The Best Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in 2022

Fixed wireless Internet is the perfect solution for rural and countryside areas. It involves wireless reception from a receiver at your home. The signal is transmitted from the base station situated near your home. The receiver station is directly connected to the router. The router converts it into a wireless signal and offers you Wi-Fi connectivity.

With that being said, not every fixed wireless Internet provider is the same. To help you choose the best provider, we have compiled a list of the 10 best fixed wireless Internet providers below. We will not only highlight these providers but why they stand out as compared to others as well.

10 Best Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

1) AT&T Fixed Wireless

AT&T is famous for its excellent coverage when it comes to fixed wireless Internet. The plans start at $59.99 without a discount. In the smallest plan, it offers 350GB per month of data. The speed is 25 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload with a Wi-Fi Gateway Router to connect your devices.

In case you’re looking for unlimited plans bundled with DirecTV, you will have to shell out $134.98 per month with autopay. The unlimited plan offers 25 Mbps of data. The fact that it provides you with TV access and unlimited plans makes it quite valuable as well. So, if you opt for this plan, not require subscribing to cable television additionally, because this plan includes over 160 of your favorite channels.

The speed can vary depending on the location. That is why it is essential to conduct a Speedtest before the installation and final connection. AT&T is a well-known name when it comes to fixed wireless Internet. That is why it is a provider which you cannot ignore.

Provides cable TV access as well
Affordable plans
Unlimited plan available
Excellent coverage
Speed can vary depending on the location

2) Rise Broadband

Rise broadband is one of the most popular fixed wireless Internet providers. The reason is that the coverage by rising broadband is much higher than many other providers. The plans for rising broadband start at just $29.95 per month for 350 – 700GB with 25 Mbps speed. Unlimited data plans start at $80 per month. Consequently, you will not have to shell out a lot of money to get unlimited data.

No contract or any commitment. The provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. It means that there is no risk on your part. With coverage across 16 states, it is easy to amend the plans by this broadband provider. It is perfect for rural and countryside areas as well.

The ISP offers you a VoIP service as well. You will have to shell out monthly a little extra cost. Over the last few years, rise broadband has invested heavily into its infrastructure. Due to the same, the coverage area which it offers is increasing consistently. Thus, it is certainly one of the best fixed wireless Internet providers that you can find.

30-day money-back guarantee
Coverage across 16 states
Unlimited plan available
No hidden cost
VoIP service
Charges installation fee

3) Etheric Networks

Etheric Network has coverage that can serve up to 5.9 million people. It is the 4th largest fixed wireless Internet provider in the US. Moreover, it is slowly expanding its offering as well. Currently, it offers fixed wireless Internet in 239 ZIP Codes and fiber-optic Internet in 9 ZIP Codes. Due to the same, you can opt for this provider in a large part of the country.

The 3-100 Mbps download speed, along with up to 4TB monthly data, will set you back by $179 per month. The labor cost is $99. The speed is excellent, but in comparison with other ISPs, it is a bit expensive for this speed. If you do not mind the cost, it is undoubtedly an ISP that suits you.

Ample coverage
Adequate speed
Offers fiber-optic Internet as well
Excellent customer support
50% off installation fee for new sign up

4) King Street Wireless

With coverage across 27 states, you can avail the fixed wireless packages by this ISP. It offers coverage over a population of 8 million people. That is why it is the 3rd largest fixed wireless Internet provider.

The cost of King Street Wireless changes from one location to another. On average, the plan will cost you 60 per month. The quality of the plans is such that you can use them for business purposes as well.

The good news is 2 Mbps upload & 6 Mbps download speed. You can choose the plan according to the speed which you want. If you’re looking for an ISP that offers business-grade fixed wireless Internet plans, you can go with this one.

Customized plans available
Quick installation
Excellent coverage
Business-grade reliability

5) Starry Internet

The ISP, which we are speaking about now, is available in 6 different states. It offers fixed wireless Internet access and also fiber Internet access. The total number of ZIP Codes that they cover is 289. It is available in most urban centers like New York, California, and so on.

The best thing about this ISP is that it is affordable compared to some of the other options. The smallest plan which it offers is $50 per month. The upload and download speed that you get is 200 Mbps. The plan is unlimited data. Along with that, you get a modem and Wi-Fi connectivity. There is no setup cost as well.

Once you get this plan, you can go for any other bigger plan if you want to. With reliable service and excellent packages, you cannot go wrong with this ISP.

Excellent speeds
No hidden cost
No extra fee for the router
DSL & cable services are available
Limited coverage

6) Agile Networks

With brands offering up to 500 Mbps speed, you can be sure that the network is true to its name. It offers some of the fastest plans. Moreover, it offers plans across five different states as well. Within these five states, it offers 986 zip codes. The minimum plan that it has on offer will cost you $48 per month. It offers a speed of 25 Mbps for download and upload.

You need to keep in mind that there is a contract in this plan. Due to the contrary, the setup fee is waived. You have to pay an early termination fee if you terminate the contract before the stipulated date. This is something to think about before choosing this plan. However, you will have to pay $4 per month extra for the modem.

While this ISP might offer some of the fastest fixed wireless Internet plans, it requires you to pay for a few extra things and have a contract. You have to decide about this ISP after taking into account these factors.

Offers some of the fastest plans
Available across 900+ ZIP Codes
Adequate customer support
Extra charge

7) Nextlink Internet

Nextlink Internet offers fixed wireless Internet as well as fiber-optic Internet. It has services across three states. It offers coverage for over 4.8 million people. The Internet quality is such that you can use it for voice as well as data services. Moreover, since it provides coverage in the countryside and rural areas, you can get excellent Wi-Fi connectivity once you go with this ISP.

The 24/7 service monitoring means that the downtime is pretty limited and very infrequent. You can rely on this ISP consistently. The smallest plan on offer by the ISP will set you back by $60 per month. It is suitable for browsing, chatting, emailing, social media, and even streaming. There is no data cap which means that it becomes easier for you to connect for whatever you want. The versatility of this ISP certainly makes it a reliable and perfect choice.

Voice and data services on offer
Excellent uptime
Adequate customer support
Activation takes a bit longer

8) Wisper ISP

Wisper ISP offers a speed of up to 1000 Mbps. Due to the same, getting faster plans is undoubtedly possible with this ISP. It serves population centers covering 3.9 million people. That is why it is pretty widespread. You can avail of its services in 5 different states.

Apart from fixed wireless Internet service, it offers fiber-optic Internet, copper Internet, DSL line Internet, etc. Due to the same, you can avail the type of Internet connectivity which you want.

The smallest plan ISP offers has a speed of 500 Mbps. The plan will cost you $110 per month. You need to pay a one-time installation fee as well. The fee is $100. There are a few additional miscellaneous charges which you have to pay as well.

The coverage across the rural areas as well ensures that you can rely on this Internet. It is suitable for streaming, educational purposes, voice calling, and so on. Thus, the excellent coverage of this ISP is what makes it a good choice in the state where it operates.

Quick installation
Excellent coverage
Provides different types of Internet
Bit costly

9) UnWired Broadband

UnWired Broadband is a small-time fixed wireless Internet provider. It covers areas with a population of 3.7 million. The maximum speed which it has on offer is 30 Mbps.

Within that state, it offers Internet access in urban as well as rural areas. The plans are such that they are suitable for residential as well as commercial purposes. Custom plans are available as well. Due to the same, it becomes easier for you to choose the exact plan which you want.

The best thing about this ISP is that it has no hidden charges. If it asks you to pay $59.99 per month, that is what you pay. Unlike some of the other ISP’s which require you to pay miscellaneous charges, this one is quite transparent.

The $59.99 per month plan offers unlimited data. Not only that, it offers you speed up to 1Gbps as well. All this is in the urban centers as well as rural areas. Due to the same, gaining excellent connectivity is easy.

If you need a custom internet plan, you can leave a message on their website. They will get back to you pretty soon. Despite the limited coverage, this ISP certainly provides you with value-for-money plans which you can rely on.

Speeds up to 1 Gbps
No data cap
Excellent coverage
Limited coverage

10) Phoenix Internet

Phoenix Internet is another provider offering fixed Internet wireless connectivity. The population area which it covers is 3.5 million. Phoenix Internet offers you not only fixed wireless Internet access but also DSL lines. You have to decide which one you want to choose.

The starter plan will cost you just $50 per month. In this plan, the download speed is 7 Mbps, and the upload speed is 3 Mbps. There is no data cap in this plan. The downside, however, is that you will have to sign a contract of 1 year if you want to opt for this plan. It has a setup fee of $99 as well. If you’re willing to shell that out, you can certainly go with this plan.

If you’re willing to pay just $10 extra, that is $60 per month, you can get a plan with a download speed of 15 Mbps. The rest of the parameters stay the same. Even though this ISP offers services in a single state, it is a reliable provider. That is why it is on our list.

Affordable plans
No data cap
Quick installation
Charges a setup fee

Final Word

So, if you’re looking for the best fixed wireless Internet providers, these are the ten options with which you can go. With these ISPs, you can get reliable connectivity in rural as well as urban centers. That is why, whether you live in the countryside or an urban center, these Internet service providers can help you out.