monthYes
Video streamYesYes

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is among the largest internet services provider in the United State that serves a large percentage of the population. They offer affordable plans with data priority, and if you are looking for the best low-cost plan, it might be a better pick for yourself.

So long as you have the Xfinity cable TV or internet, you will enjoy the 5G internet speed at the lowest price. They also have faster data that can run up to 4000 + Mbps on the 5G broadband, and even during the low peak, the network can run at a speed of 40Mbps to 150Mbps.


Another internet services provider is also a major provider in the US. It has more impressive services than Xfinity Mobile. For instance, it has a peak data speed ranging from 800Mbps to 1400Mbps that runs on the 5G broadband.

They give you a data allow that makes plans to be unlimited to you. AT&T has better postpaid plans with unlimited data, text, and talks. You can also use the HBO free subscription without your data getting slowed down.

Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: Review and Comparison

Availability and Eligibility

Though Xfinity is a virtual network provider, it works differently from other virtual network operators. The availability or eligibility to use the Xfinity mobile, you must be a customer of Xfinity with either Xfinity TV or internet services.

However, if you do not want to maintain the TV or the internet cable service but want to enjoy the Xfinity mobile services, you might incur an extra fee of $25. Since Xfinity mobile does not offer eSIM support, then you cannot activate the services instantly.

Conversely, AT&T does not have crazy requirements that might bar you from starting you using the services. You will not have to undergo a credit check on its prepaid services like the Xfinity mobile do if you want a multiple-line service.

With AT&T, you will enjoy the eSIM services, and you do not have to wait for a physical SIM card. Therefore if you compare the availability and eligibility of Xfinity Mobile vs. AT&T, then the one that favors the customer more is AT&T.

Availability and Eligibility: AT&T has more customers than Xfinity Mobile.

Network Coverage

For Xfinity Mobile, it runs on the most extensive network Verizon, which has the most comprehensive network coverage. The network covers both the rural and major cities. Therefore if you are looking for an internet provider with the largest between the two, then Xfinity is a better choice that will cover you even if you move from one town to another.

On the hand, though AT&T has comprehensive coverage, it is not like the Verizon network, covering some metropolises and rural areas. Xfinity Mobile won because the network it uses has invested in many cell towers that make Xfinity Mobile be found in almost all the places. Therefore in terms of the network coverage, the Xfinity Mobile wins.

Network Coverage: Xfinity Mobile is everywhere.

Discounted Plans and Deals

You got covered if you want to upgrade to a newer device with the two providers. With the Xfinity Mobile, you will get great deals; for example, you can get $750 off the latest gadgets. On other devices, you can save up to even $400. Also, they have another deal in the trade-in program that you can use to get qualified for several different models of devices.

If you stick to Xfinity prepaid services, you will stand a chance of getting a free phone. They also have a promotion for low-end phones. However, these promotions just come once in a while, so if you need to take advantage of the promotion, you have to stay tuned, and if you receive an alert about any promotion, you will be able to utilize it.

With AT&T, you will have much to enjoy when dealing. For instance, they have an offer for devices for $0.00 so long as you are eligible for the unlimited plan or trade-in program. Unlike the Xfinity Mobile, with AT&T, you will get various phone brands and models that you can get at a discount, and you may end up saving around $1000. Therefore in terms of deals, AT&T wins.

Discounted Plans and Deals: AT&T has the Best Deals and Discounts.

Internet Speeds

The rate of AT&T depends on what you are using. AT&T supports 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G internet connections. For the 3G connection, you can experience a drop in signals. However, if you use the AT&T 5G internet connection, you will notice the fantastic internet speed. With the 5G, you will not see any delays even with congestion since the rate can run at a peak speed of up to 1400 + Mbps.

Note that the provider uses the low band and high band infrastructure, so the people who can access the low band LTE infrastructure can only enjoy a 5G internet speed ranging from 44Mbps to 140+Mbps.

You will also be able to access the 5G internet connection for the Xfinity Mobile. There is a high data prioritization with this carrier to have a high browsing speed. The 5G network runs on a high band and has a peak of 4000Mbps. Also, it supports a Wi-Fi hotspot with a speed of 400Mbps.

Also, the high band connection is limited on the Xfinity Mobile network, so other customers only have access to a low band network with a peak of around 150Mbps. However, if you need the fastest data speed for your hotspot and device, Xfinity Mobile wins.

Internet Speeds: Xfinity gives higher internet speed than AT&T.

Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: Plans and Pricing

One of the features that differ between Xfinity Mobile and AT&T is the pricing rate on the plans they have. Though Xfinity has cheaper plans, it has low data location; AT&T offers more data at a higher cost. Now let’s look at their plan structure and pricing.

Xfinity Mobile Vs. AT&T

Xfinity Mobile Plans

Xfinity mobile provides unlimited, and Gig plans to their customer. With their plans, the price can vary depending on the number of lines you want to subscribe to. So for more lines then, the cost will be higher than having fewer lines.

However, the many lines plans act like a data-sharing plan that is good if you have more than one device or want to use the plan as a family. Let’s look at a summary of the Xfinity mobile package structure and its pricing.

1 line cost$15 per month$30 per month$60 per month$45 per month
2 lines cost$7.5 per month (per line)$15 per month (per line)$30 per month (per line)$40 per month (per line)
3 lines cost$5 per month (per line)$10 per month (per line)$20 per month (per line)$33.33 per month (per line)
4 lines cost$3.75 per month (per line)$7.5 per month (per line)$15 per month (per line)$30 per month (per line)
10 lines cost$1.5 per month (per line)$3 per month (per line)$6 per month (per line)$24 per month (per line)
4G and 5G capabilityYesYesYesYes
Unlimited talk and textYesYesYesYes
Internet speed1GB3GB10GBUnlimited
Wi-Fi hotspotYesYesYesYes
Video streamHD quality – 1080pHD quality – 1080pHD quality – 1080pSD quality – 480p

AT&T Pricing Structure

Regarding the plan pricing, the lowest plan comes at $30 per month with the 5GB plan or $25 per month when you choose the 8GB. However, you get a discount with this plan once you add a line. For instance, for the unlimited plan, when you add some lines, you will have multiple lines discount that can make the price drop from $65 to $30 per month.

With the unlimited elite package, you will receive the unlimited high internet speed that you will pay around $35 per month.

Now let’s look at a summary of the AT&T plans pricing structure;

Features5GB8GBUnlimitedUnlimited StarterUnlimited Elite
Normal cost$30 per month$25 per month$65 per month$75 per month$75 per month (per line)
Autopay discount$15 per month$10 per month$10 per month
Multiple line discount$10 to $20 $10 to $20$5 to $35 $10 to $40
5G AccessNo NoYesYesYes
Unlimited text and talkYesYesYesYesYes
Data speed5GB8GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Data priority22GB22GB50GB
Roll over dataYes Yes NoNoNo
Video streamHD quality – 1080pHD quality – 1080pHD quality – 1080pHD quality – 1080pHD quality – 1080p
Wi-Fi HotspotYesYesYesYesYes

If you pay much attention to the plans and the pricing of these two, you will notice that the Xfinity Mobile is cheaper for both the multiple and the single lines.

Xfinity Mobile vs. AT&T: Benefits

Benefits of using Xfinity Mobile

Here are the benefits of using the Xfinity Mobile:

  • Most prominent network coverage that is provided by the significant carrier Verizon
  • No contract, credit check, or activation fee for the postpaid services.
  • 14-day guarantee money back if you are not satisfied with the services.
  • You can bring your device and enjoy a gift card.
  • You can keep your telephone number
  • Wi-Fi hotspot is supported
  • Texting free of charge to more than 200 countries.
  • International call-in more than 200 countries
  • Fantastic customer service and support through chat, phone calls, or Facebook messenger.

Benefits of Using AT&T

Here are the benefits that you are going to get when you use AT&T:

  • Fastest downloading speeds
  • Great plans for family
  • Multiline discount
  • Strong coverage
  • Better for international options


From this Xfinity Mobile vs. AT&T post, we can conclude that both providers are excellent. However, they have some differences on the internet of availability, deals, device financing, hotspot, discount, and many other features; you may choose one over the other since it might meet your requirement.

One thing that can help you decide between the two is the cost, data requirement, and network coverage. Therefore, look at your budget, check if the provider is available in your area, confirm if the data package will suit your need, and pick your favorite one.

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Xfinity Mobile vs. AT&T: FAQ

Are AT&T and Xfinity the same?

No, the two internet providers are not the same. For instance, AT&T has its cell tower, while Xfinity is a virtual network that runs on Verizon cell towers. Apart from the cell towers, they have other differences, as you have seen above.

Can I use the Xfinity phone with AT&T?

Yes. For it to work with AT&T, then the Xfinity phone must be unlocked. Or, if it is the latest device, then the hardest would be compatible. However, to be safe, before you buy any device, cross-check and see if it is compatible with the carrier before you buy it. Also, if you already have the device, you can use the IMEI checker and check the phone’s compatibility with other carriers.

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