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Comcast Business Internet Plan & Speed

Before you start using a certain product, you may require a comprehensive review to help you know if the product or the services is worth using or not. As such, before switching to Comcast internet, you have to know what it entails; overview, plans, and reliability.

This Comcast business internet review will help you get a complete understanding, and based on your preferences, needs, and requirements, you can know if the internet will be of help to you.

When it comes to internet providers, there are many in the market. To choose the best one, you need a complete guide that can help you gauge the available options. This article will cover a complete review of the Comcast business internet including FAQs, pricing, business information, etc.

Comcast Business Internet: What Should you know

Comcast business is one of the divisions of Comcast that sell TV packages, phones, and business internet. These packages are offered for both enterprises sizes with equipment that will be your equipment to keep the Internet running effectively.

The services are available in more than 40 states and have a large selection of options that you can use. For instance, different business plans range from 35Mbps to 1GB. With the plans available, you will get that most of the plans have features like no data caps, dynamic IP address, Wi-Fi, etc.

Comcast Business Internet Deals

Comcast business internet is an internet connection built for the business, and they aim to serve their customer with a promising connection.

Though every product has its strength and weakness, in this guide, you will cover everything, including the weakness, to know if it is worth using it or not. Now let’s look at what you must know about Comcast’s business internet.

Comcast Business Internet Types

Comcast internet is based on fiber and coaxial cable internet connections. However, these two connection is not available in all places. The coaxial cable internet connection has a more comprehensive area coverage than the fiber optic connection. Here is how these two types differ:

1. Coaxial cable

It is one of the high-speed Internet available from Comcast business. It uses the cable system that is used to provide cable television services. With this connection, you will be able to enjoy a faster connection. Its speed ranges from 512 Kbps to 20Mbps. However, the cable can carry internet data of around 1Gbps, and it can transmit the television services and the internet connection simultaneously using the wires.

2. Fiber optic

It is another type of Internet that you can get from Comcast. With this connection, then you will be able to enjoy high-speed internet. It is the recommended connection if you need the fastest Internet since it can carry an internet connection that gives a speed range from 0 up to 10bps.

Comcast Business Internet Plans

Comcast business is one of the options that have multiple plan services. The plans vary in terms of internet speed and price. They have a dynamic IP address with all the services, and they do not have data caps.

They give your business the ability to have your private Wi-Fi that your employees or staff can use. With it, different devices can be connected to it and also have the option of creating a Wi-Fi spot for your customer. Here are some of the plans that you can get with the Comcast business internet:

PackagesDownload speedUpload Speed
Starter internet35Mbps5Mbps
Standerd 100Mbps100Mbps15Mbps
Advanced 200Mbps200Mbps20Mbps
Advanced 300Mbps300Mbps30Mbps
Advanced 600Mbps600Mbps35Mbps
Blazing speed 1 Gig1000Mbps35Mbps

Comcast Starter internet

It is the lowest data plan that you can get from Comcast. This is one of the best internet plans for a small business with at least two staff, and they have small business services like browsing and email. The speed of this Internet ranges from 0 to 35Mbps.

Comcast Standard 100Mbps

It is another business internet that aims at the small business that can have several 5 to 7 employees. With this package, they can have a moderate internet connection to share in collaboration, sharing files, and even data backup. The plan offers an internet speed of 0 to up to 100Mbps

Comcast Advanced 200Mbps

It is another package with an internet speed ranging from 0 to 200Mbps. With this internet connection, around ten employees can use it to carry out the business activities efficiently. With this package, you can also host your website or run your backup server without any problem.

Comcast Advanced 300Mbps

Another plan from com cast comes with an internet speed that can go up to 300Mbps. It is suitable also for small businesses that have at least 12 staff. You can use it to run your business sites. If you need extensive use of Wi-Fi, this can be one of the best plans that you can use. If you also want to carry out heavy internet tasks like streaming or video conferencing, then this is one of the plans you can use.

Comcast Advanced 600Mbps

Comcast Advanced 600Mbps is a great choice for those who need a fast and reliable Internet connection. This service provides download speeds of up to 600Mbps and upload speeds of up to 35Mbps. There is no data cap, so you can use as much data as you want. The service also includes a free email account and a free security suite.

Comcast Blazing Speed 1 Gig

It is another plan and the largest of the plans you can get from the Comcast business internet. It offers you an internet speed that can range from 0 to 1Gbps. Blazing speed 1 Gig is ideal for a business with more than 12 staff. The Internet you can use to connect multiple devices, carry out multiple services simultaneously, or host your services.

A summary of Comcast business internet;

What else can you get from all the Comcast business internet plans;

  • Free installation with the free modem.
  • 30 days trial period.
  • Android and iOS apps to manage your account and troubleshoot any connection problem.
  • Wi-Fi pro for data management and Wi-Fi creation
  • Statics IP address for running a mail server or web.
  • Business phone services, but it is optional.

Comcast Business Internet Availability

Since the Internet uses optic and coaxial cable, the availability of the internet connectivity then depends on if the cable coverage is in the area or not. So far, the fiber channel is in most of the state, and they are continuing to cover the neighborhood states or other many areas.

Comcast Business Internet: Business Reliability

It is one of the internet services almost everywhere, as you have seen above. With this, many businesses, even big brands, are using internet services to run their business; since the internet connection uses optic fiber or coaxial, it is one stable and high-speed Internet.

The business plan you have seen above is designed for small businesses, and they are a perfect choice for them since every startup can stand the chance of utilizing the Internet.

Some businesses currently using these internet packages include cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, guest houses, sports stadiums, and other companies. With this Internet, you will be able to set up Wi-Fi for your visitors, and they will have a positive impression of the services you provide for them.

Comcast Business Internet: What it offers

Here, you will know the services Comcast’s business internet offers;

  • Amazing customer support.
  • Free installation.
  • 30 days trial.
  • Symmetrical download and uploads speed.
  • No data caps.
  • Inclusion of Wi-Fi services.

Benefits of using Comcast Business Internet

With the plans available, you will be able to run your small business efficiently since they provide you with a high-speed connection. Also, the plans come with extra features that would be beneficial if you are running a small business. Other features are optional, but including them in your plan would be a good idea since they will enhance your productivity in your small business.


Depending on what packages and use you will be using the plan for, you can say that the Comcast business internet is the fastest though not cheaper. One thing that has influenced the pricing of these packages is the extra features they have and the reliability.

These plans are small business-friendly because as your business is growing, there is room to adjust from one plan to the other, and you will always be covered based on your needs, though at an extra cost.

Since the Comcast business is experiencing rapid growth, this indicates that they are scaling up their infrastructure to make sure that the small business’s internet connection needs are met most effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Comcast’s Business Internet Plans Too Expensive?

No. However, if you compare it with its competitors offering the same services, you will find that the competitors have lower prices. However, the price of the Comcast business is higher because of the extra features it comes with it and is worth your money.

Is Comcast Business Internet Pure Fiber Connectivity?

They use fiber optic and coaxial cable internet connection. Both of these connections have good internet speed. Also, they are symmetric since both the download and upload speed is the same, so you will not have to worry about dealing with heavy tasks or activities over the network. They use fiber optic and coaxial cable internet connection. Both of these connections have good internet speed. Also, they are symmetric since both the download and upload speed is the same, so you will not have to worry about dealing with heavy tasks or activities over the network.

Does Comcast’s Business Have Good Customer Service?

Yes, the Comcast business has good customer service since they have a supportive team to help you 24/7 whenever you experience any problem.