How to Connect Alexa to WiFi Without App?

Alexa was invented to be your personal assistant. While the device makes everything twice as easy and fast, it could be frustrating when problems arise and you just can’t use it seamlessly.

One of the most common Alexa issues or a commonly asked question is how to connect Alexa to WIFI without an app. In this article, you will not only get the answer to this question but also learn other Alexa issues, causes, and fixes.

How To Connect Alexa to WIFI With the Alexa App?

Connecting Alexa to WIFI with the Alexa app is fast, simple, and easy. all you need to do is;

  1. Download the app
  2. If you have it already open it
  3. Go to “devices”
  4. Select “Echo and Alexa”
  5. Choose the device you want to connect to the WIFI network
  6. Click “change” and 
  7. Enter WIFI network.
How to Connect Alexa to Wifi Without App

Simple, right? you will be surprised to know that how to connect Alexa to WIFI without an app is possible and just as easy.

How To Connect Alexa to WIFI Without The App?

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to connect Alexa to WIFI without an app. If you have used it before then you know you must be connected to the internet for it to function. How it works is that, when you give a voice command, the audio recording is sent to Amazon Cloud over the WIFI connection.

It then is processed and sent back, still over your WIFI connection, so that Alexa can answer your question. Here is how to go about setting your Alexa device up without the App.

  1. The first thing you do is go to your browser, which could be on your computer or mobile phone (doesn’t really matter), and open You can use any browser including Google Chrome, FireFox, Mozilla, and Opera Mini.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account using your ID and Passcode. You can always create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Go to the main menu and select “settings”
  4. Go to the “set up new device” in the settings option.
  5. Choose the Alexa device you want to connect to WIFI. Hit “continue”
  6. Plug your Alexa device and turn it on.
  7. Give it a couple of seconds to let it turn on (if the orange light doesn’t show up after a couple of minutes, hit the “don’t see the orange light” option, for further instructions.
  8. Once your device turns orange, connect to WIFI. Make sure you use the format Amazon-xxx without shutting down the browser.
  9. Once the Amazon WIFI is connected to your device, go back to your browser page “where you left it at” and click continue”
  10. A window saying “your phone is connected to Alexa” should be displayed here.
  11. Enter your WIFI passcode and hit “connect”

You can now give it a couple more minutes for your device to process and connect to the WIFI. To test it, ask a question and see if it is working. For example, you can ask “Alexa, who is the fastest female athlete in the world?”

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How to Reset Alexa and Get Back Online?

There could be a lot of reasons for you to reset your device. Just like how to connect Alexa to WIFI without an app, there are ways you can use to rest it without the App as well;

  1. Unplug the power adapter and plug it back in.
  2. Hold down the action button for at least 25 seconds.
  3. The light ring will start pulsing orange before turning off.
  4. Give it a couple of minutes to turn back on. Once the light ring turns orange, it automatically enters the reset mode. Take it from there and reset your device.

Is Alexa Devices Unresponsive? – Causes and Fixes

There are many reasons why your Alexa device might refuse to comply. Sometimes it is simple errors with easy fixes such as power or internet outage. Sometimes it is a complicated error. Here are some of the most common Alexa issues, causes, and how to fix them;

1. Unresponsive to Voice Commands

If you issue a command but your device doesn’t respond or gives unusual responses such as “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now. Please try a little later”, try these fixes;

  • Make sure there is proper internet access.
  • Make sure the microphone is properly turned on.
  • Make sure your device and mobile phone are connected on the same WIFI network.
  • Confirm that your device is in the WIFI range.
  • Restart your device.
  • Ensure your WIFI is strong enough.
  • Make sure Alexa heard you right (speak properly)
  • Try changing the wake word.

2. Unresponsive to Streaming Music

If you are trying to stream music but doesn’t seem like Alexa wants to, the problem is usually from your WIFI connectivity. Here is what you should do;

  • Reset your WIFI connection if it is down and see if that gets your Alexa running smoothly on Spotify or any streaming service you are using.
  • Turn off any device that is not in use to reduce WIFI congestion.
  • Restart your device.
  • Restart your modem and router.

3. Alexa Not Connecting to WIFI

Sometimes your Alexa device won’t connect to WIFI for whatever reason. In this case;

  • Check that you have an internet connection and that it is up and running right.
  • Reboot your modem and router.
  • Restart your device.
  • Check that your WIFI password is correct.
  • Reduce WIFI congestion.

4. Alexa Calling not Working

If calling on Alexa is not working, try these troubleshooting steps;

  • Check that your contact details are correct.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Restart your device.

5. Alexa Bluetooth Issues

If Alexa is having trouble connecting to Bluetooth, make sure that;

  • Alexa and the Bluetooth Device are properly connected.
  • The software version on your device is up to date.
  • Your Bluetooth device supports a Bluetooth profile.
  • Unpair your Alexa from Bluetooth, give it a couple of seconds then pair it back.

Does Alexa Need WiFi to Play Music?

Yes! Alexa does wifi to play music. Amazon’s Alexa device can’t perform Without wifi.


If you don’t have the Alexa app installed on your phone, for whatever reason, there is no need to panic. With the above-given process, it should be easy for you to understand how to connect Alexa to WIFI without an app, and with no issues.