What Channel Is Lifetime On DirecTV

What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV? Lifetime on DirecTV channel 252, home to the network’s original shows, series, and movies. For Lifetime Movies, go to channel 253. With continuous programming on these two DirecTV channels, you can watch Lifetime content anytime. Don’t miss live broadcasts – use your DVR to record episodes. You can also stream on demand via the DirecTV app and catch up on Hulu. For Lifetime fans, channels 252 and 253 are your destinations on the DirecTV lineup. This guide provides everything needed to locate and watch Lifetime’s must-see programming.

What Is the Lifetime Channel?

For those unfamiliar, Lifetime is a basic cable channel that focuses on programming targeted towards women. This includes a mix of original content, reality shows, made-for-TV movies, and syndicated reruns.

Some of Lifetime’s most popular current shows include:

  • Dance Moms – A reality show about young dancers and their mothers
  • Married At First Sight – A social experiment where couples meet at the altar
  • Little Women – A reality show following dwarf women in Atlanta
  • My Killer Body with K. Michelle – A health & beauty show

Lifetime also airs several original dramas and made-for-TV “ripped from the headlines” style films each year. Movies cover topics like violence against women, mental health issues, and female empowerment stories.

What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

If you have a DirecTV subscription, you’ll find the Lifetime channel on channel 252. This channel is included in all DirecTV packages, meaning you don’t need any special upgrades or add-ons to access Lifetime.

Channel 252 is the dedicated home for Lifetime’s regular programming, airing all of their original series, dramas, and reality shows. To watch Lifetime’s movies or check out their movie schedule, you’ll simply stay tuned to channel 252.

How to Watch Lifetime Movies on DirecTV

The regular Lifetime channel, DirecTV also has a channel dedicated specifically to Lifetime Movies. This channel airs Lifetime’s made-for-TV movies 24/7.

You can find the Lifetime Movies channel on channel 253 on all DirecTV packages. Similar to channel 252, it is included standard with all plans.

When Lifetime airs special movie events or weekends, they will often simulcast the premiere on both channel 252 and 253. This allows you to choose between watching the movie or regular programming.

During normal scheduling, channel 253 will air Lifetime movies, while channel 252 airs series and reality shows.

Accessing Lifetime on DirecTV

Accessing Lifetime’s channels on DirecTV is easy with just a few steps:

  1. Turn on your DirecTV box and grab your remote.
  2. Select the channel guide or push the guide button.
  3. Use the arrow or channel up/down buttons to scroll until you locate channel 252 for Lifetime or 253 for Lifetime Movies.
  4. Select the channel you want to begin watching.
  5. If you wish, you can press the record or info button for more details on current and upcoming programs on each channel.
  6. You can also setup the channel as a ‘favorite’ for easy access in the future.

When Does Lifetime Air New Programming?

Most of Lifetime’s new original series and movies air in the evenings and late nights on weeknights. Some general guidelines for Lifetime’s primetime schedule include:

  • Mondays & Tuesdays: Original reality shows like Dance Moms and Little Women.
  • Wednesdays: Drama series like You or Why Women Kill.
  • Thursdays & Fridays: Premiere nights for new Lifetime original movies.
  • Saturdays: Themed movie marathons or blocks of made-for-TV films.
  • Sundays: Syndicated programming like Will & Grace or Grey’s Anatomy.

Big movie premiere events will usually air on Friday or Saturday nights. Reality shows air between 7 to 11 pm on weeknights. Specific air times can vary, so check the Lifetime channel guide for exact details.

Finding Lifetime’s Schedule & Programming Info

If you want to see Lifetime’s current schedule or look up details on upcoming programming, there are a couple places this information is available through DirecTV:

  • On Screen guide: Scroll through the DirecTV on-screen guide to channels 252 and 253 to see listings 2 weeks out.
  • Website: Visit directv.com and login to your account. You can view the entire channel lineup guide.
  • Mobile app: Download the DirecTV app to access the guide from your mobile device.
  • Printed guide: DirecTV subscribers can opt to receive a printed channel guide monthly by mail.

Lifetime HD Channel on DirecTV

In addition to the standard definition channels, DirecTV also offers Lifetime in high-definition. The HD channels are:

  • Lifetime – Channel 252
  • Lifetime Movies – Channel 253

To access the HD feeds, you need to subscribe to DirecTV’s HD add-on package. With HD service, the programming will automatically display improved picture quality.

The great benefit of watching Lifetime and Lifetime Movies in HD is being able to see the vivid colors, detail, and clarity of movies and shows. Original dramas and interview-based reality shows in particular look great in high-definition.

Recording Lifetime Shows on DirecTV DVR

Many DirecTV subscribers choose to record their favorite Lifetime shows to watch later using their DirecTV DVR service. This allows you to build up a library of Lifetime content to watch on your schedule.

To record on DirecTV:

  • Press the record or R button on your remote while watching a show.
  • Highlight a program on the on-screen guide and select a record.
  • Schedule recordings for upcoming episodes through the guide.

With your shows recorded, you can fast forward through commercials and rewatch favorite moments. You’ll never miss a new episode.

Streaming Lifetime Online with DirecTV

In addition to watching live, DirecTV offers a streaming option for viewing Lifetime online through their DirecTV Stream service. This works similar to cable anywhere – you can stream Lifetime shows and movies through a web browser or mobile app.

With a DirecTV Stream subscription, you get access to the same lineup of live channels offered on satellite, including Lifetime. This allows you to watch your favorite shows on laptops, tablets, phones when away from your TV.

Some key features for streaming Lifetime on DirecTV Stream include:

  • Watch on up to 20 devices in and out of home.
  • Includes tens of thousands of on demand titles.
  • Supports pausing live TV and recording shows to the cloud DVR.
  • Stream high-definition feeds.
  • Download mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • No contracts or hardware fees.

So if you want to supplement your DirecTV subscription with the flexibility of streaming, DirecTV Stream is an excellent option for accessing Lifetime anywhere.

Lifetime on DirecTV Packages & Costs

PackagePriceChannel Count
ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE$64.99/mo165+ channels
DIRECTV CHOICE$84/mo200+ channels
DIRECTV ULTIMATE$109/mo270+ channels
DIRECTV PREMIER$154/mo340+ channels


Lifetime has been providing quality entertainment for female audiences for over 30 years. With DirecTV, accessing all of Lifetime’s great content is simple and affordable through channels 252 and 253. By understanding exactly where these channels are located in DirecTV’s lineup, you can easily watch all of your favorite Lifetime shows, movies, and more. So grab the remote and start enjoying the drama, laughs, and fun of Lifetime on DirecTV today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

Lifetime can be found on channel 252 on all DirecTV packages.

What DirecTV channel is Lifetime Movies?

Lifetime Movies has a dedicated channel, 253, in DirecTV's channel lineup.

Why does Spectrum charge a broadcast TV surcharge?

Spectrum charges a broadcast TV surcharge to offset the costs of retransmitting over-the-air broadcast stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox on their cable service. The fees help cover Spectrum's rising programming costs.

How do I avoid broadcast fees on TV?

The easiest way to avoid broadcast TV fees is to use an over-the-air antenna to watch local channels for free instead of paying for them through a provider. Streaming TV services like YouTube TV also don't have extra broadcast fees.

What is the Spectrum broadcast TV surcharge lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit was filed against Spectrum claiming the broadcast TV surcharge is an illegal fee not permitted by FCC regulations. It alleges Spectrum uses the surcharge to advertise lower prices than they actually charge.

Why did the broadcast TV fee increase?

Broadcast fees have increased over the years as networks charge cable companies more to retransmit their signals. Providers pass these increased costs onto consumers through a broadcast surcharge.

Why is live streaming TV so expensive?

Live streaming services must pay networks the same retransmission fees as cable companies. These fees contribute to the high prices of live TV streaming subscriptions.

When did the broadcast TV fee start?

Cable and satellite providers began itemizing broadcast TV fees on customer bills in 2014-2015 rather than just including it in base package prices.

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