What Channel Number is ABC On DirecTV

Finding your favourite TV channels can be a hassle when provider channel lineups frequently change. If you subscribe to DirecTV, you may be wondering what channel number you can find ABC programming. This guide will cover everything you need to know about locating ABC through your DirecTV subscription.

What is the Main ABC Channel Number on DirecTV? (Channel 7)

The most common channel that DirecTV customers will find ABC on is Channel 7 in high definition (HD). This is the standard channel that ABC is broadcast on for DirecTV subscribers across the United States.

So if you are looking for ABC on your DirecTV channel lineup, start by tuning to Channel 7. This should bring up the high definition ABC feed.

Checking Channel 7 HD for ABC

To make sure you are watching the ABC HD channel, go to Channel 7 and check the following:

  • The channel label should read “ABC HD.”
  • You should see ABC network branding and shows on this channel.
  • The video resolution will be 1080i high definition.

If you confirm these details on Channel 7, then you are tuned to the proper main ABC channel on DirecTV.

Where is ABC Located on DirecTV?

The most common channel that DirecTV customers will find ABC is on Channel 7 in the SD and HD channel lineup. This is the standard channel number for ABC across DirecTV’s various packages.

However, there are some exceptions depending on your specific DirecTV subscription:

  • Premier Package – Channel 7 (SD and HD)
  • Choice Package – Channel 7 (SD and HD)
  • Entertainment Package – Channel 7 (SD) and 1007 (HD)
  • Xtra Package – Channel 7 (SD and HD)
  • Ultimate Package – Channel 7 (SD and HD)
  • Optimo Mas Package – Channel 7 (SD and HD)

So customers with Premier, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Optimo Mas packages can find ABC on Channel 7 in both standard and high definition.

But those with the Entertainment package will need to tune specifically to Channel 1007 to watch ABC in HD.

Alternative ABC Channels on DirecTV

In some cases, the ABC channel may be broadcast on a different channel number on your specific DirecTV package or in your location. 

Here are some other channel numbers where you may find ABC just in case it is not on Channel 7 for you:

  • Channel 6: In some regions, primarily on the East Coast, ABC is broadcast on Channel 6 instead of 7.
  • Channel 1007: The standard definition (SD) feed of ABC is usually on Channel 1007.
  • Local Channel Number: In a few select markets, the local ABC affiliate is carried on its local channel number rather than 7.
  • Regional Sports Networks: During sports season, ABC may be found on overflow channels for regional sports networks.
  • Channels 396 and 397: You can always find ABC on DIRECTV channels 396 and 397 on your TV guide.

Tips for Finding ABC on DirecTV

Here are some useful tips for locating and remembering where to access ABC through your DirecTV subscription:

  • Check your specific DirecTV channel lineup card or guide to confirm exactly where ABC is located. This channel guide is based on your package and region.
  • Try Channel 7 first in both SD and HD, as this is the most common channel number for ABC on DirecTV.
  • Set up ABC as a “favorite channel” on your DirecTV setup menu. This lets you quickly flip to the channel.
  • Search for the channel by name through the DirecTV channel search function.
  • Bookmark the ABC channel on your DirecTV receiver for one-click access.
  • If you have the DirecTV app, find and favorite the ABC live stream in the app.
  • Consider getting a Logo button remote to easily identify the ABC button.
  • Check for ABC on Channel 7 if you experience an unexplained channel blackout or disruption.

What if I Can’t Find ABC on DirecTV?

If you cannot locate ABC on channel 7 or 1007 through your DirecTV subscription.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Check that your TV is on the right input source for your DirecTV receiver. Toggle through inputs until you see the DirecTV menu.
  • Make sure all cables connecting your DirecTV receiver to your TV and satellite dish are securely plugged in. Loose cables could cause channel disruptions.
  • Check your account status to confirm your DirecTV subscription is active and your payment is up to date. Accounts in non-payment status could have channels blacked out.
  • Reset your DirecTV receiver and run through the channel detection setup process again. This could restore missing channels.
  • Try restarting your DirecTV receiver by unplugging it from power for 20 seconds.
  • Contact DirecTV customer support for troubleshooting help if you are still unable to get ABC.

What Channel is ABC on Other Providers?

For reference, here are the standard channel numbers for finding ABC on other major subscription TV providers:


  • New York area: Channel 1200
  • New York/Manhattan area: Channel 7
  • Buffalo area: Channel 7
  • Albany area: Channel 10


  • Houston: ABC on Channel 13
  • Orlando: ABC on Channel 9
  • Atlanta: ABC on Channel 3
  • Santa Barbara: ABC on Channel 3

Dish Network

  • ABC on Channel 7

Verizon Fios

  • Local ABC HD: Channel 507
  • Other local channels: 506 (Local TV HD), 508 (Estrella TV HD), 509 (My Network TV HD)


Navigating channel lineup changes can make finding your favourite channels a hassle. For ABC viewers with DirecTV, the process of locating ABC programming is thankfully straightforward once you know where to look. Use this guide to get your favourite ABC shows, news, and live sports on DirecTV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes, DIRECTV STREAM provides access to ABC on channel 7 in SD and HD for most packages. Those with Entertainment only get ABC HD on 1007.

What channel is ABC 7 on directv?

ABC 7 is found on channel 7 for SD and HD on most DirecTV packages. For Entertainment packages, ABC 7 HD is on 1007.

What are the channels on directv?

DirecTV offers hundreds of channels spanning entertainment, news, sports, kids, and more. Popular channels include ESPN, HGTV, Fox News, Nickelodeon, and local broadcast networks. Channel lineups vary by package.

Why is ABC not on directv anymore?

ABC is still available on DirecTV. If you can't access it, try troubleshooting your receiver, check account status, or contact support. ABC may have just moved channel numbers.

Why has my TV lost ABC channels?

If you lost ABC channels, first check connections and account status. Try resetting your receiver and re-running channel detection. Contact DirecTV if issues persist.

Can you get ABC, NBC and CBS on directv?

Yes, DirecTV provides standard access to the major broadcast networks ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, usually on channels 7, 12, (390 and 391), and (398 and 399) respectively in SD and HD.

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