Spectrum Installation Fee Waived in 2022

You’ve probably landed here because you are in the market shopping for a new Internet Service Provider, or you have already made your choice and are considering Spectrum Internet. Whatever the case, you will finally reach this stage; ordering your service and installing your equipment.

Everyone has heard all good things about Spectrum and gets all excited to install it. Well, until one hears about their installation fees and all the other “hidden costs” along the way.

In this article, we will walk you through all things spectrum installation, starting from signing up for Spectrum services, Spectrum plans, equipment costs, self, and professional installation processes and costs, and how to get your Spectrum installation fee waived.

How to Set up Spectrum Internet?

Signing up for Spectrum is probably the easiest phase of the entire process. There are a couple of ways you can order the service. These include via the phone, online, or visiting your nearest Spectrum store.

Spectrum Installation Fee Waived

To sign up online, just visit their main website, spectrum.com, enter your address information, and select “shop”. From here, follow the next prompts and provide any other details you may be required to.

However, before you go ahead and take the leap, here are some considerations to make;

1) Spectrum Internet Availability

The main reason why the address is important while signing up for Spectrum is so you can find out what services are available in your area of residence. While Spectrum provides their service in multiple states, especially in the US, they still have limited coverage in their offers, in certain areas.

2) Spectrum Internet Pricing

Pricing will always be a major factor. You want to make sure that you put all the possible costs, not just the cost of equipment and installations, into consideration. You also want to find out if you can have your spectrum installation fee waived, and if there are any other promotions and discounts you can get.

More often than not most people have encountered and had to cater to “surprise costs”. Considering how pricey it can be to purchase Spectrum already, this is the last thing you want to happen in your case. Study prices carefully.

3) Charter Spectrum Deals and Benefits

Depending on the Spectrum plan you have signed up for, deals and benefits can vary. For example some of the features your TV service may come with may include streaming TV with the Spectrum App, store digital programming with Spectrum DVR, and accessing Spectrum-On-Demand for different shows, from different networks.

There are also deals such as Contract Buyout, bundle with internet, money-back guarantees, and more, all that come with Spectrum TV services. These features and deals are sure ways you can save some bucks with.

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Spectrum Installation Methods

There are two ways you can go about your Spectrum Installation process; you can opt for professional installation, or go the self-installation way;

1) Spectrum Professional Installation

If you choose professional installation, it means you will schedule for a professional technician to come to your house to install the Spectrum internet for you. This is usually anywhere between 2 to 5 days of purchase. Sometimes it also depends on their availability; you can be lucky enough to get next-day appointments or you might have to wait longer.

Keep in mind that the $49.99 it costs you for Spectrum professional installation excludes other fees like the reconnection fee. Always check out the details before you choose a package, to be sure of what’s included.

2) Spectrum Self Installation

Spectrum self-installation is where you do the installation yourself. You order the equipment and it is shipped to you, alongside a self-installation kit to guide you through the installation process. you only have to call customer service when you encounter an issue with the kit.

Things to do for spectrum self-installation;

When you order your Spectrum internet or TV service, you can also choose to order technician services for professional installation or better still, submit an order for a self-installation kit.

Most professionals will advise that you go the professional way. However, it is not the only sure-fire method to ensure that your Spectrum is setup right. With the self-installation kit, you can easily do the task spectrum install yourself, and perfectly.

Spectrum Installation Fee Waived 2022

If you don’t want to be caught off guard with surprise charges, the best way is to try and have your Spectrum installation fee waived. There are a few couples of ways you can go about this;  

1) Spectrum self-installation kit

This may not remove every single buck you use on installation but it definitely will cut down the cost, significantly. While professional installation fee goes for $49.99, (which is still a reasonable amount considering it is a one-time fee), the self-installation fee goes for only $9.99.

The latter option, even with the small price, sounds like it should be completely free. However, according to Spectrum reports, they charge this fee because they still need to make a delivery to either your house or a nearby store where you can pick your equipment up. Nevertheless, it is still a way to save you some cash.

2) Spectrum Installation Kit Online orders

You can completely waive the self-installation kit fee if you order online. You also get a $150 discount for the Gig Package Installation fee, by ordering this online as well.

3) Upgrade your Package or add another one of their Service

Well, this might not completely waive your installation fees but it sure is a way to reduce your installation cost. Most people have especially gotten away with free installation for the Gigabit Internet just by talking to them.

Of course, Spectrum is also a running business just like any other and if you are upgrading to their more advanced and premium rates and packages, they’d rather waive the fee than lose you.

4) Talk to them

Most people just go to the site or the store, take a look at the available offers, pick whatever they can afford, and walk out. They end up paying more than they could have if they had inquired about some things and asked some questions.

Well, did you know that with a couple of calls, emails, and appointments, you could get a Spectrum installation fee waived? Of course, there are a lot of things to be put into consideration here including the kind of plan you are signing up for.

However, whether you are a new user looking to switch to Spectrum, or an already existing customer, you just need to summon the nerves to talk to their customer representative.

When you make any requests of the sort, you may be directed to a customer retention department to make your request official, and more often than not, chances are you just might be lucky enough to reach a favorable agreement for you.

How to Setup Spectrum Cable Box at Home

First things first, you want to make sure you are well prepared for it before you get started. Be sure of the space you want to install the outlets if there are any, and confirm you have all the things you need for the installation.

Have in mind where you want to place the cables and the modem as your device (s) needs. Make sure you also have the socket close to it. There are at least four major components that will be involved, inclusive of two power cables, a modem and WIFI router, one Ethernet cable, and one coaxial cable.

Make sure you have all these cables. In case the kit misses any one or more of them, you can always contact the customer service and ask them to supply it.

1) Connect Coaxial Cable

The first step is to connect the Coaxial cable to the modem. Make sure to connect at the end of the modem. If you are not certain, always read labels for directions. Find the label on the modem to determine where to connect your Coaxial Cable.

2) Connect to The Power Cable

After the coaxial cable, the power cable comes next. Connect the end of this cable to a socket and the other end to the modem. Give it a couple of seconds for the modem to turn on. If it doesn’t come to life in a couple of minutes, check to ensure you have connected well.

3) And The Ethernet Cable

The next step is to connect the Ethernet to the modem and the wireless router. This will need another power cable for the router to turn on. It may take up to ten minutes to fully be powered so don’t fret in a couple of seconds if the LED light doesn’t turn on.

Once the WI-FI light comes on, you can now connect the internet to your devices. Find the password and the name of the network at the back of the router. Check the label, enter the password and activate the service.

N/B: Every device comes with a unique password so you don’t have to worry about anyone else hacking or accessing your internet. However, you can always change the password to your liking later.

Best Spectrum Deals Available for 2022

Being a network provider company, there are multiple services you can order on Charter Spectrum. This includes different plans such as Spectrum Internet Plans, TV bundles, as well as phone bundles.

Prices also vary depending on the package you choose. Check out some of their top plans and prices below;

1) Spectrum Internet Package

This goes for $49.99/month for 12 months and comes with up to 200 Mbps download speeds (wireless speeds may vary). Some of the features you can expect with this plan include free antivirus software, a free modem, and no data caps.

2) Spectrum Internet Gig

This is Spectrum’s fastest internet plan recently introduced. It goes for $109.99/ month for the first 12 months and is accompanied by features including up 1000 Mbps download speed and no data caps.

3) Spectrum Double Play TV and Internet Bundle

Double Pay Select starts from $89.98/month for the first 12 months when bundled. They come with a speed of 200 Mbps and other features such as a free modem, free HD, and access to multiple on-demand titles.

4) Spectrum Triple Play Select; Phone, Internet, and TV Bundles

The Spectrum Triple Play Silver package starts at $132.97/month for the first 12 months when bundled. You can expect up to 200 Mbps, more than 175 HD channels, Unlimited calling (depending on the state), and a free modem.

Other Providers’ Deals:

How to Get a Spectrum Discount

Everyone wants to save some bucks on everything and internet services are not an exception. Spectrum also has its own promotional plans that of course come with strings attached so you ought to read the terms and conditions compounded on them.

Apart from the 12-month subscription for new users, deals and promotions vary depending on the plans you have signed up for, the type of service you have, as well as other factors. Make sure to always check out their sites or watch out for alerts, for when they are running promotions and discounts. Find spectrum discounts for low-income.

Spectrum Customer Support

Whether you want to get your Spectrum installation fee waived and are trying to reach out to their customer support, or you ordered your self-installation kit and now you are stuck, or for any other related reason at that, there will always be a customer agent on standby to help you out.

For technical support and installations especially, there is a toll-free number for residential customers; 1-833-780-1880. Call this number for any customer support service you may need. You will be connected to an automated “representative” to confirm what specifically is your concern before being redirected to a customer rep.

This could be “technical support”, “Billing”, “Add Service”, “Remove Service”, I’m Moving”, or state your concern in your own words. Depending on your answer, you might need to answer a couple more questions before being routed to any representative.

You can also bypass the voice automated “rep” by pressing #99 on your phone and choosing your options via the numbered phone menu. You also want to be prepared for the questions that you may be asked so make sure you have some of these things in hand;

  • Your account number
  • Phone number related to your account 
  • Your SSN (Social Security Number) last digits
  • Pen and paper, or another device to take notes in case need be
  • A list of the problems you want to present on a notebook, notepad, a piece of paper, or another device to ensure you present all your concerns and communicate effectively.