AT&T Fiber vs Google Fiber

AT&T Company is among the most outstanding telecommunication providers offering internet services in more than 40 states. The company’s history shows how it was built when it started providing its services to its users, and today it has been the number one option for many internet users.

Google Fiber began in the past few years, so it has not stayed for long in the market as a telecommunication company, and this shows why it does not have much presence. However, due to the higher number of positive ratings from the clients, they are growing faster. Soon, if they perfect their services and extend their services to many regions, they can be the leading company.

AT&T Company started its business early, gaining more experience, which has helped them become the best. Since the other telecommunication companies are not competitive, it has led AT&T to be the number one option for most customers. In recent years Google Fiber established its presence and is seen as a strong opponent to the AT&T telecommunication company.

Now many wonder and others keep on asking whether the company is overtaking AT&T or not? With this AT&T fiber vs. google fiber guide, you will get a detailed comparison between these two providers regarding their rates, coverage, cost, packages, and support so that you can determine the perfect one.

What is AT&T Fiber

Now let’s see what it is and why people still consider it the best option. AT&T Fiber is a technology that comes with 100% fiber-optic connectivity that guarantees you a 100Mbps internet speed. Because of this factor, the company package remains the main attractive package. But, you can enjoy lower plans; they have a great plan of 300 Mbps or 100 Mbps. Here are other facts about AT&T Telecommunication Company;

  1. You can find it almost everywhere. Despite having the best connection technology, they also use DSL connections to help them cover a broad region.
  2. They also offer Internet and TV bundles or packages that are better than other interment providers at a reasonable price.
  3. They have an easy and affordable installation, but you will have to pay for the equipment and router.

Why Most People Don’t Like AT&T Fiber

AT&T pricing structure is what may make you not like it. They offer most of their packages at a high price, and the clients are expected to pay monthly expenses to cater for the rental of devices like a router. They use a data cap on the small packages, restricting the customer from using the internet beyond a specific limit. Only the higher plan offers unlimited access.

What is Google Fiber

It is another great technology that offers a gigabit package like other telecommunication Fiber companies. This technology; has placed the two providers on the same level. Apart from this, there are other fascinating features like;

  1. The company offers various cheaper plans than other providers. Also, the company does not charge their customer for extra fees to cater for the installation or devices.
  2. They have a plan for the slower speed which the customer with less internet requirement can use for their regular work or daily usage. Even with the slower packages, you will have unlimited data for this company. There is no internet use limitation; the package comes with unlimited internet.
  3. Google Company has established its good image as a telecommunication company offering internet service. The company is a most significant telecom company providing exceptional internet services to their customer. However, they have built strong customer support for their products, and they have a long-term commitment.

What Most People Don’t Like About Google Fiber

Though it is a prominent company, it has disadvantages that can affect your business or network’s daily use. You cannot find the company services everywhere; they only cover around 20 cities, and some packages for both internet and TV are minimal.

AT&T Fiber Vs. Google Fiber: Internet Speed Comparison

A comparison between AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber can show you that they are not far from each other because they have packages that have almost the same speed. Thus their packages can suit your needs. These two providers have fiber connectivity to their customers. They are the best company because the fiber technology is the latest one that carries large internet bandwidth at high speed.

A Telecommunication Company can provide an internet connection at a maximum speed of 1 gigabit using optic fiber connectivity based on standard practice. However, Google telecommunication service providers have gone beyond this, and provide their users with data that can go up to 2 gigabits per second. The AT&T Fiber only has a fiber connection that offers network connectivity with a maximum speed of 1Gbps.

Is Google Fiber using 2 Gbps as the secret to overtaking AT&T? Yes. However, most people select the 1 Gigabits package because their needs and requirements can be met using this plan. For large households and businesses with an internet speed of over one gigabit, you can switch to 2 Gbps. Nevertheless, most clients say that despite the 2 Gigabits and 1Gigabit, the one that has the best and fastest internet connection is not Google Fiber Company.

You can test internet speed and the package you are using from your provider to evaluate if it meets your needs or has some issues; you can test the internet rate through a speed test application to know what speed you are using. When you use a test tool, you will see the current internet rate whit many other details. You can use the information to determine if you have to choose another plan or shift to another telecommunication company.

Downloads and Uploads Speeds

When checking your internet speed, you should check both the uptime and downtime of your internet. If both of them have a high rate, this is an indication that your internet speed is faster. However, if their rate is slow, your internet speed might also be slower.

AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber: Price Comparison

Now let’s compare AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber in terms of cost. Regarding price, this might not help you know the best service because the other provider’s pricing is higher but gives value for your money while others do not provide better service. Google Fiber has different packages that come with different pricing as follows.

at&t fiber vs google fiber
1 Gig Plan1 Gigabit
Fiber Connection
No Contract required
No rental fee is required for the devices
No installation cost.
$70 per month
2 Gig plan2 Gigabits
Fiber Connection
No Contract required
No rental fee for the device
Free installation
$100 per month

The company does not charge device rental or installation fees, and its packages are not limited. You can enjoy unlimited data access.

With AT&T company you will enjoy three different packages which come with different pricing as follows:

PackagesFeaturesCost for plan and modem
Internet 300300 Mbps Fiber Connectivity No Contract $250 as a reward$45 per month  
Internet 500500 Mbps Fiber Connectivity No  Contract$55 per month
Internet 1001 Gigabits Fiber Connectivity No Contract  HBO Max rewards $250 as a rewards  $70 per month  

AT&T plans do not have data limits. But, clients may incur an extra fee for the equipment.

AT&T vs. Google Fiber: What Extent Do The Two Companies Have Cover

Both the telecommunication companies are viewed as the best option by most people. However, they are not offering their services in most regions, so you cannot enjoy their benefits if their services are not in your state. In terms of coverage or availability between AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber, AT&T has covered a larger area, and you can find their services in many regions.

For instance, they have to deploy fiber connectivity in eighty-four cities. They mainly cover more than 49 states. Google Fiber covers nineteen cities. They serve to include Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and other places. Google Fiber has not penetrated much because its presence has been masked by AT&T Fiber.

AT&T vs. Google Fiber: Clients Rating and Reviews

Weighing the clients’ ratings and reviews between AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber, it’s clear that Google Fiber has a more considerable percentage of positive ratings than the negative rating from their clients. However, Google fiber does not have many customers as AT&T. This might be because of having fewer clients who give positive reviews to the company, making it have a high percentage of several clients claiming to be happy with the services. Google Fiber, is new and clients try to fantasize about it. However, both providers get negative and positive reviews from their customers.

In general, to answer the question of who among the two has the most satisfied clients? Google Fibers is the one that has more satisfied clients than AT&T clients who complain much and are not okay with the pricing structure of the company.

AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber: Best for Bundles and Packages

These two telecommunication companies offer their clients other packages and bundles as specific for those that may require internet services that come with TV services.

However, AT&T Fiber vs. Google Fiber packages and bundles are very different. Google Fiber packages are not good at all. Google Fiber provides Chromecast, where you can also buy TV and internet services. AT&T fiber comes with exceptional packages for different preferences and demands.

Remember, both providers offer their customers the fastest internet speed though they are different in terms of prices and availability. Thus while choosing between the two, ensure you make a sound decision.


Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber are the best telecommunication service provider companies. That’s why you need to understand who wins between them. Google Fiber loses in terms of availability. However, for customer satisfaction, cost and reliability, it stands out. Google Fiber wins if you consider all these factors, but this will be the option when both providers cover the area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which One Is Better Between Google Fiber And AT&T Fiber?

Generally, the cost, reliability, and user satisfaction for Google Fiber are better. However, it might be better and reliable if only AT&T is available in the area.

What Is The Distinction Between AT&T Fiber And AT&T Internet?

The AT&T Fiber is a technology that utilizes fiber optic to provide connectivity to a given area. At the same time, the AT&T internet is a technology that uses DLS connectivity to provide internet access to a given area.

Is AT&T Fiber Real Fiber?

Yes, it is real. The AT&T fiber provides connectivity to many clients by using optic fiber, and optic cable can carry internet at a maximum speed of 1Gigabits.

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