Router Blinking Orange Light, How to Fix!

Most router designs usually have three red, orange, and green LED lights. Greenlight is an indication of a good internet connection and speed. The red light could mean your device is faulty and might need a replacement.

A blinking orange light may mean anything based on your router’s manufacturer or the model. Most people may refer to the light as amber rather than orange. The reason for the orange light on your router may differ from the orange light on another router.

There is no unique reason linked to the router displaying orange light. When your router blinks orange light or displays the orange color, it could mean that you have no internet connection on any of your devices connected to the network.

This could be a means of communication from your router that something could be a miss. Loose connectivity of cables should not be ruled out as to why your router has a flashing orange light. We will look at some reasons as to why your router is blinking orange:

Why Your Router is Blinking Orange Light

orange light on router

Unplugged network cables or devices

Your router might be blinking orange due to loosely plugged network devices. First, ensure all the cables directly connected to the router are firmly plugged. If it does not work, unplug all the wires altogether and wait for 90 seconds before plugging back in.

Speed issues

Orange light on your router might indicate that you are experiencing slow internet speeds. Reduced internet speeds may result from the outdated device, congestion of network, network traffic, or weak Wi-Fi signals.

The router is about to restart

If your router blinks orange or generally displays orange light, it could mean that the device needs to restart, maybe due to a firmware upgrade or overheating the device.

No internet connection

Despite your router being properly plugged in, your device could not be transmitting any internet network to any of your linked devices. Orange light on the router could indicate poor or no internet connection, which could be caused by maybe signal outage or expired subscription of your internet plan.

Incomplete setup

If you have just acquired a new router and it displays orange light after self-installation, it could mean that the setup has not been done correctly, or some cables might have been plugged in the wrong ports.

How To Fix The Orange Light on a Router

1. Unplug the main source of power to your router

Try unplugging the main power sources and plug it back in after 60 seconds. This should restart your router, and a stable internet connection may be back on.

2. Reset your router

Press and hold down the power button to restore your device to factory settings to reset your router.

3. Proper ventilation

Check if your router is sending a warning of overheating due to poor ventilation. Your router may be working around the clock to provide you with a stable internet connection to multiple devices, and it might get ‘overwhelmed’. Overheating may cause permanent damage to your router. Ensure your router is placed in a properly ventilated area with free air circulation. You can power it down for a few minutes to fix the overheating before you power it back on.

4. Check your internet service provider for any service outages

Your neighborhood might be experiencing a service outage, which is why your router is blinking orange. Get in touch with your internet service providers for updates on service outages and the possible resumption of services. Once the connection is back up, the blinking orange light should disappear.

5. Check your LAN cables

Check your LAN cables for any loosely plugged cables or damaged cables. In case of damaged cables, you may opt to replace the cables. Ensure to secure tightly any lost lines on your router port.

6. Check your power outlet

Your source of power might be experiencing uneven distribution of power to your router due to too many devices plugged into it. If that is the case, you can reduce the number of devices plugged into your power outlet.

7. Contact support

If you have attempted all the methods to fix the orange light on your router and it persists, you can contact the manufacturer’s support team for further assistance. Your router might be outdated, and a replacement would fix the problem entirely.


Unless you are experiencing slow internet or no internet connections, orange light on your router should not be much of a worry. However, before you attempt any basic troubleshooting guidelines on fixing the orange light on your router, ensure your internet subscription plan is active and up to date. Your monthly subscription might be due for renewal, and that is why there is a blinking orange light on your router.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the orange light on my router mean?

Orange light on your router may mostly mean that you have no internet connection and none of your devices are connected to the internet.

Should I be concerned when my router has an orange light?

If your monthly subscription plan is up to date, your router firmware is in the latest version, and all your LAN cables are tightly secured, the orange light should not worry you as it can be easily fixed with some basic steps mentioned above.

Do I need to check my router if the orange light keeps coming back?

Better to be safe than sorry. It is better to get your router checked for any malfunctions if the orange light does not get fixed due to the reasons discussed above. It is good to rule out device damage rather than assume your device is functioning perfectly.