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HughesNet Internet Plans and Pricing

Founded in the mid-1990s as a satellite internet service provider, HughesNet has built a strong, resilient, and great reputation in the satellite internet world. In this market, majorly for rural regions, HughesNet has to fear competition from the likes of Viasat and is therefore vying for attention from the customers with offers and juicy perks.

This guide will provide important details about HughesNet internet plans, including internet speeds, customer support, internet plans and pricing and the questions people ask a lot.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans

Since HughesNet launched Gen5, it has come up with various internet plans that one can choose from. But do you know what Gen5 is? This high-speed network is great if you’re in a rural area where it’s only available dial-up internet (which isn’t viable in this era), and you have a clear sight of the southern sky.

HughesNet Plans

PlansGood forStart priceDownloading speedsData allowance per monthly data 
15 GBOne subscriber who browses64.99 dollars per month25Mbps15GB of data
30 GBA small number if people that do not video stream74.99 dollars per month25Mbps30GB of data
45 GBA mid-sized household that streams on the TV109.99 dollars per month 25Mbps45GB of data
75 GBThose working and learning at home159.99 dollars per month25Mpbs75GB of data

In all of HughesNet Internet Plans, they are accompanied by the same high speeds of 25 Mbps (download speed) and 3Mbps (upload speed)

HughesNet internet speeds

HughesNet has a variety of satellite internet packages that come with 25 Mbps download speeds. In most satellite internet services, you will likely experience some latency that can affect the ability to do heavy activities like gaming.

Despite that, you can do normal d activities like browsing perfectly. The data allowance you’re offered will always depend on the packages you pick.

HughesNet Internet Packages

15 GB25 Mbps
30GB25 Mbps
45GB25 Mbps
75GB25 Mbps

Internet Coverage of HughesNet

Since HughesNet provides internet via satellite, its services are generally available all over the US, but there are various restrictions. Thus you will have to contact them to make sure they are available in your region.

Features Of HughesNet

States covered50 states
Population covered308.7M
Connection typeSatellite
Internet Speeds25Mbps
TV ChannelsNone
On-Ds LibraryN/A
4K ChannelsN/A

HughesNet fees and internet equipment

This is what is included with-high speed internet plans:

  • In-Built Wi-Fi: You can connect your home wirelessly without data limits. This means you’re not charged extra fees in case you exceed your data limits. But your internet speeds will be slightly reduced. Besides, you will get a video data saver, which offers you a chance to stream more videos while consuming fewer data. And on the bonus zone data, you’re given 50GB of free data between 2 AM-8 AM when there’s minimal internet traffic.
  • Gen5: HughesNet’s 5th generation high-speed tech is the leader in innovation in the satellite internet with a superb high-speed choice suitable for those interested in a great performance in satellite technology.

HughesNet Steady speeds with low prices

This broadband has a minimum threshold of 25Mbps download internet speeds with 3Mbps of upload speeds, and this is what HughesNet offers. Bear in mind that all data plans may vary in data you receive but have those similar speeds.

Their monthly data plans of between 15GB-100GB are lower than those of competitors like Viasat. However, you can add more within the month as the need arises. Moreover, all their plans are unlimited; thus, you won’t be charged with overage fees for consuming past your limit. The speed limits will be lowered for the remaining period of that billing cycle if you won’t pay for extra data.

HughesNet Customer Service

There are various ways you can contact HughesNet, like by email, phone call, or their online chatbox. Support through a phone call is available 24/7, and if you use chat, you’ll instantly get connected to their representative to fix your issue. However, email should only be used on less urgent matters, but you should expect a reply within 24hrs.

The company’s reputation and HughesNet’s customer reviews are the best indicators to help you determine whether you will enjoy HughesNet’s internet services or not. HughesNet is a business that is accredited with an A+ score by Better Business Bureau.

However, HughesNet rates 0.5/10 on Trustpilot, a website that uses customer reviews to rank companies but bears in mind that one customer’s experience cannot represent a whole company. Still, it’s crucial to note issues that you may likely experience with the company nonetheless.

Which HughesNet Data Plan to Use

HughesNet 15GB plan

With 15GB of HughesNet data you can do the following;

  • Stream audios for 208 hours
  • Stream DVD-quality videos for 21 hours
  • Stream HD-quality videos for 6 hours
  • Browse through Facebook for 96 hrs
  • Be on Zoom meetings for 9 hours

HughesNet 30GB Plan

With this, you can do either of the following monthly:

  • Stream audio for 416 hours
  • Stream DVD-quality video for 43 hours
  • Stream HD-quality video for 12 hours
  • For 192 hours, you can browse Facebook
  • Zoom meetings for 19 hours

Benefits of HughesNet

  • Great availability- HughesNet can be found in all 50 US states.
  • Bonus Zone Data- Between 2 AM and 8 AM, you’ll enjoy the Bonus Zone offer of 50GB of extra data monthly.
  • In the 2018 broadband report by FCC, HughesNet was among the internet providers that received the highest scores of actual vs. advertised speed performance.
  • No hard data caps- HughesNet’s plans don’t have hard data caps hence don’t be worried about overage fees.


HughesNet internet plans are very impeccable with decent speeds, even the basic ones that are sufficient for those who just want day-to-day online activities like browsing. It is among the best choice in the satellite internet market.

Even though they are not rated highly for their customer service, they have amazing products at awesome prices in many unimaginable ways. Their internet speeds are marvelous due to their Gen5, which is an excellent choice for those who live in rural, off-the-grid, and remote regions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Of HughesNet’s Internet Plans Is Best?

With HughesNet, you’ll have a variety of packages with varying internet speeds at suitable prices convenient. The best plan depends on your needs.

What’s The Internet Cost Of HughesNet Plans?

Starting from $45 per month, HughesNet will provide you with the internet to suit your needs.