AT&T Small Business Internet Plans

AT&T has one of the best internet data plans for medium- and small-sized organizations. AT&T is the most popular internet service provider in the United States and offers highly competitive services. Their internet is very affordable and reliable. AT&T data plans guarantee you peace of mind by ensuring that all your connected devices, customers, and transactions are secure and safe. Another cutting edge feature that distinguishes AT&T from its competitors is their unlimited internet that does not have data caps. This feature ensures that you cannot pay extra charges for going behold your monthly data range. AT&T also offers you the best internet plans and does not have any annual contracts.

AT&T Business Internet is An Excellent Option For Small and New Businesses

At&t business internet is best suited for new and small businesses that have a couple of connected users and require a connection range of about 30 to 50Mbps. You can be able to comfortably download large files, communicate with your customers and employees while using a 25Mbps network. At 50Mbps, you can be able to comfortably carry out a video conference with your customers and business partners without interruption. In case your needs include running cloud computing services such as Software as a Service or connecting many devices or users, you can switch to a higher data plan service by enrolling in the premium packages.

Advantages of at&t small business internet plans

Being the best internet service provider in the United States, at&t has a lot of advantages. These advantages include:

  • At&t provides DSL Hybrid, fiber internet, and a fixed wireless internet connection that depends on your area of residence. Having a wide range of connections guarantees that there is a connection to as many households as possible.
  • It offers you a wide range of internet plans that you can choose from.
  • You do not require a contract. The at&t provides you with internet plans that are auto-renewed on a monthly basis. This is awesome because you do not have to worry about the long-term contracts that can highly inconvenience you anytime you want to change your ISP or your data plans.
  • It is less costly since you can combine both your internet and tv on a single bill.
  • You will enjoy 12 months promotional prices once you subscribe to at&t small business internet plans.
  • You will also enjoy several gift cards and offers.

Disadvantages of at&t small business internet plans

There are some other fees, such as a one-time installation fee and a monthly rental fee for the equipment. Although you can decide to do your own installation, the provider does not give you the option of using your equipment.

You may encounter data caps, and you can also be charged after exhausting your monthly data allowances.

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AT&T Small Business Internet Plans Speed and Pricing

att small business internet

You can choose from the following two types of services if you want to use At&t small business internet:

  • Fiber-optic internet
  • The DSL high-speed internet

1) AT&T DSL Small Business Internet Plans

The below table gives the breakdown of AT&T’s DSL small business internet packages from the lowest to the highest.

DSL PLANMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Internet 25$6025 Mbps
Internet 50$10050 Mbps
Internet 100$150100 Mbps
Internet 500$300500 Mbps

The DSL is the upgrade of the dial-up connections technologies. It uses phone lines to deliver internet services at different speeds. AT&T DSL plan, also known as high-speed internet connection plan, is the cornerstone of business internet services.

You can enjoy 25Mbps for only $60 if you are on a budget. After you subscribe to this plan, you can be able to create a primary Wi-Fi connection, download files and connect with several employees and customers.

As shown in the above table, you will go up the level depending on your requirements. You can enjoy up to 500Mbps at the DSL product line helm.

2) AT&T Fiber Small Business Internet Plans 

This plan comes with a speed of up to 1Gbps, and it is among the fastest internet plan that you can find in the market presently. This plan has a wonderful download and upload speed. Organizationsion that conducts VoIP or video conferencing should consider a balanced fiber option. The table below shows the breakdown of AT&T’s fiber small business internet packages from the lowest to the highest.

Fiber-Optic PlanMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
AT&T Business Fiber 25†$6025 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 50†$8550 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 100$140100 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 500†$300500 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 1,000†$5001 Gbps

The high speed with these packages is very important especially for those small business organizations that usually telecommunicate with their employee and need to back up large files.

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The Best Small-business Internet Providers

Business internet is basically more reliable and faster than residential internet though it is quite expensive. As a business owner, you should determine what your company needs before you commit yourself to a certain business internet plan. Some of the things that you should put into consideration include the required internet speed, your internet budget, and your preferred provider. The below table shows the best small business internet service providers.

Best forProviderPrice rangeDownload speedsUpload speeds
Best for dedicated connections$50.00/mo. and up*25–500 Mbps1.5–8 Mbps
Best for rural businesses$80.00/mo. and up‡Up to 35–100 MbpsUp to 4 Mbps
Best for speeds$69.99–$249.99/mo.††Up to 75–940 MbpsUp to 75–880 Mbps
Best for pricing$49.99/mo. and up12–70 Mbps1–3 Mbps
Best for speeds$69.99–$249.99/mo.††Up to 75–940 MbpsUp to 75–880 Mbps
Best for no contract$50.00–$199.00/mo.**10–1,000 MbpsNot provided

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the AT&T internet for small businesses?

This is an internet service for small businesses that have one to six locations that enable customers to bundle video, voice, and more.

What is the AT&T On the Demand?

This is a business internet service offering advanced features such as immediate click-through ordering, symmetric IP connection, and more.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, both the DSL and fiber business internet plans are great at&t small business internet plans. They guarantee an uptime of about 99.9%, that is, only 44 minutes of downtime in a month.