The Best Suddenlink Cable Packages And Prices

The search for a TV service that will perfectly suit your needs and desires, especially when you are on a budget could be overwhelming. The many service providers in the market make it even harder to make a decision.

However, whether you are looking for stand-alone TV plans or a bundle with a phone and internet, Suddenlink has got you covered. Check out the basic prices, TV packages, and everything else you should know about Suddenlink cable packages.

What Channels are Included in Suddenlink Basic Cable Packages

This is definitely a question of interest if you are looking to order a TV package; what channels are included in Suddenlink cable packages? Depending on the plan you choose, you can get from 200 channels, all the way up to 340.

Now that sounds like a great deal, but it is not where the real deal is. You want to make sure no matter the number of channels you are getting, you get quality ones.

Unlike companies that would seemingly lineup channels and bump them up into the next tier just to get more money out of your pockets, Suddenlink cable packages are transparent and authentic.

With Value TV, you are sure to get all the channels offered by the cable basics. Select TV covers all extended sports channels inclusive of NFL Network, while Premier TV is best suited for those looking for premium channels, all of these without breaking your bank.

Best Suddenlink Cable & Internet Packages

suddenlink cable packages

Prices vary depending on the plan you choose. With a plethora of options, all you need to do is put your needs and preferences first, then consider your budget, and then choose the best option. Here are some of their best plans; 

Suddenlink Cable Packages

There are multiple TV plans you can choose from. This includes Suddenlink Core TV. It comes with 200 channels and starts at $58. Suddenlink TV Value starts at $79.99 and has 225 channels. Suddenlink Select TV starts at $99.99 with up to 290 channels and Suddenlink Premier TV comes with 340 channels at $124.99.

Suddenlink Core TV 200$58
Suddenlink TV Value225$79.99
Suddenlink Select TV290$99.99
Suddenlink Premier TV340$124.99

Suddenlink TV and Internet Bundles

This includes Suddenlink internet and core TV plans. They come with different speeds, number of channels, and prices. Check the table below;

Internet and core TV200200 Mbps$50
Internet and core TV200400 Mbps$55
Internet and core TV200940 Mbps$65

Suddenlink Triple Play Deals

These Suddenlink cable packages have phone, TV, and internet bundles all in one. Their prices also vary with the number of channels and speeds. Check them out below;

Package SpeedChannelsPhone plansPrice
Internet, core TV, and Phone200 Mbps200Unlimited $60
Internet, core TV, and phone400 Mbps200Unlimited$65
Internet, core TV, and phone940 Mbps200Unlimited $75

As seen above Suddenlink cable packages start at $58 for TV packages. However, there are factors you must put into consideration before you go ahead and place an order.

Which Suddenlink Package You Should Buy

So which ones are the best recommended Suddenlink cable packages? Your needs and how much you are willing to pay for your TV should answer this question. Value TV offers big-name channels such as Disney Channel, Food Network, and ESPN. It may not have every channel but still packs a punch.

If you are a sports fanatic, Select TV might be your best go-to plan for more sports channels options, while those who love HBO more can skip to Premier TV.

You also have the option of choosing bundle plans if your needs call for it. Internet 200 is quite a good option and capable of supporting multiple devices in your home, not unless everyone is streaming and gaming.

Even so, internet 400 would be a great option if you are a heavy internet user while still enjoying your channels. Better still, you can bundle up your services if you need phone services as well.

Suddenlink Network Coverage

First, learn whether Suddenlink is available in your area. After all, no matter how much you want to order from the company and try them out, it will not be possible if they don’t offer their services in your area.

There are many places and many ways to find this out. You can call the Suddenlink customer support desk to inquire, visit the Suddenlink official website to check the map, or check the map on other third-party websites. All you need to do is to enter your ZIP code in the fields provided and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are The Best Suddenlink Cable Packages?

Whatever you choose depends on your needs and location. The location factor is important because unless Suddenlink covers your area then you wouldn’t be able to order their services. They also have multiple plans that come with different features so there is something for everyone in terms of budget and needs.

How Much Does Suddenlink Cable Cost?

Suddenlink cable packages start from as low as $58 for 200 hundred channels with their Suddenlink core TV plan while the Suddenlink Premier TV plan has up to 340 channels for $124.99. If you need Suddenlink TV bundles you can also opt to choose any of their other premium options available. You can bundle up your TV with a phone or internet, or better still, both.

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