AT&T Vs. Verizon, Which Is the Best Carrier of 2022

In the U.S, the largest two carriers are AT&T and Verizon; the chances are high that you’re considering choosing either of them for your next plan on a cell phone. But which is better for you, AT&T or Verizon? To find out, we’ll be comparing everything from Unlimited data plans to 5G network coverage perks.

Currently, AT&T has the edge on its 5G (at the moment only, though), while 4G LTE coverage from Verizon is better. AT&T has lower prices, and it offers cellular data with more high-speed on its unlimited plans.

Although Verizon arguably provides better perks. Customer service experiences and mobile hotspot data offered to you by the two carriers are of equivalent amounts.

AT&T Vs. Verizon, Which Is The Right Carrier For You?

For a good reason, AT&T and Verizon have been dominating the wireless industry for several years. From this AT&T Vs. Verizon comparison, we can see that each of the two carriers provides customers stellar coverage and high-speed phone plans that offer more than enough high-speed internet and other attractive extras.

at&t vs verizon

AT&T vs Verizon Coverage

Irrespective of the promotions on 5G, the main cellular signal used by our phones for voice service and data is still 4G LTE. Verizon leads on 4G LTE with its great nationwide coverage compared to its main carrier competitors.

For 5G, it’s a different story. Compared to Verizon with 11% countrywide coverage, AT&T commands a larger 5G network coverage with18%. While the 5G rollout is still in its early stages, Verizon possesses network assets and financial ability to remain ahead of AT&T- also, in the coming future, ahead of all other field players. Across the country and at designated hotspots, it also has the fastest 5G speeds.

The dominance of Verizon’s 4GLTEand its growth in 5G. will convince you of its superior carrier in relation to coverage. See below the national coverage map for AT&T stack up and Verizon against one another based on 5G and 4G coverage.

AT&T vs Verizon Prices

Among the highest-priced in the market is the cell plan on Verizon, which pushes the threshold of $100/month to top-end offers(if you’re the country’s largest carrier, you may get away with it). Though similarly pricey, AT&T’s plans are less expensive than Verizon’s – by $5 generally or per month less by $10.

AT&T has also shown a willingness to reduce the prices on the primary unlimited plans through promotional deals. A current offer, for instance, brings down the plan Unlimited Elite from AT&T from &85/month merely to $60/month through amortized bill credits of $250.

With that, slightly cheaper plans of AT&T are weaker in matters of inclusions and perks. For $5-10/month extra, Verizon adds six streaming services up (Hulu, Disney+, etc.) for free. Meanwhile, AT&T only provides one entertainment perk, the HBO Max- the most expensive plan.

That’s how Verizon’s flagship gained more Unlimited of($90/month against Unlimited Elite on AT&T (mostly $85/month).

AT&T Vs Verizon Perks

In their attempts to get subscribers from one another, AT&T and Verizon have become aggressive in building their streaming subscriptions together with perks on their unlimited plans. Below see what’s included on some of AT&T and Verizon’s top-tier plans for cell phones:

Verizon ( 5G Get More ) PerksAT&T (Unlimited Elite) Perks
Disney+HuluESPN+Apple Music

On $90/month, the 5G Get More plan on Verizon involves Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+bundle, a whole 600GB cloud storage, and a complete year of Discovery+ plus Apple Arcade. On $85.month – only $5 less, wherein HBO Max AT&T offers you one single streaming service.

Also, in favor of Verizon, most of these similar perks are offered in less capacity Unlimited plans that are less expensive, like either 6-month trials (as with 5G Do More)or full subscriptions (as with 5G Play More). Verizon emerges as a clear winner in this category.

High–Speed Data (AT&T Vs Verizon)

Carrier never tells you one secret: Unlimited data is nearly never an unlimited full-stop. The majority of carriers incept so-called data deprioritization, on which your data service is bound to slow once in a given month you’ve consumed a certain amount. Carriers do this in order to add speed and space for subscribers who, at specific times, consume fewer data.

That’s the reason you need to go through the fine print of the unlimited plan before signing up. While comparing the description of AT&T Vs. Verizon plans, you’ll encounter “premium data.” Before your speed is slowed by the carrier, this is the high-speed benefit offer you are given.

Therefore which carrier provides data with higher speed, AT&T or Verizon? The response actually is dependent on your interest plan, although briefly- more than others, the Unlimited Elite plan on AT&T offers high-speed of the highest allotment.

Below is the breakdown of the plans:

AT&T Vs Verizon, Premium Data

5G StartNoneUnlimited StarterNone

5G Play More


Unlimited Extra


5G Do More 

50 GB

Unlimited Elite

5G Get MoreUnlimited

You can notice that generally, with Verizon Vs. AT&T, with its allowance to all users of high-speed data of Verizon, is most dangerous- Both Plans, the 5G Do More and 5G Play More, comes with a huge premium data of 50GB. At the high-end, 5G Get More boasts an unlimited priority date, while budget-targeted 5G Start has no premium data.

On the other side, AT&T strengthens its allotment on premium data by plan tiers in a similar manner. Premium data are not offered in their plan on Unlimited Starter at all. This implies that your speed can be slowed potentially at any time.

The plan on Unlimited Extra is in line with 50GB Play More and 5G Do More on Verizon: Unlimited Elite which is the top-tier, offers Unlimited premium data, promising all-month-long high-speed usage. The pricing is almost similar, although Verizon allows you to pick from the two plans with a data threshold priority of 50GB.

As seen, there’s an even match for Data premium, hence our declaration for a draw this round.

Mobile data Hotspot, AT&T Vs Verizon

Mobile data hotspot offers you an internet signal that can link with a button to swipe your other devices (see deeper explanation on our mobile hotspot guide). When in a pinch, a really good lifesaver is a mobile hotspot.

Most small carriers- and each major carrier- now include certain hotspot data amounts in their Unlimited plans. Verizon and AT&T each add quite more to the plan on unlimited postpaid. Below I how they compare.

 Hotspot data allowances

5G StartNoneUnlimited StarterNone

5G Play More


Unlimited Extra


5G Do More 


Unlimited Elite

5G Get More50GB

AT&T and Verizon’s hotspot allowances are pretty close. 5G Play More plan on AT&T offers high-speed hotspot data of 15GB, while its top-tier plan offers 40GB. To its top plan, Verizon offers 50GB, and on mid-range packages, 25GB. It’s quite clear with all that: Verizon wins, although AT&T isn’t very far behind.

AT&T Vs Verizon Family Plans

Family plans may lead to expensive plans being more affordable by far, allowing you to have your entire group of people or family connected for an affordable monthly price.

For their family plans, carriers used the approach; of one-size-fits-all here; everyone involved had to sign up for an identical plan deal. Verizon supported this trend by introducing its new plan Mix-and-Match-family, and sometime later, AT&T followed suit with its plan Unlimited-Your-Way-Family.

Mix-and-Match option for each carrier is easy to calculate-to obtain the per-line cost for each chosen plan in regard to the total number of your account lines. Therefore if you got a four-member family, every mix and match should cost its predetermined 4-line price. To get your monthly bill, you total them up.

Below is the breakdown of Verizon and AT&T’s corresponding family offer options and their price per plan in case you happen to include to your account four lines.

Breakdown of Family plan pricing;

CarrierPlan1 Line4 Lines
Verizon5G Start$70/month$140/month ($35/line)
Verizon5G Play More$80/month$180/month ($45/line)
Verizon5G Do More$80/month$180/month ($45/line)
Verizon5G Get More$90/month$220/month ($55/line)
AT&TUnlimited Starter$65/month$140/month ($35/line)
AT&TUnlimited Extra$75/month$160/month ($40/line)
AT&TUnlimited Elite$85/month$200/month ($50/line)

The prices on AT&T’s family plan undercut Verizon by a current but not exponential margin by (for a four-member family,$20/month). Every penny counts for additional consumers to connect (and streaming habits to factor), so only AT&T carries the day based on price.

In most cases, family plans are usually not only about the outright cost but also when you’re subscribed to one of the extra perks of Verizon’s family plans.

Several additional savings can result from subsidized subscription fees, thus bringing cost differences to fair level ground. Bear in mind that although ATT&T has premium data that are sweetly unlimited in unlimited Elite, Verizon’s plan two mod-range gives a huge 50GB, which is more than what is required by your entire group. So after checking on all these factors which constitute a truly valuable family plan, we’re stating this as another draw.

Customer service, AT&T Vs Verizon

One true thing is that neither AT&T nor Verizon is exactly famous because of their personalized customer service. When dialing into one of them, you will have your patience tested (based on a person who has ever been subscribed to the two); the chatbots are frustratingly slow to promptly address your issue.

However, one of the main advantages is that choosing one of the main carriers is due to the availability of plenty of retail locations across the country, so on-one support is never far from you. Most importantly, both Verizon and AT&T store associates are at times highly well trained, knowledgeable, and readily willing to support you in anything you are dealing with.

You may also contact AT&T through their email or phone if you download their app. For Verizon carrier customers, if you are one, then you will have their customer service in place for 7 days per week via online chat, Facebook Messenger, or phone call.

Tips to assist you when choosing an internet plan

When it comes to the issue of choosing an internet plan that is perfect and works best for you, you need to know what you want;

  • Data: You want 4G LTE/5G data to do everything? Then ensure you have plenty to sustain your daily habit.
  • Price: To get the best deals, make use of price comparison tools.
  • Coverage: From the three big carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and Verizon-they all offer 4G coverage that’s pretty good in cities. For emerging 5G networks and rural arrears, check out Coverage maps to ensure you’ll get the needed service.
  • Perks: Hotspot and HD streaming which are extra features-you go through the fine print to ensure it has got them.


You also have to make payment for the privilege, but only a pretty penny; this is because, in the wireless market, the prices they charge are the highest.

AT&T slightly beats Verizon on matters of affordability. This is mostly on family plan pricing, although Verizon happens to offer more bang for that (expensive) buck, giving out more perks that are included alongside its entire suite in the unlimited plan as well as more consistency on allowances on premium data.

In the great scheme of happenings, the two carriers are more the same such that none of them outshines the other on any substantial capacity. It, in fact, and in a real sense, narrows down the thing you like and most high value on your wireless carrier. If you are for premium perks and services, Then go for Verizon. If your priority is to save some bucks (you love HBO too), then AT&T is your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AT&T or Verizon Cheaper?

While comparing the pricing, AT&T is slightly cheaper than Verizon. However, for that cost difference, Verizon offers something more on top, particularly since it associates with entertainment coverage strengths and perks.

What perks do AT&T and Verizon offer?

The two carriers provide mobile hotspot data with text, data, and talk in Canada and Mexico. For entertainment perks, HBO Max subscription, which is included on AT&T on top of its plan on top-tier Unlimited; Verizon provides perks on its four unlimited offerings; Disney+, Apple Music, ESPN+ and Hulu.

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