Streaming Services What Channel Number is ABC On Directv

What Channel Number is ABC On Directv

ABC is a Walt Disney Television channel that broadcasts every sought-after entertainment program to keep American families glued to screens. Walt Disney launched the commercial broadcast TV network way back in 1943 as a radio network. Since then, the company has hit a milestone after another with back-to-back flagship series, which has enabled ABC to remain the American entertainment TV of choice decade-after-decade. Initially known as the American Broadcasting Company, the channel has broadcasted thousands of exciting programs, serving all moods, tastes, and age groups.

Over the years, the ABC network has been consistent in running the finest original content, including Happy Days, Perfect Strangers, and Threes Company. The Americas Funniest Home Videos takes the award as the longest-running prime-time show. It has kept people laughing from 1989 to today. The channel has also adapted with time to bring some modern-day family entertainment shows like Desperate Housewives, NYPD Blue, Modern Family, Lost, and Grey’s Anatomy. Now you can watch your favorite ABC shows from anywhere by subscribing to Directv.

You no longer have to miss your favorite ABC program when away for work, travel, or holiday reasons. Directv allows you to stream your favorite ABC shows and enjoy the same video quality that has made ABC a mainstay over the years. In this article, we look at what channel number is ABC on Directv and the Directv packages that include ABC in their channel lineup.

What is ABC Channel on Directv

Directv offers two ways you can watch your favorite ABC shows. You can beam your entertainment programs through satellite or you can stream them for some outdoor fun. The Directv satellite option offer 99% signal reliability and comes with an included expert installation while the Directv stream option offers convenience as it does not require a satellite dish or cable. The Directv stream option provides a seamless experience whether you are enjoying live TV, on-demand, or streaming apps. It also comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage, which allows you to record all your favorite episodes to watch in your free time.

Directv satellite option provides a 2022 NFL Sunday ticket exclusively as an add-on feature for sports lovers. The satellite subscription further comes with a whole-home HD DVR device that allows family members to watch what they want at no cost. It also features 200 hours of DVR storage that enables you to record up to 5 channels at once as you watch live sports in 4K video standard.

If you have just subscribed to Directv, you may struggle to find the ABC channel as the cheapest subscription option offers more than 330 live channels. Moreover, Directv channel numbers change with location, which can make it troublesome to locate your favorite show if you have just relocated to another city. Flipping through the entire 330 plus channels on Directv to find the ABC channel can be exhaustive and can make you miss your favorite as you take time to scroll the channel list.

We will help you easily find the ABC channel without breaking a sweat to help you jump on and watch your favorite show immediately. If you fail to spot your location in our ABC city-wide list of channel numbers, you can use the Directv local channel lookup tool to find the exact ABC channel list number in your location. You will only need to enter your ZIP code to find the ABC channel number on Directv.

The ABC channel numbers list on Directv in select cities and states include:

City, StateABC Channel on Directv  
Birmingham, Alabama67
Phoenix, Arizona                               15
Little Rock, Arkansas                        7
Los Angeles, California                     7
Denver, Colorado                              7
Hartford, Connecticut                        8
Wilmington, Delaware                      6
Jacksonville, Florida25
Atlanta, Georgia2
Boise, Idaho6
Boston, Massachusetts7
Indianapolis, Indiana11
Des Moines, Iowa5
Wichita, Kansas10
Louisville, Kentucky 6
New Orleans, Lousiana26
Portland, Maine8
Baltimore, Maryland2
Boston, Massachusetts5
Detroit, Michigan7
Billings, Montana5
Kansas, Missouri26
Jackson, Mississippi8
Omaha, Nebraska2
Minneapolis, Minnesota5
Kansas, Missouri9
Jackson, Mississippi16
Billings, Montana6
Omaha, Nebraska7
Las Vegas, Nevada 5
Manchester, New Hampshire13
Newark, New Jersey7
Albuquerque, New Mexico 7
New York, New York 7
Charlotte, North Carolina9
Fargo, North Dakota6
Columbus, Ohio6
Oklahoma, Oklahoma5
Portland, Oregon2
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania13
Providence, Rhode Island6
Charleston, South Carolina4
Sioux Falls, South Dakota6
Nashville, Tennessee2
Houston, Texas13
Salt Lake City, Utah4
Burlington, Vermont22
Virginia Beach, Virginia12
Seattle, Washington4
Charleston, West Virginia8
Milwaukee, Wisconsin13

Which Directv Package Includes the ABC Channel on its Channel List

Directv offers six subscription packages that start as low as $59.99 without price change for at least 12 months, which makes it easy to select the best option for your entertainment needs. The affordable Select package has 155 live channels while the Premiere package has over 330 live channels. Other options include the Entertainment package with 160 channels, Choice with 185 channels, Xtra with 235 channels, and Ultimate with 250 channels. The Directv packages take your fun beyond live TV with up to 40,000 on-demand options.

The joy for ABC lovers is that the ABC channel is available on all Directv packages. You do not have to subscribe to a costly package to watch your favorite ABC shows. Some of the exciting ABC programs you will be able to watch with any Directv package include:

  • Nightline
  • ABC World News Tonight
  • Good Morning America
  • The View
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Prep & Landing
  • CMA Music Festival
  • Holey Moley
  • American Idol
  • The Bachelor
  • The Conners
  • United We Fall
  • A Million Little Things
  • Black-ish
  • For Life
  • American Housewife
  • General Hospital
  • Don’t
  • Card Sharks
  • Press Your Luck
  • CMA Awards
  • Academy Awards

Should You Watch the ABC Channel on Directv Stream or Directv Satellite

The best option largely depends on your preference as both the Satellite and Stream options offer a quality, reliable entertainment experience. You will have the option to watch your favorite show and record those that will play as you work for future watching. You will also be able to watch the ABC programs from almost any location as Directv is available across the entirety of the U.S in crystal clear 4K picture format. Nonetheless, you should make your decision on whether to choose the Satellite or Stream option based on the support services, including the ability to mount satellite and high-speed internet connection.

Although both the Directv satellite and stream option will keep you entertained and glued to your screen for endless hours, the experience may vary depending on your home limitations. People living in apartments may not have the option to use satellite, which makes the streaming option a viable subscription. On the other hand, you need a strong internet connection to enjoy streaming your favorite shows in the 4K video standard. The satellite option is the preferred choice for customers living in an area without consistent high-speed internet.

Furthermore, you may need to factor in the price cost if you have an option to use any Directv subscription option. You can start enjoying your mind-blowing ABC programs on Directv for as low as $49.99 per month for the first two months and then $69.99 thereafter with the Directv stream option. The satellite option starts at $64.99 per month for the first year and $102 per month for the second year. You may also have to choose the Directv stream subscription if you would like to watch ABC programs on a variety of devices such as your phones and tablets.

Some of the features you get with Directv include:

  • 4K & 4K Ultra HD – Directv packages support 4K and 4K Ultra HD technology, which lets you watch your favorite ABC programs with sharp, crystal clear image quality for an immersive experience.
  • Free Genie HD DVR – You will get a free Genie HD DVR device with 1TB storage to enable you to record up to five shows at once. The device makes it possible to record up to 200 hours and watch the recorded show on any screen in your home. You can also choose to upgrade your device to Genie 2 which comes with up to 450 hours of storage.
  • Parental control – Parental control settings let you control what your children can watch and for how long.
  • Directv App – Subscribing to the Directv package will give you access to the DirecTV App that you can use to stream your favorite programs at no additional cost.
  • Video On-Demand – You get access to Directv Cinema which offers up to 65,000 titles on fresh content, including golden classics, hottest movies, and shows.


ABC is one of the must-have channels at home for family entertainment. It has set the entertainment standards in America with some of its programs running for decades. Directv now makes it possible to watch your favorite program from any location with Directv Stream or any room at home with the Directv Satelite option. You only need to subscribe to any Directv package and find the ABC channel number in your locality to watch your favorite ABC program in 4K technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel Number Is ABC On Directv In Texas?

The ABC channel number in Texas changes in different locations. You can access ABC on channel number 13 in Houston, 8 in Dallas, 8 in Arlington, 24 in Austin, and 12 in San Antonio.

What Channel Number Is ABC On Directv In California?

You can watch ABC programs on channel number 7 in Los Angeles, 7 in San Jose, 7 in San Francisco, 10 in San Diego, and 30 in Fresno.

What Channel Number Is ABC On Directv In Florida?

ABC lovers can watch their favorite shows on channel 10 in Miami, 28 in Tampa, 25 in Palm Coast, and 25 in Jacksonville.

What Channel Number Is ABC On Directv In Arizona?

ABC is available on channel 15 in Mesa, 15 in Phoenix, and 9 in Tucson.