Best Dish Internet Review

DISH is a network company that offers multiple internet services including fiber, DSL, and cable internet, as well as satellite options to customers who don’t have access to the former mentioned. It has made it possible for everyone, even those living in the most rural areas to access the internet.

In their own words, you are sure to get affordable packages, reliable connections, professional installation services, and exceptional customer support, no matter your plans and location. With this Dish internet review, let’s find out what you can expect.

Dish Network Internet Services

First and foremost, it is important to note that DISH does not offer its own exclusive internet packages. What they do is find the best Internet Service Providers (ISP), and bring to you these deals available in the market. 

Prices and plans also depend on which one of their providers you choose. Here are some of their packages; 

1. Dish via Frontier FiOS

This is one of their most popular packages. It also comes with a pretty affordable plan that starts at  $29.99 per month. Some of the features you can expect with this package include average download speed (940 Mbps), and unlimited data plans. It also comes with a two-year price guarantee contract and is available in 29 states. The type of network is Fiber Optic.

2. Dish Via Viasat

This starts at $50 per month, has high data limits, and comes with a 2-years price guarantee contract. It has a speed of 100 Mbps and is available in 50 states. The type of network is Satellite, which means it is easily available even in remote areas.

3. Frontier

Frontier starts at $27.99 per month, has up to 45 Mbps internet speed, and like every other DISH package, comes with a 2-years price guarantee contract for every new user. The type of network is Broadband. Compare dish internet partners below:

Dish Frontier Internet vs. Dish Viasat Internet

So which one is the better option for your internet needs? There are multiple providers at your disposal when you decide to sign up with DISH. Whatever you choose will depend on a couple of factors. Some of the factors include the speed you need as well as the volume of data. 

For example, if fast speed is your priority, Viasat is your best choice. However, you also have to put the price factor into consideration. Viasat comes with a high speed but is pricey. It also comes with great bundling options.

Frontier plans, on the other hand, are slower but less costly. It also offers great bundling options, such as bundling your internet with TV and Phone.

The Two-Year Price Guarantee Contract Explained

If you are just getting started with DISH, you have to sign up for the two-year price guarantee contract. This is an offer given to all new customers, which means the prices of your services will remain the same for your first two years of using DISH.

Here are some facts you want to keep at the back of your mind about this 2-years price guarantee contract before you sign up;

  • If it happens that you have to move locations before the two years are over, you can easily have your DISH moved. All you have to do is consult with their customer service and find out more details about this. 
  • If you decide to cancel the contract within a year or one and a half, you will have to pay $20 every month for the remaining time to the end of the contract. This means if you remain with one year, you will pay a $240 cancellation fee. 
  • After the contract ends, you can now make your own decision on the plans and packages. You can cancel the services at this point with no extra cost if you want to try out another internet service. Or, you can continue paying the monthly fees for your services and continue with DISH.

If you decide to go on with the service, you might want to negotiate your prices down. Some customers have success stories about this. Just don’t shy off.

Dish Internet Review

dish internet review

DISH has great reviews, simply because they are transparent with their plans and packages. When it comes to performance, location matters the most.

The service provider you choose, says Frontier or Viasat, also matters, especially depending on your area too. Simply put, different plans work differently in different areas. One plan may work the best in a place where another is the poorest.

It is therefore important to first get advice and recommendation from DISH experts on which one is your best plan depending on your location, as well as your other needs, such as the volume of data and the internet speed you want.

For example, while DISH Frontier claims to offer more reliable connection, high speed, and the ability to support multiple devices, it may be less available and reliable in some areas.

Viasat may work best in some remote areas even though it may be slower. However, the great deals that come with their unlimited rural internet data plans may be a factor of consideration.

DISH via Frontier FiOSDISH via ViasatDISH via Frontier
Monthly pricesstarts at $29.99Starts at $50Starts at $27.99
Data plansunlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Average speed940 Mbps100 Mbps45 Mbps
Type of contract2 years2 years2 years
NetworkFiber OpticSatelliteBroadband

Advantages of Using Dish Internet

There are just too many internet providers in the market but why should you order your internet through the DISH Network? Are there any advantages of being a DISH customer? Are there any special deals you can’t find with other services? To answer your questions, here are some DISH internet review benefits;

Save more with their plans and discounts

No matter what you are trying to shop for, you will always look for ways to get the best deals, at the best prices. Most internet service providers have their own set of promotions and discounts but if you want to save more you might want to take a look at DISH packages.

New customers, especially, get to save with the 2-year price guarantee contract. This contract only lets new consumers pay the same amount for the service they are getting for a whole two years, something that is probably yet to be seen with other ISPs. 

Apart from the two-years price guarantee contract, there are other perks you are sure to get such as stable internet connections, voice remote, free mobile streaming, free HD services, and more.

Fast, Easy, and convenient

With the many options to choose from in the market, it may be hard to figure out what is the best option for your internet needs. Well, there is less work on your side if you choose DISH. You don’t have to spend a lot of time shopping around or doing more research.

DISH finds the best internet network for you from multiple internet providers as well as places all the orders. All you need to do is make one phone call, and you are all set.

Get it everywhere

Another advantage is that DISH is available everywhere. Even if you are in the most rural area, you are sure to get fast and reliable internet connection. They partner with multiple providers that offer multiple services including satellite options, meaning there will always be something for everyone.

Great customer support

DISH has been ranked one of the best service providers in its field. Customers don’t need to worry about getting stuck or having technical difficulties. There will always be help readily available whenever needed. There are also a couple of ways you can contact them according to your convenience. This includes via phone, email, and online live support

The Verdict

With the above DISH internet review, the decision should be made absolutely by you. At this point, you know how the network works, how their plans and services are delivered, some of the advantages of choosing DISH, and how reliable they are.

There are also other multiple factors that determine the type of ISP (Internet Service Provider) you should choose. Locations, internet speed, data volume, and prices are all things you have to put on the table before you decide.

All things considered, and with the right advice, DISH is definitely a network you want to check out, especially if you live in remote areas, or you are on a budget. But keep in mind once you sign up you are bound by the 2-years price guarantee contract, which is still worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Dish Offer Internet Services?

DISH doesn’t exclusively offer internet services. The company doesn’t run its own internet connections directly. The internet plans offered are provided by their partners.

Can I Get Unlimited Satellite Internet?

Yes. With Viasat plans, you can get unlimited data plans. You also won’t have to pay more for using more than the average amount. However, if you exceed the standard amounts, you may experience slower speed. In this case, call them for the best-recommended data plans for you.

How Much Is Dish Internet Price?

Many factors go onto the price. It depends on where you live, the internet provider you choose, and the speeds available in your location.

Can I Get Dish Packages Without The 2-Year Contract?

No. All packages come with a 2-years price guarantee contract for all new users. If you move, you can get your Dish reinstalled in your new location, and if you decide to cancel the contract, you are required to pay a $20 cancellation fee every month for the remaining months, until when the contract expires. This is as per the terms and conditions of the contract.