How To Get a Spectrum Discount?

Spectrum as a provider not only offers you cell phone plans but also broadband plans as well. Along with that, it has cable TV plans as well. While it does provide excellent value for money but many times, the monthly bills might appear expensive. In that case, it is a good idea to find out how to get a spectrum discount?

Today, we will share with you multiple ways in which you can do so. Once you go through the article below, it will become easier to get a discount on your bills.

How to Get a Spectrum Discount?

There are numerous deals and discounts that you can avail like Spectrum deals for existing customers; Spectrum senior’s special discount, and even negotiating with Spectrum. We will go into the details of all these options below. Once you go through this guide, you can avail of at least some discount on your bill.

1) Deals for existing customers

Spectrum offers an introductory price of $49.99 per month. It is for its Internet plan. However, this is just the introductory plan. When you continue with the same plan, your monthly bill might increase.

The question is, how to then lower your monthly bill? The best way to go about it is to speak with the customer care representative. In many cases, if you’re persuasive enough, the customer care representative might lower your pricing down to the introductory price. In that case, you can certainly save a lot of money.

You might be thinking, is it that simple to get a spectrum discount? Yes, in many cases, it is. However, you have to be persuasive enough. Only then can you get this spectrum discount. In case this does not work, there are a few other options that you have as well.

2) Senior special Spectrum discount

Did you know that Spectrum offers discounts for seniors as well? While Spectrum does not advertise it, you can certainly get a discount if you fall into this category. While it might not directly offer you a senior disc, it is a program that goes by the name of a spectrum Internet assist program. If you’re a senior or a senior at home, you can avail this program. Under this program, you can get:

  • 30 Mbps internet connectivity
  • Unlimited data
  • Free Internet modem
  • No contract stipulation
  • Add Wi-Fi at $5 per month

All the households which do not have an existing spectrum Internet connection can avail of this deal. Besides having a senior at home, there is another way to opt for this program. If at least one of your family members is a part of programs like:

  • National School lunch program
  • Supplemental Security income
  • Community eligibility provision for National School lunch program

Availing of this spectrum plan is easy. You can easily apply for this program online. You can do so through the Spectrum stores as well. Enrolling in this program is certainly quite easy. It is another way in which you can gain a discount from Spectrum. There are a few other tips that you can follow as well to negotiate a discount with Spectrum. We will highlight that below.

How to Negotiate With Spectrum?

In case you do not get a straightforward discount from Spectrum, you have to try out a few things. We will share with you these few things so that you can be better prepared to get a discount from Spectrum.

#Get to the retention department

One of the effective ways to get a spectrum discount is to speak with the customer care associate on a centralized number. Once you connect with the associate, you have to state that you are looking to cancel your connection. When you say the same, the associate will undoubtedly connect you to the retention department.

The retention department’s job is to solve the problem you have and retain you as a customer. Once you mention that you are looking to cancel because of the higher billing, they will likely offer you a promotion or a deal. To gain leverage, you can also mention that their competitors are offering you a better deal. Once you do so, it becomes easier for you to get a discount.

Before you connect with the retention department, you have to ensure that all your payments are on time. Only when your payments are on time, the retention department offers you such deals. In case you have a delayed payment in just the last couple of months, it is better to improve your track record and after that speak with the retention department. With the help of this method, gaining a spectrum discount becomes easy.

#Visit the store

Did not get a discount by speaking with a remote customer care representative? If so, you need to think about visiting the store. There are representatives of the company in the store as well. They might have a special offer running in the store. The company is trying to increase its sales through the stores. That is why gaining a discount might indeed be possible.

You will have to convince the representative to offer you a discount. They do not provide discount to existing customers by default. Once again, you have to use your language of discontinuing the connection and getting a better deal from their competitor. Once you do so, you’re likely to get a discount. You need to keep in mind that a lot depends on your communication skills. If you are not convincing enough, it will become difficult for you to get that discount.

#Keep all the documents in place

While this might not be a separate method to get a spectrum discount, following this simple step can certainly help. Before you contact customer care over the phone or in the store, you have to get all the documents in place. Wondering which documents you need to keep handy?

The documents include:

  • Past bills
  • On-time payment records
  • Credit score
  • Offers by their competitors
  • And so on

Anything that can prove that you are a good customer and get a better deal with their competitors needs to be kept handy. Rather than just claiming that you are getting the better deal, it is good to show them the evidence. Once you show the proof to them, it becomes easier to get a discount.

#Negotiate within boundaries

While negotiating with the Spectrum executive, you have to understand your boundaries as well. Only when you have an elevated bill can you think about gaining a discount. If you’re already at the introductory price of $49.99 per month, you cannot gain an additional discount. In that case, wasting your time trying to negotiate with the Spectrum executive is not a good idea. You will frustrate them and achieve nothing of value.

That is why, before you contact spectrum executives or associates, it is a good idea to compare your billing with the best Spectrum has on offer. If there is room for negotiation or discount, only then can you go ahead and contact the Spectrum associate. Thus, negotiating within your boundaries is a necessity when looking for a discount from Spectrum.

#Do not be rude

Whether you are speaking with the associate on call or in the store, it must be softer. You can surely be firm to get the discount you want but should you be rude at no point in time. You have to understand that the associates have to deal with multiple such customers throughout the day. That is why being rude to them will serve no purpose.

On the other hand, if you’re soft and respectful to them, the chances of getting a discount are on the higher side. It is another guideline you have to follow in negotiating with Spectrum.

#Analyze the competition before the call

You need to understand that Spectrum offers rates in a very competitive industry. There are newer and newer providers offering Internet, cell phone, as well as cable TV services. Rather than just looking at a single competitor’s prices, it is a good idea to analyze the competition in greater detail. Once you have the quotations or the plan printouts of multiple operators, it will become easier to understand how much you are overpaying.

Accordingly, you can negotiate with Spectrum. Further, you can easily speak with the Spectrum associate and ask them to provide you with a similar price. Once you do so, it becomes easy to get a discount from Spectrum. With these six techniques, it can become easier to get a discount from Spectrum. Rather than haphazardly calling Spectrum customer service or walking into the store, it is good to use the six techniques. That will certainly help you get a discount.

What if you aren’t able to get a discount even after using all these techniques? Worry not! There are a few things that you can do to reduce your Spectrum bill. We will go into the details of these things below;

What Should You Do If The Negotiation Fails?

In case your negotiation with Spectrum fails, there are a few things to do to reduce your monthly bill. At the same time, it might affect the resources on offer but certainly, help you reduce your monthly bill.

#Drop the extras

In case there are extras in your plan like 720p streaming instead of 480p, it is better to drop the extras. Not only that, you have to monitor your monthly usage. If the monthly usage is such that you do not require unlimited bandwidth, you have to think about going with the plan that offers the bandwidth you use. When you drop such extras, it will become easier to reduce your monthly Spectrum bill.

#Downgrade the plan

The next step is in conjunction with the above one. You have to think about downgrading the plan. Sure enough, downgrading the plan will help you reduce your monthly outgo. The good news is that this tip works whether you’re looking to reduce your Internet bill, cable TV bill, or your cell phone plan.

In many cases, we just get an expensive plan to be on the safer side. However, if you’re struggling to reduce your monthly outgo, downgrading the plan is the most obvious thing you need to do.

#Delay your bill with DoNotPay

Services like DoNotPay can allow you to delay your bill. With the help of such services, you can extend your due date. While not every customer of Spectrum might be eligible for a due date extension but if you have been paying for on-time for long, you can certainly extend your due date. In case you are facing this problem just for a single month, delaying your bill with such a service can undoubtedly come to your rescue.

#Try as a new customer

The tip which we are highlighting is a last resort. However, it might have applications as well. Many times, when Spectrum is not reducing your monthly bill, you can think about signing up with Spectrum as a new customer as well. For the same, you will have to cancel your existing connection. You will have to apply as a new customer.

However, Spectrum can have a cooling-off period before the same individual applies as a new customer. In that case, you can certainly apply in the name of your family member. However, you have to look at the terms and conditions of Spectrum before doing so. Once you cancel your existing plan, you can apply as a new customer. Doing so will help you gain the introductory price which is available for new customers.

There is, however, an exception. If Spectrum has a monopoly in your area, it might not be worth it to opt for this trip. While this tip might be unethical but it can certainly help you get the introductory price. You can do so only once in your lifetime. In case your negotiation with Spectrum fails, these are the few tips that you have to follow. With these few tips, it will become easier for you to get a discount.


As you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can get a Spectrum discount. Of course, you have to first try and speak with the associate of Spectrum to get a discount directly. In case you aren’t able to get a direct discount, you can try out the tips that we have mentioned in the second half of the article. Those will help you in lowering your monthly outgo. Even with those tips, you can achieve your end goal of lowering your monthly bills.