AT&T Mobile Hotspot Unlimited Data Plans in 2022

With mobile data getting more affordable and speeds increasing exponentially as carriers adopt 5G technology, 2021 should be the year you rethink your internet connections. You can choose to have a bundled package that offers you unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot data, or exclusive data plans for all your internet needs.

Xfinity internet package is a popular option for home offices and those who use a lot of monthly data. People with feature phones and low internet needs do not even have to have a data plan as they can easily find free internet for their needs.

The challenge is for those with moderate and medium internet needs, which has led to the popularity of the AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan.

People with moderate and medium internet needs usually have a decision to make on whether to buy expensive plans with excessive data they do not need or cheap plans with inadequate data quota.

AT&T wireless plans come as a middle ground where users can enjoy fast internet speeds at reasonable rates. However, is AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan the solution? We expound on what you get with AT&T wireless plans.

What Makes AT&T a Popular Cell Phone Carrier?

Boasting over 162 million customers, AT&T is one of the largest cell phone carriers in the US with a strong network signal, excellent 5G speeds, and flexible plans. The AT&T wireless plans keep you connected by letting you choose a perfect plan for all your family members for greater savings.

You can also upgrade your device early to one of the newest iPhone or Samsung phones and save with the AT&T next-up installment plan. The carrier further offers great discounts, savings, and benefits to different groups and individuals.

Military and veterans, teachers, first responders, and nurses and physicians get exclusive savings with AT&T for their tireless efforts.

AT&T Mobile Hotspot Unlimited Data Plan

The carrier keeps you connected at the home, office, or on the go with AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan. The unlimited data for your car makes your trips more exciting. In-car Wi-Fi enables you to stream, share, browse and remain connected from the open road.

The mobile hotspot is not only accessible to unlimited plan subscribers, but it is available to prepaid users and business partners.

It is also easy to switch. You can move with your device and everything on it including your number with any AT&T wireless plan and receive a $30 activation fee waiver. AT&T has a large selection of devices if you need to buy a new one and get delivery.

That said, some of the reasons AT&T wireless plans are popular include:

1) Strong Network

AT&T has 97 percent network coverage on licensed and roaming areas, guaranteeing a strong signal at home or on the road. You will not have a network outage unless you are in a few pockets in rural California and other sparsely populated areas. The carrier has some of the fastest 5G and 4G speeds, providing you with quick downloads and uploads.

2) Large Phone Selection

The provider has one of the largest phone selections, giving you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of manufacturers and styles. The company offers different ways to upgrade your phone.

You can recycle your phone or tablet conveniently irrespective of manufacturer or carrier with the AT&T trade-in program. In a few steps, you can find the value of your phone and get promotional offers to help you purchase the latest AT&T devices.

3) Great Discounts

The carrier has attractive offers for the military, veterans, teachers, nurses, and physicians. It also rewards all customers with a custom-tailored program that rewards subscribers for their loyalty.

The AT&T upgrade advantage offers custom discounts on a wide selection of devices based on the monthly rate plan and data-package rates. You further get web offers when you shop online with AT&T and receive free cell phones, a 14-day return policy, package extras, and free shipping.

4) Flexible Plans

Different individuals, families, and businesses have unique needs. AT&T has an extensive plan selection, enabling you to find the best for your talk, text, data, and budget needs. The provider gives you individual, family, and business plans with varying benefits and rates.

5) Easy Account Management

myAT&T app helps you do everything online, including paying your bill, upgrading your phone, adding a line, and managing features. You may also use Mobile-to-Mobile Lookup Tool to manage people on your mobile-to-mobile network.

What Are The Shortcomings of AT&T Wireless Plans?

Despite being a popular option for most Americans, AT&T has a few cons that make it not ideal for everyone. Some of the things you may not like about AT&T wireless plans include:

  • Rates: You will not like what AT&T offers if you are looking for the cheapest plans. AT&T plans have great coverage and great extras, but they are expensive compared to what smaller prepaid carriers offer.
  • Low Data Deprioritization: AT&T lags behind the major carriers in the amount of data you can use in a month before you get your speeds slowed for the prioritization of those who have used fewer data. AT&T can slow the speeds of users on most plans at any time with those on unlimited and more premium plans getting 22GB of priority data.
  • Modest Hotspot Allotments: A heavy hotspot user will not like the AT&T hotspot allotment. The carrier’s modest share is less than what other major phone providers offers with Sprint’s unlimited plus plan offer 50GB hotspot data.

AT&T Prepaid Wireless Plans Review

AT&T wireless plans come in three packs of prepaid, unlimited, and business. Every package offers unique benefits to suit the needs of different people, families, and businesses.

It does not matter whether you are looking for the best individual plan, value family plan, or business plan, AT&T has eye-catching options that you might find attractive.

AT&T has added two new prepaid plans to the earlier two options to give you four exciting selections with a mobile hotspot. For value purchase, you can get 8GB of high-speed data for $25 a month if you are willing to pay $300 in advance for 12 months of service. AT&T has an offer that lets you skip the $15 activation fee when you buy a new SIM for your existing phone.

1) 5GB Data, Budget-Conscious Plan

The new 5GB data plan is for budget-conscious individuals. It costs $30 per month and offers 5GB of data that you use for a mobile hotspot. The plan offers rollover data, mobile hotspot, standard-definition streaming, and pay-per-use talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada.


  • 5GB data at $30 per month
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Data rollover
  • Standard-definition streaming

2) 15GB Data Super Value Plan

The new super value plan offers 15GB of data at $40 per month. It supports mobile hotspot, data rollover, and standard-definition streaming. It also features unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.


  • 15GB data at $40 per month
  • Data rollover
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Standard-definition streaming
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada

3) Unlimited Plan

You can save $15 with the unlimited plan if you pay with AutoPay. It costs $65 a month without AutoPay and $50 per month with Autopay. AT&T can temporarily slow data speeds during peak hours when the network is busy.

The plan comes with a mobile hotspot add-on at 5GB for $10, standard-definition streaming, and unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.


  • Unlimited at $50 per month with AutoPay
  • Unlimited at $65 per month without AutoPay
  • Mobile hotspot add on at a rate of 5GB for $10
  • Standard-definition streaming
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada

4) Unlimited Plus Plan

You can save $15 per month on unlimited plus with AutoPay. The plan is available at $60 a month with AutoPay and $75 a month without AutoPay.

The plan comes with 10GB mobile hotspot data, 5G access, 100GB personal cloud storage, stream HD videos, and unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.


  • 10GB mobile hotspot
  • 5G access
  • 100GB personal cloud storage
  • Stream HD video
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada

AT&T Prepaid Data Only Plans

For those not interested in talk and text, AT&T has data-only plans at monthly rates that you can explore. The data-only plans, AT&T prepaid, and DataConnect Pass gives you the freedom to access data internationally.

  • AT&T prepaid data plans – You use the plan on a tablet and mobile hotspot. The plan offers three data options. It gives you access to 3GB for $25 for 30 days and an add-on rate of 1GB for $10. The middle option has 10GB at $50 for 30 days and an add-on rate of 1.5GB for $10. The third option costs $75 for 30 days and comes with 18GB of data and an add-on rate of 2GB data for $10. You can access mobile hotspots in Mexico and Canada.
  • DataConnect Pass – You can access the data connect pass plan via tablet, camera, and gaming device. With data connect pass, you can buy 2GB data at $30 for 90 days or 25GB of data at $40 for 30 days. You can choose auto-renew and get 1GB for 19.99 for 30 days, 7GB at $55 for 30 days and 25GB for $34.99 for 30 days. Adding DataConnect Pass Global lets you purchase international data at $60 for 1GB for 30 days or $120 for 3GB for 30 days.

1) Unlimited Wireless Plans

AT&T unlimited plans offer more value and greater savings. At $35 per month per line for four lines, you can pick a perfect unlimited plan for your family members featuring unlimited data, 5G data, and spam and fraud call blocking.

The AT&T wireless family plans include three plans with unique needs to suit every member of your family. AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan comes with 5G access, unlimited text, talk, and data.

Furthermore, every plan features device security protection for safe use. However, the AT&T unlimited starter does not support hotspot data.

2) AT&T Unlimited Extra

The plan starts at $40 per month per line for four lines. It features unlimited talk, text, data, and 50GB of premium data. AT&T may slow data temporarily once you surpass 50GB during peak times.

The unlimited extra plan further comes with 15GB of hotspot data per line, advanced mobile security, and standard definition streaming. After exhausting 15GB of hotspot data, the speed gets capped at 128kbps.


  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 50GB premium data
  • 5G access
  • Advanced mobile security
  • 15GB mobile hotspot data

3) AT&T Unlimited Elite

The unlimited elite plan offers access to 5G, 30GB mobile hotspot data, HBO Max, and 100GB priority data at $50 per month per line for four lines. The plan also includes advanced mobile security and high-definition streaming.

AT&T slows hotspot data to 128kbps once you exhaust the 30GB allotment. It can also slow data speeds if you exhaust 100GB of priority data during peak times.


  • 30GB mobile hotspot data
  • 5G access
  • Advanced mobile security
  • HBO Max

How to Get AT&T Mobile Hotspot Unlimited Data Plan?

  1. To get an AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan, you should follow these steps:
  2. Visit for prepaid plans
  3. Visit for unlimited plans
  4. Select see plan details or plan details
  5. Choose a plan with a mobile hotspot

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AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan is ideal if you are looking for fast internet access, a strong network, and wide plans selection. It further offers better bundles, more entertainment, and an extensive range of the latest devices. AT&T also offers exciting discounts to special groups like the military, veterans, teachers, nurses, and loyal customers.