What Channel Is TBS On DirectV

TBS is located on channel 247 for all DirecTV. The popular channel does not require any package upgrade and provides comedy shows, dramas, movies, and live sports. Favorites like Friends, The Last O.G., MLB playoffs, and blockbuster films air on TBS. The channel number does not change, always remaining 247 on the DirecTV lineup. If you can’t access channel 247, try resetting the channel, checking connections, or contacting customer support.

What Channel Is TBS On For DirecTV Subscribers?

TBS is on channel 247 for all DirecTV subscribers. This channel placement applies to all packages, so whether you have the basic ENTERTAINMENT package or the top-tier PREMIER package, you’ll be able to access TBS on channel 247.

The channel is usually included in the lower packages, meaning you likely won’t have to pay anything extra or upgrade your subscription to get TBS. As long as you have a package that includes major cable channels, channel 247 should be available.

How to Get to Channel 247 On DirecTV

Getting to TBS on your DirecTV service is easy:

  • Using your DirecTV remote, simply enter the numbers 2-4-7.
  • Press the “Guide” button on your remote and use it to navigate to channel 247.
  • Say “Tune to TBS” into your voice remote.
  • Look for TBS under the Entertainment or Lifestyle sections of the on-screen guide.

Once tuned to channel 247, you’ll see whatever program is currently playing on TBS in real time. You can then set it as a favorite channel if you want quick access anytime.

What’s On TBS Right Now?

TBS airs a variety of hit shows, comedy specials, movies and more. Some examples of TBS programming typically available include:

  • Sitcoms: Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Last O.G.
  • Movies: The Wizard of Oz, Titanic, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover
  • MLB: Regular season baseball games, Divisional Series, NLCS playoffs
  • Late Night: Conan
  • Special Events: NCAA March Madness, AFI Life Achievement Award

The schedule changes regularly, so check the on-screen guide or online listings to see what’s playing on TBS today. Movies usually run in the mornings and afternoons, while original comedies and syndicated sitcoms occupy primetime hours. TBS also airs a movie in the late evening.

Live sports like MLB postseason games will air in their scheduled time slots and bump other programming.

Why DirecTV Customers Love Channel 247

There are a few key reasons TBS on channel 247 is so popular with DirecTV subscribers:

Top Shows and Movies

The channel airs many hit shows that aren’t available on broadcast TV. Favorites like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Family Guy, and blockbuster movies give you entertainment options not found elsewhere.

Live Sports

TBS is the exclusive home to MLB Divisional Series playoff games and the National League Championship Series. Baseball fans know they can catch exciting October matchups live on TBS.

Limited Commercials

TBS schedules less advertising than most other cable networks. You get more uninterrupted entertainment and less commercial breaks when watching TBS shows.


The programming spans comedy, drama, movies, animation, and live sports. There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Verifying TBS’s Channel Placement on DirecTV

To verify that TBS is indeed on channel 247 on your DirecTV service:

  • Use your DirecTV remote and select 247 directly
  • Scroll through the channel guide and locate 247 TBS
  • Visit the DirecTV channel lineup and search for TBS in your zip code’s lineup

How to Watch TBS If You Don’t Have DirecTV

Don’t have DirecTV but still want to watch TBS? Here are some options:

  • Stream with AT&T TV – AT&T’s streaming service carries TBS on channel 247 just like the satellite version. Plans start at $69.99/month.
  • Switch to another cable TV provider – Major pay TV operators like Spectrum, Optimum, Cox, DISH, and Xfinity all include TBS in their channel packages.
  • Try a live TV streaming service – Services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and DIRECTV STREAM offer TBS as part of their lineups. Prices start around $35/month.
  • Access the TBS app – Download the TBS app on your mobile device, streaming device, or smart TV to watch live broadcasts and on demand content. Requires a participating TV provider login.

How to Troubleshoot Channel 247 Issues

Channel 247 should be available to all DirecTV customers with qualifying packages, but sometimes technical issues can arise:

  • Check Account Status: Log into your DirecTV account online or via the mobile app to confirm your package includes TBS. Local channel lineups can vary, so verify TBS is listed under your channel package.
  • Try Channel Resetting: Flip through channels or enter a different channel number, then re-enter 247. Resetting the channel connection often resolves temporary glitches.
  • Check Other Channels: Try tuning to other channels around 247 to see if the problem is isolated or widespread across multiple channels. This helps diagnose issues.
  • Check Connections: Inspect cable connections to ensure all equipment is linked properly and securely. Loose wiring is a common cause of channel problems.
  • Reset Equipment: Unplug your DirecTV receiver and router for 10-15 seconds to reset them. Similar to channel resetting, restarting equipment can fix errors.
  • Contact DirecTV: If issues persist, contact their customer support online or by phone. They can identify and resolve more complex channel difficulties.

TBS is Must-Have Entertainment

TBS on channel 247 has something for everyone in the family. From sitcoms to movies to live sports, it’s easy to see why customers love accessing this popular channel through their DirecTV subscription.

Finding TBS on your DirecTV lineup is simple – just tune to channel 247 using your remote or on-screen guide. Keep this channel top-of-mind for all your entertainment needs and as a go-to for hours of unlimited amusement.


TBS on DirecTV channel 247 provides customers with a diverse mix of entertainment options. By tuning to this single channel number, you can enjoy hit comedies, critically acclaimed dramas, blockbuster movies, live sports, and late night shows anytime. TBS usually includes standard channel packages, so accessing the network is simple. Just use your DirecTV remote or on-screen guide to enter 247 to start watching TBS programming right away. With endless entertainment for the whole family, it’s no wonder channel 247 is a favorite among DirecTV subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is TBS on for DirecTV?

TBS is on channel 247 on all DirecTV packages.

Do I have to upgrade my DirecTV subscription to get TBS?

No, TBS is usually included in even entry-level packages on channel 247. As long as your package has major cable channels, you should get TBS.

What shows and movies air on TBS?

TBS shows popular sitcoms like Friends, dramas like The Last O.G., blockbuster movies, and live MLB playoff baseball games.

Does the TBS channel number ever change on DirecTV?

No, TBS is always on channel 247 regardless of your DirecTV package. The channel does not change.

What if I can't access channel 247 on my DirecTV?

Try resetting the channel, checking your connections, or contacting DirecTV customer support if issues persist on channel 247. This will help diagnose and resolve technical problems.

Does DirecTV offer TBS?

Yes, TBS is included with most DirecTV packages including CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. It is available to DirecTV subscribers as part of their regular channel lineup.

What DirecTV channel is TBS HD?

The TBS high definition (HD) feed is available on DirecTV channel 247. So the standard and HD version are accessible on the same channel placement.

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