What Channel Is CBS On DirecTV

CBS is one of the major broadcast television networks in the United States. It features popular shows like 60 Minutes, Blue Bloods, NCIS, Survivor, and more. Many DirecTV customers want to know what channel CBS is on their service. Here is a guide to finding CBS on DirecTV.

How to Locate CBS Channel

Most DirecTV subscribers can watch CBS on Channel 390 (CBS East) and Channel 391 (CBS West). This is true for both SD and HD feeds.

Here are the details:

  • Channel 390 – CBS East (SD and HD)
  • Channel 391 – CBS West (SD and HD)

So if you have a DirecTV subscription, simply tune to 390 or 391 to watch CBS programming in standard or high definition.

Some specific channel numbers:

  • Channel 390 (SD): CBS East
  • Channel 391 (SD): CBS West
  • Channel 1390 (HD): CBS East
  • Channel 1391 (HD): CBS West

These channels provide the main CBS feeds from New York and Los Angeles. They offer CBS shows and programming to viewers across the country.

Regional CBS Channels on DirecTV

In addition to the main CBS East and West feeds, DirecTV also offers regional CBS channels for certain markets.

Here are some examples:

  • Channel 392 – CBS Chicago
  • Channel 393 – CBS Philadelphia
  • Channel 394 – CBS San Francisco
  • Channel 395 – CBS Boston
  • Channel 396 – CBS Dallas

So if you live in one of those TV markets, you may get a dedicated regional CBS channel on DirecTV for more localized programming and news.

The exact channel number can vary, so check your on-screen guide. But it’s typically in the 392 to 396 range.

Accessing CBS with DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is the company’s streaming service that doesn’t require a satellite dish. It offers live TV and on-demand shows over the internet.

With a DirecTV Now subscription, you also get access to CBS live streams. CBS is part of the base channel lineup.

On DirecTV Now, you can watch CBS on:

  • Channel 390 – CBS East
  • Channel 391 – CBS West

This provides the national feeds. Regional CBS channels may also be available based on your location.

So DirecTV Now is a cord-cutting option for accessing CBS without a satellite. The CBS live streams are included with all packages.

Checking CBS Availability for Your Area

CBS availability can occasionally vary by location. It’s always smart to verify that you can receive CBS in your viewing area.

There are a couple easy ways to check:

  • Visit DirecTV’s online channel lookup tool. Enter your address and confirm that CBS (Channels 390/391) appear in the results for your location.
  • Check your on-screen guide. Turn on your DirecTV box and browse the channel guide. Look for CBS on channels 390 and 391.
  • Try tuning to the channels. Go directly to channels 390 and 391 to see if the CBS feeds are present.

This will let you confirm that you can access CBS programming through your DirecTV subscription. If for some reason CBS is not available in your area, contact DirecTV customer support for options.

How to Watch CBS If You Don’t Have DirecTV

For those without a DirecTV satellite subscription, there are a few alternatives for watching CBS:

  • Get a digital antenna – A digital antenna can pick up over-the-air CBS signals in your area for free. Just connect the antenna to your TV and scan for channels.
  • Subscribe to Paramount+ – CBS’s streaming service, Paramount+, provides on-demand access to current and past CBS shows. Plans start at $4.99/month.
  • Check for a live TV streaming service – Services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV may offer live CBS streams in certain markets. Compare options to see if they carry your local CBS station.
  • Visit CBS.comYou can stream full episodes of some CBS shows directly from cbs.com or the CBS app. Availability is limited but worth checking.

So even without satellite or cable, you still have options for watching CBS shows through streaming or over-the-air antenna. Be sure to check which services offer live CBS in your specific area.

Troubleshooting Tips for CBS on DirecTV

  • Restart your DirecTV box – Turn off the power and unplug for 20-30 seconds. After restarting, recheck CBS channels.
  • Check for satellite obstructions – Trees, buildings, weather may interrupt the signal. Adjust the dish for better line of sight.
  • Run a system test on the box – Go to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > System Test to identify any issues.
  • Check account status – Confirm your DirecTV account is active and not suspended for payments.
  • Re-scan channels – Go to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Satellite > Repeat Satellite Setup to refresh your channels.
  • Contact DirecTV support – If issues persist, call 1-800-531-5000 for assistance from their customer service team.


Finding CBS on your DirecTV programming is simple. The main East and West feeds are available in both standard and high definition on channels 390 and 391 for most subscribers. Regional CBS stations can also be accessed for major TV markets. Directions in this guide provide the key details for tuning to CBS through your satellite service. With this channel information, DirecTV customers can now easily enjoy CBS shows and content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the CBS channel for DirecTV?

The main CBS channel is 390 (East) and 391 (West). These show the national CBS feeds in SD and HD.

Does DirecTV offer my local CBS station?

Most likely yes. Regional CBS stations are usually available for major TV markets on channels 392-396. Check your on-screen guide.

How do I get CBS on DirecTV Now?

CBS East and West are included on channels 390 and 391 with a DirecTV Now streaming subscription. Local CBS may also stream based on location.

What if I can't get CBS on my DirecTV?

Try restarting equipment, adjusting dishes, re-scanning channels, or contacting DirecTV support. An antenna or streaming service provides alternative access.

Is CBS on DirecTV free?

You must have an active DirecTV satellite TV or DirecTV Now streaming subscription. CBS is included in programming packages at no extra charge.

How can I stream CBS without DirecTV?

Options include Paramount+, live TV streaming services, CBS website/app, or watching over-the-air with an antenna. Check availability in your area.

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