AT&T Unlimited Data Hotspot Hack

AT&T, just like any other ISP offers a variety of data hotspot plans for their users. If you are a digital nomad, then you already know that a data hotspot is one of your best options. It allows you to distribute data to all your other devices and keep your online businesses and activities running.

Unfortunately, not a lot of internet providers like it when you use their plans as a substitute for your home WIFI. Most of you AT&T customers out there can attest to this. If you have experienced any type of data throttling then you could be thinking that your only option is to switch companies.

However, there is another way; read on to learn the AT&T unlimited data hotspot hack to avoid data limitations and keep your business running uninterrupted.

AT&T Unlimited Data Hotspot Plans

at&t unlimited data hotspot hack

To get started, if you are wondering if there are any AT&T unlimited hotspot data plans, the answer is; AT&T aren’t any plans that allow unlimited data hotspots. Each plan that you subscribe to comes with its own limits and restrictions. Check AT&T small business plans

However, each of the plans comes with different data hotspot limits. Here are some of them with their features and data hotspot;

Data PlanAT&T Unlimited StarterAT&T Unlimited ExtraAT&T Unlimited Elite
PriceStarts at $35/ monthStarts at $40/ monthStarts at $50/ month
FeaturesUnlimited talk, text, and dataUnlimited talk, text, and dataUnlimited talk, text, and data, HBO Max,5G access
StreamingStandard definition streamingStandard definition streaming4K UHD streaming 
Hotspot data/ monthunavailable15GB40GB

1. AT&T Unlimited Starter

This starts at $35/month per line when you get 4 lines. Features include unlimited talk, text, and data, 5G access (network might slow when it’s busy), and standard definition streaming.

2. AT&T Unlimited Extra

This starts at $40/month per line when you get 4 lines. Comes with unlimited texts, talk, and data, plus 50GB of premium data, 5G access (speed may slow when network is busy), 15GB hotspot data per line per month, and standard definition streaming.

3. AT&T Unlimited Elite

This is AT&T’s premium plan and comes with premium features. It starts at $50/month per line when you get 4 lines. You get access to unlimited talk, text, and data, 5G access that can’t slow down (depending on how much data you use), 40GB hotspot data per line per month, 4K UHD streaming available, HBO Max, and more.

How to Check AT&T Data Hotspot Limit?

At this point, you already know that AT&T puts a limit on your data usage regardless of your data plan. Before we get into the AT&T unlimited data hotspot hack, you first might want to check how much data is limited or rather how they throttle your data.

Fortunately, checking your limitations is simple. And the company hasn’t concealed this information. Just visit the main AT&T website, to find out what’s the data hotspot limit for your plan.

Most of the time, they are super generous, in numbers. For instance, at the time of writing this, you can use up to 40GB maximum via hotspot with the premium plan. But the real deal lies beneath the surface. Don’t be surprised how fast this gets blown away, especially if you are streaming.

Once you hit the limit (which you will sooner than you expect), you will be charged extra for any more data you use. This is quite unfortunate and unfair if you haven’t used up your cellular data plan.

Data Limits

How To AT&T Unlimited Data Hotspot Hack?

What happens is that AT&T blocks your data sharing feature as soon as you hit the set limit and ends up compiling a huge bill for you if you continue tethering. So how do you work your way around it? There are a couple of apps that can help you bypass the hotspot data limits imposed by AT&T. Check them out below;

1. Apache-Powered HTTP for Android 

This is one of the best AT&T unlimited data hotspot hacks you can try. This app lets you change your IP address, pick any of your choices, and apply it on the phone you are using to share data.

If you received a notification that you can no longer tether, you will immediately notice the tethering features back as soon as you change your IP address with the app. This is because it clears your previous IP address details. 

2. PdaNet App

This is another AT&T unlimited data hotspot hack that works pretty well. Here is how;

  1. The very first step is to obviously download the app. Make sure you download the updated, or the most recent version.
  2. After downloading the app, you are required to also download its accompanying key app. This is to unlock the app for your Windows or Mac device.
  3. Once you have both apps installed, launch them on your device and start.
  4. Once you run the setup, use the PdaNet app to enable the USB feature.
  5. When all of these are done, you can now connect your phone to your computer. If you have followed the process correctly then your devices should automatically connect and begin running.

3. Fox-Fi App

Another app that will help to bypass the hotspot data cap is the Fox-Fi App. Follow this simple step by step guide;

  1. First, download the app.
  2. Just like the PdaNet app, this too will require you to download a second app; an accompanying key application to unlock it.
  3. Launch and run the apps on your phone.
  4. Select “enable Hotspot via Fox-Fi” and.
  5. “Run proxy” from the menu.

This process should allow you to share your data with other devices from your phone without the data cap.


This might not be the best AT&T unlimited data hotspot hack you want to hear but it still is worth a mention, if you choose the right plan. This means choosing AT&T unlimited data plans if that is what you need.

As said above, all the plans come with a data hotspot limit. However, with unlimited plans, which allow you unlimited internet on a single line, you can still continue to tether even after your data hotspot limit is hit.

The downside to this is that your speed will go down up to 128kbps and you will be limited on some activities. Now, this kind of speed might still be able to get you your email notifications but you will not be able to do other things like music and video streaming.